Madness & Mayhem!

Okay's been a LONG couple of days. Inlaws Grandma O and Mom AND brother
came into town Feb 21st, stayed till Feb 25th. My mom came in Feb 25th and then
his dad came in Feb 26th! >.< My mother leaves March 2nd and his dad leaves March 3rd lol
My sister will be here in the morning with her 3 kids until Wens - holy snot balls right?
Well ... I had to switch from my normal CPU to my back up CPU because SOMETHING
is eating my good CPU. I've lost one of my externals to lord knows what - amazingly enough
just two days AFTER I burned everything from it - can we say timing???

AND now - my friend who is roughly 29 weeks along in her pregnancy ....
well, just cross your fingers and hope for the best. It's been a long couple of weeks
and thing ... it may finally be coming to an end and it better be a darn good one!

I've done nothing but CLEAN for the past two days. See I'm one of those people who
must DEEP clean everything I clean until I move on to the next thing. Well, apparently
that just doesn't work so well when you have 3 kids and no help. The husband works
his back side off - so I try to leave the poor man alone ya know? My house finally
looks better - it's not there yet - but it's amazing how much more open it is in here.
Gatta love my mom - I clean just like her LOL

Well - that's the basics of what feels like an eternity ....
hopefully I will get this comp digi friendly so I can get back in order!
There's a new Newsletter freebie coming from OSDS - so if you want it you need to
subscribe to the YAHOO NEWSLETTER - not the store newsletter.
Have to get that shut down since I can't make it work the way I need it to!
You can find the subscribe to the yahoo thingy do bobber whatcha ma callit on the front
page of the store. I need to make some store updates to - sheesh, it's never ending!

Must scoot - children to harass and a mother to turn gray mwahahahha

~* Danielle S. *~

A new step for me! Plus a Sale & Freebie!

I can't express how woohoo I am right now lol I've made it one
step closer to my end goal! I am now selling in one of my favorite stores!
Course me being a broke mommy, I never get to buy much but
it's one of my first stop to window shop anyway lol

You can see my brand new store in this amazing shop

I was so tickled and utterly happy that I managed to get a new kit out called
" Frizzle " - yes, I AM thinking about making a kit called " Frazzled "
lol - can't help myself! Well for the month of Feb this kit will
be 60% off to celebrate! You can snag it HERE

go ahead and have a better look at it - and you KNOW your gifts are down there to lol

Here is the link to the Frizzle Pages! I keep tryin, hopefully Im getting better!
Link is HERE

AND I made another QP from my Funk Ta Fied kit -
was inspired by another lady working with the kit, gatta love it when people
show me what they do! You can get this goodie HERE

Okay - Ricky is up so time to go! Be safe and have a GREAT scrappin day!

~* Danielle S. *~

V-Day already?

Eh, just another day for me! Yes I'm odd - I don't get all hyped up about the holiday -
it's okay, I'm only as crooked as you need me to be! Course it doesn't help that my darling 2 year old smashed her face into the wheel of my chair yesterday. She's feeling fine, doing well
and her happy typical self today but that doesn't mean I'm not ready to set this chair
on fire! If I had the money to replace it, I probably would.

My poor lil girl...glad she's handling it better then I am! Course how she can even
SEE is beyond me, but leave it to one of my kids to fingure it allout and make it work just fine. Go her. okay - store stuffies!
There are some freebies listed on the STORE BLOG,
some new designers have joined THE STORE & I've pulled myself
from two of my stores BUT I am trying to wiggle my way into at least
one different store that I would just be totally STOKED to join, ya know?
OH! The sale is almost over so you might want to take some heavy advantage while you can!
Pspgirl has all her products on sale for ONE DOLLAR each! Until ooooh, tomorrow?
Many of us have a 49% off sale going on to celebrate
my mothers birthday! That ends on the 20th. Course she will be HERE with us
for a few days on Feb 25th! Oh Im totally excited! My mommy r0cks!
Yes - I'm totally stoked - not hard for me to do.

Ugh - time to get this day started. I am so not feeling it today.
Just so tired today - need some pick me up!

Have a great one everyone & enjoy your day of loooooooooooove lol

~* Danielle S. *~

My Special Weekly Deal at OSDS!

I've placed my Tulip Delight on a massive 75% off for this weeks special deal!
Yes, I'm crazy - we all know this! Take advantage of it while you can,
won't be at this price again! You can snag this deal up HERE

Have a GREAT week everyone!

~* Danielle S. *~

My Mom is 49 Today!!!

Wow...49.... I can't believe it...
She got breast cancer when I was a teenager. Put a lot of stress
on the family and all that jazz. We we're scared for a bit but she kicked
that cancer right in the kisser! That's my mom for you LOL
One of the many reasons I'm SO very happy she's another year older you know?
I may be 26 myself, but I don't know what I'd do without my mommy.
She IS my best friend, I DO call her for ANYTHING.
I'm grateful every single day that I have her - so I'm going to share
my happiness and offer my products at 49% off until Feb 20th in ALL my stores!
This includes Kits, Designer Tools, CU4CU and even my new products that are
coming soon! Enjoy & thank YOU for reading!

Store links --that---> way

~* Danielle S. *~

New Gift for you! + Upcoming Sale!

Okay well - I'm up to my eye balls in everything - ranging from house work to
scrapping. I've decided to start a new thing. Designer Tool Boxes. Now they're
a lot like my Designer Mixes, BUT - the tool boxes will be 100% CU4CU & Use As Is.
The Designer Mixes - that's a hit or miss. Course they're ALWAYS CU lol
So far I have two tool boxes ready to go - I will most likely load them to my
store next week. Each tool box will have NO LESS then 5 files in it.
This sampler has two png files - just showing you the butterfly in two sizes.

I've got a ton of work left to do's already almost 1 and I'm no where near done!
OH! Upcoming sale! All my stores - EVERYTHING $8.00 & under will be 49% off
to celebrate my mom's 49th birthday! My mom IS my best friend - she is an amazing
person and I love her for everything she HAS done, everything she has YET to do
and for being the person she is. It's not been an easy life - for anyone - but I got
lucky with the mom I have and I love her with all my heart. A few other designers
will be taking part in the sale - so make sure you have a look see!
All my stores can be found in the links to the right. Sale starts Feb 5th and runs until
Feb 20th - she will be here visiting on Feb 25th!!!!!! Feels SO GOOD to be able to
buy my mom a plane ticket so she can come see her grandbabies - and me to! hehe

On with the goodie!
& thank you for all the lovely comments Debbie!

~* Danielle S. *~

It's finally here! Noon On Sunday!

Well, it's February and here is my new kit!
I am SO happy with the way this turned out!!
I didn't struggle through this kit at all and honestly there's
just so many different things you can do with it!
One of my CT ladies even made a desktop!

It's only at OSDS for the moment & 35% off!

So, what do you think? I'm STILL tickled lol
Have a great day everyone & hopefully I'll have some new gifts for you soon!

~* Danielle S *~