New Tagger Kit! Beary Christmas

Beary Christmas has 10 papers & 27 elements.
It's a cute kit for sure! ONLY in tagger size.
You can check it out HERE
Pssst: theres sales everywhere there!

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Commercial Use SUPRISE Freebie!!!!

That's right, SUPRISE FREEBIE!
I will, how ever, tell you that it IS an alpha.
The alpha is small, comes with uppercase, lowercase & numbers.

I hope you like surprises because you can get this one

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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New Products!!

Just click an image to be taken to the product.
All links will be for the store TUD as we're having a sale there!
Feel free to check out the other two stores, links are to the right.

Available in Full Size & Tagger Size [Overlays]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!!!
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This is a sale you do NOT want to miss out on!!!
Aren't Turkey Day Birthdays GREAT?!?!?!
Happy Birthday TUD Ladies!

Terminally Unique Designs

Best of my Wishes Ladies, I'm so glad I know you!!!

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Terminally Unique Designs Christmas Collab

*** The Preview is Animated, but Blogger Doesn't Agree,
Click Link Below to See Full Preview ***

The designers of Terminally Unique Designs have banded together to bring you this Christmas collab kit which contains 38 papers, 166 elements, 1 Christmas flood fill and 2 Alphas. This wonderful taggers kit is free with a $10 purchase! Simply add $10 worth of products as well as the Collab kit, which you can find here, into your shopping cart and then during checkout apply the discount code: TUDChristmas and you will receive the kit free! You must add the collab to your cart along with your products or the coupon will not work.

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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Treasured Scraps Blog Train!

Several of the designers at Treasured Scraps have banded together to bring you this fabulous winter themed blog train. You will need to visit all of the blogs listed below to collect everyone's individual portion! Now as I'm posting mine a bit early, not everyone may have their portions up yet! Please be patient, it's definitely worth the wait!
[Tagger Size]

You Are at Loyal KD's Blog &
You can pick up my portion HERE


Welcome back to ANOTHER Freebie Time! .... I'd make a good show host..seriously! lol
So far this month has just DRAINED me...Girl Scouts, Stress,
TEETHING [ the baby not me duh! ], Collabs, Thanksgiving, Christmas & even
Black Friday. I need new tires...come onnnnnn black friday!

Well anyway -here's what I have for you all this time!

10 Unique Papers - 30 Elements - Personal Use Only
300 DPI - Freebie - & yes, free to use with tutorials.

You can download the new Freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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We Have A Winner!!!!!

Wooohooo!!! Congratulations to Jeannie!!!!
Job well done sweety! I will be emailing you your download link
to my new Commercial Use Grab Bag!

Thank you for playing!!!

[ Wonderful job, LOVE the color blends! ]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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NEw Product & Sale!

That's right! I got a new kit done & I actually had a hard time making the
preview for it! I couldn't even get all the papers in this time. It's never to early to
start messing with Christmas! BUT - I'm also doing a 25% sale at one of my stores!

This kit is available in Full Size & Tagger Size.
Other stores HERE & HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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New Products!!

Some new stuff in the stores - I've been in a funk so I haven't wanted to make any
new kits, but that doesn't stop me from making new elements!

This combo pack of gift tags is available HERE
[ Also available separately, you do not have to buy all 3]

3 Commercial Use Tree Templates! Layered for easy coloring & decorating!
You can find this HERE

GLITTER!!!!!! Gatta love glitter. Different Christmasy glitter fills ^__^
They can be found HERE

Psssst: I've also added some commercial use alphas! Go take a peek at any of my stores!


Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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Veterans Day Sale!

A Chance To Win!!!!

Do you want a chance to win my brand new Commercial Use Grab Bag that isn't even in stores yet???
This is so easy it would be a shame to pass up the chance!
What do you have to do?
Make a layout using kit/colors/scheme/theme of your choice.
The layout MUST have 3 flowers, 2 ribbons & 1 Wordart.
Post it here and leave the link as a comment along with your email or web address & name!

Saturday November 15th my oldest daughter will pick the winning layout & I will announce the winner.
It's THAT easy - so tell your friends & bring it on!

Good Luck!
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On this rather CHILLY Sunday I have a new paper pack for you!
I never really see any black papers so I figured what the heck.
You can grab this freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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New Product - Carolynn

Had some fun making this one - hopefully you will have some fun playing
with it for your layouts & projects! This kit is available in Full Size or Tagger size.
300 DPI - S4H-S4O Safe!


Full Size: 2.25
Tagger Size 1.50

Happy scrappin & taggin!
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Just Showing Off - Blinkies

Just felt like showing off a bit - might not be a pro's work but I'm doing pretty
durn good for myself! I do offer a blinkie making service at Terminally Unique Designs only.
link is to the right if you're interested in looking into it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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Halloween LO's

Yeah they're cute I know lol - The boy is a friend & when you catch him just right
it's a little freaky how much he does look like a young version of one of the batman characters.
We went to the school first to do some trick or treating & then I let my brothers take my girls to the :: shudders :: mall for some more candy collecting.

I used a kit by Kay Miller - Cute Spooks
Gatta say I like that kit!

Happy Scrappin & Taggin
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Just Cuz I Can!

25% Off ALL Loyal Products!
[Monday 11.3 - Friday 11.7]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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New Product - Adrianna

Adrianna is a blend kit - 11 papers & 26 elements.
This kit is S4H-S4O Safe. Saved at 300 DPI -
both full size & tagger size available!

You can check the kit out at

Full Size: 2.25 / Tagger Size: 1.50

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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New LO!

Well it's taken me a century or two but I finally got a new layout done!
Not sure what I think about it though....all well. At any rate -I used the kit
Fairy Dreams in the Moonlight by Urban Mermaid Designs - she can be found
at Sweet N Sassy - link's to the right.

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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The Brynna Chairty Kit

*This is not related to me or about me. I took part in this because I wanted to & for a friend.*

This kit is a labor of love for Treasure Scraps as Brynna is the niece of our owner Patty. Brynna is a remarkable 9yo going through something no child should ever be forced to endure. So Patty decided to put together a Charity Kit and 41 designers have come together to bring you this very special kit that contains 339 papers, 1040 elements, 6 background tiles, 3 alpha, 4 Quick Pages and 1 Brag Book for only $13, you can find the kit by either clicking on the preview above or going to the Treasured Scraps Exclusives or Charity Kit sections of the store. 75% of the proceeds go into a fund for Brynna herself and the other 25% will be donated to a wonderful charity called RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).
[ This was copied from the store itself, no links work in this description ]

You can find the kit HERE

...protect our children & tell the right people about the monsters so that
others can be spared the pain and abuse. Protect Our Children.

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New Product - Tag N Grab Bundle 01

4 Complete Tagger Size Kits!
PLUS - Park Place is not offered as Tagger except in my bundle!
You can check out this bundle HERE

Happy Taggin!
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Terminally Unique Blog Train!

YaY! 4 of us decided to play blog train! What the heck why not ya know?
What do you get out of it? A complete FREE KIT!
Each of us has done our own little parts and for me it was papers!
I'm a sucker for papers, what can I say?

[ Download Here ]
Hop off to the others and go get the rest!

Honored Scraps
Classie Creastionz
Heza Scraps & Tags

Have fun & enjoy your new kit!

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