New - Flower Freebie

Personal Use Only - sorry gang but I'm workin on making my flowers look better.
...much better...


Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

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New - Fly Away - Pack 1

You know...I have to admit it is a serious thrill & rush to see the things I can do.
Granted I haven't even been at this Scrap thing for a year yet, so I have a LONG way to still -
but...I'm happy with how much I have progressed - especially with everything that happens in life. Rambling, I know. Anyway - go check these out - I'm proud of em!

Fly Away - Pack 1 [2.50]

Happy Scrappin!
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New Tutorial - Lift My Heart

There is a very nice lady who makes those GREAT backgrounds for my tutorial site -
I have no idea how she does it - but I am very happy she does! This Tutorial is now up &
feel free to leave comments or become a member ^_^


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Quick Page Freebie - Tagger Size!

600x600 - I used my kit My Sweet Synful.
I love making Quickpages - I'm just not very good at them!

Download HERE

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Quick Page Freebie!

It's nothing fancy - but then, it's not supposed to be.
You can get it HERE

Also I changed the format of my last Quick Page so that isn't nearly 50MB anymore.
Sheesh what was I thinking??? Anyway - that Quickpage Preview:
You can download it HERE
[word art is NOT part of the quickpage]

Happy Scrappin People!

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Hellllllo everyone! I had some 'free time' today! IE - I put off all my chores, made sure the kids were amused and then slunk to my psp. I used my own kits for these LO's - it's nice to be able to use my own stuff for a change. TEMPLATES - by lbcreationz! [one of my fav creators!]

My daughters - Zamera & Serenity. 5 years & 10 months.
Kit used: Garden Pose

My daughter - Serenity
Kit used: The Dusted Rose

My oldest daughter - Zamera & myself actin a fool.
Kit used: Zenful

QP by NitWit [ I believe ]

I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!! And that irritates me. I LOVED the QP tho.

Okay - that's that for now. See you all later!

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I'll Wait For You

I'll wait for you! No really I will. Honest! ^__^ Kit includes 10 unique papers, 2 heart frames, 3 silhouettes [not shown], 5 ribbons, 1 flower [not shown], 2 heart backs [not shown], 1 flower over drop [not shown], 2 glass buttons, 1 heart dangle, 2 heart extras & 1 torn notebook paper. Also included is the alpha set - chipboard style.[not shown] In colors of Purple,Brown & Green. [ comes with 4 colors of alpha backs, not shown]

pssst ..... also available in another store SOON!

Full Size: HERE
Tagger Size: HERE

Happy Scrappin!

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I've Been Tagged! [Again lol]

You've been tagged!

Ive been tagged by Helga at Classie Creationz

Now Here are
7 facts about me!!

I hate when people suck their teeth

I think it's yucky when a guy pierces his nipples

I love French Vanilla Bean

I grew up with an ocean in my back yard

I enjoy reading all sorts of paranormal & fantasy type books

I'm very shy

I love my husband & daughters with everything I have.

Now I'm taggin the following bloggies:


Summer Lovin Gal

Menatls Notez

Peggy's Place

Sophisticaed Scraps


ImperFoxtion Designz

Ive tagged the above:)
These are the rules:
1. Link your tagger { } and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog enjoy!
Have fun!!!

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3 New Products!

Hellllllloooo everyone! Back for another round? Hmmm - well hopefully I won't disappoint!
Here's what I've been up to as of late!

6 Unique Art Blocks for your Commercial Needs. Any number of things can be done with Art Blocks! Let your creativity go wild!

2.00 - Check em out HERE

12 Colors to better suit your needs! A soft sticker effect with a slight wild touch to it.
Personal Use Only Please!

1.00 - Can be checked out HERE

Just makes you twitch doesn't it....wondering what goodies are trapped inside. 40 brand new - never released - commercial use goodies! Mmm ...could it be...overlays? Flowers? Ribbons? Bows??!?!? WHO KNOWS! [Grab bag items will never be sold outside of grabbag. 300 DPI.]

3.50 - Can be checked out HERE

WHEW!!!! We'll...that's it for now...have a surprise coming up though..
well..I don't know how excited YOU will be...but I know I'm beside myself already!
:: beams :: Post again soon!

Happy scrappin,
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ERL SALE!!!!!!!!!

Ever thought about getting an Easy Request List? Then, there's no time to waste. Prices have been slashed to near record pricing! Yep, that's right, you can get a lifetime ERL account for just $15.

Easy Request Lists allow you to have ten tags up for request at any given time, give your inbox a break, all names are kept right in your ERL account until you're ready to collect them! New features are coming soon! So don't miss out, the $15 sale ends soon!

If interested contacted Teresa at

I LOVE ERL - It's for taggers, and so worth it!
Here is MY ERL - Beware - AC could be present at any time!
[AC = Adult Content]



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The Way - New Kit!

YaY!! More scrap goodness! I adore the rich deep purple in this kit - a very stunning
color in my eyes. Oh yeah, what's in it? 10 Papers & 38 Elements. Yeah I know - small for me. I'm trying to spend more time on the personal stuff & less time on the computer stuff. Not everything is shown of course - and I had a blast with the papers! Well - it's in the store now!

Full Size: 2.50 - HERE
Tagger Size: 1.75 - HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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6 New Ribbons - Personal Use

I figured why not? It's been a rough couple of days for me .. mainly the nights.
Seems like I'll never get a good nights sleep until my husband gets home. I miss him tons.
Anyway.... Ribbons come in Full Size & Tagger Size.

Full Size: 1.25 - HERE
Tagger Size: .99 - HERE

I think I'm going to go pout in PSP or something.

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New Kit - Someplace

I promise I will try NOT to know...someplaceeeee over the rainnnnbowwwww...
Yeah that one lol - HAHAHA, gonna be stuck in YOUR head all day now to!!! FINALLY! I AM NOT ALONE! ... much.
Anyway - had some aggravating fun making this one. I guess I'm still trying to find my style in the grand scheme of scraps. Info down below!

Someplace...maybe here? Or how about there? Would you rather around the hill? Up the way? Across the road or beyond yonder hill? What ever the case maybe, this is a piece of someplace from me. 16 papers & 43 elements, S4H / S4O Safe

Full Size - 2.25 [on sale for 1.69 till 7.21] - HERE
Tagger Size - 1.50 [ on sale for 1.13 till 7.21] - HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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Ondrun has a new freebie!

Stop by her place and check it out!
Won't you encourage her and leave some luvins??

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A New Truck & A Million Bucks!

ROFL - I'm a dork - but I know it & I'm cool with that.
Thank you for my new truck Deb ROFL& I just LOVE my new bucks
- see what happens when ya tell
that woman you want something? Oh man I love it!

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2 New Tutorials Up!

Happy Taggin!
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Second Collab Cu GB! & A New Kit!...and some store news!

Hello everyone! Gonna be a busy post lol. Okay, how about we start with the change in the store.

The Freebies - are now limited lol. The freebies will be free for only so long - probably a week or two, and then moved to the Bargain Bin. We're talking like 1.25 & less in there. Course that's always been one of my favorite spots...the stuff you can find in those bins is AWESOME...right loosing track..So keep a close eye on those freebies!

Next ... we have a new collab commercial use grab bag up! Now in the preview it says 75 -
BUT - the Boss lady snuck in a secret stash at the last minute!! She's gooood like that lol -
Read the description below!

8 Designers have come together to bring you this huge grab bag with over 85 different things in it over 50 mb of items for one low price Grab it for the introductory sale price before it goes up to regular you will NOT be dissappointed!


See what I mean! 85 freakin items lol - how are we supposed to top THAT?!?! I mean really - 85 COMMERCIAL use items....for 20 dollars? Can we say WHAT?!?!?! Though right nowit's on sale for 16.00. I have a soft spot for grab bags...I really really do....I'd spend 100 flat EASY on grab bags alone lol like...30 minutes...done it actually.

Okay! Nuff about that grab bag! Oh wait - here's the link if you're interested!

--- new kit! UnTold.
Where do I come up with these kit names? They're so out there sometimes.
Anyway - she's up and running lol - the description for the kit can be found below - along with prices & links - gatta love that huh :: smirks ::

UnTold contains a wide variety of papers & elements! 20 papers & 70 elements for your creative juices to attack! Butterflies, buttons, ribbons & bows, frames, deco's & more! Plus a there's a little surprise for you!

Full Size: 2.75 [On sale right now for 2.06] HERE
Tagger size: 1.99 [On sale now for 1.49] HERE

WHEW!!! That's it for this post! But keep an eye out - I'm up to no good!

Happy scrappin & taggin!

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25% off My Store!!!!

Some items as low as 94 cents!!!!!!!!!! Go go shooo - go have fun! lol

& btw - google adsense is fake - for those of you who are wondering. I was getting close to the 100$ mark they set - when they shut my account down for 'invalid clicking'. Really effin annoying - but all well, I really don't care that much.

The Store

Happy scrappin people!

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Did you miss me?

Hey, even I miss me sometimes! Okay.. a lot of the time..I tend to step out of my mind often!
Anyway - so I took my daughters [5 years & 9.5 months] to the Aquarium in Denver! I even brought my two older brothers [Doc & Matt]. See how nice I am?

Well - we had a blast, and yes, I took pictures! I plan to put them to use as well. My GiL bought me a new printer, which should be here tomorrow!!!! I ask the man for advice, he sends me a printer. Odd exchange but do you think I'm going to complain? UH NO! Anyway - I plan that layouts with the Aquarium pictures will be the first things to be printed!!!

Course..Zamera, my oldest, got verra ill last night. I think it was from the terrible food we ate there. I mean..terrible. No flavor AT ALL. My SALAD sucked. It was over all bad. The manager actually removed two orders from the bill though, which I was very happy about. I still have the receipt, it says - I kid you not - DID NOT LIKE. Wo0t! That's going in the scrap book!

We had a really good time over all & I plan to do it again probably next year, when my husband will be home to enjoy it. Though the Denver zoo will be the first on that list. I've been to busy living to get a whole lot of stuff made for the store - but I did get a few things done! &.. here they are!

Color Me This! [ Thinking about making the sister - Color Me That!]
9 Papers & 41 elements - a teasing taste! [Full Size & Tagger Size]
Prices - Full: 2.00 / Tagger 1.25

Kit can be found HERE

Next up!

I keep seeing these little doll bodies all over the okay fine I can't do the bodies [YET]
but I had fun with this face. Its all in layers, except the eyes and mouths. They're all attached to the face lol - 2 layers for the hair & 1 for the hair tie. Then you get all the other goodies to play with. I actually had fun doing this - go figure!
Price: 3.50


I hope you all have had a GREAT week & the weekend is even better for you! If you haven't, well, welcome to life lol - go kick it's butt! Happy Scrappin people!

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Free stuff from other blogs


..just sharing some stuff I found. Cindy Ritter does some great work ^_^

Have fun!

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Now Available in Tagger Size!

Garden Pose is loaded with 38 papers & 100 elements! Not everything is shown.
Cost: 2.75

Inspired by my mother, kit includes 38 papers & 52 [or'd have to ask the 5 year old who attacked my paperwork ] elements.
Cost: 2.25

One of my favorite kits! I got yelled at for not having a tagger size available lol
15 Papers & 25+ Elements!
Cost: 1.75

Now no more yelling at me LOL - Happy Scrappin & Taggin people!!!

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Free Kit!

Gatta love those free kits huh? Well, this one is in Taggers & in Full Size -
so the choice is yours!

7 Papers & 18 Elements

You can get the kit HERE

Have fun!

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The Dusted Rose Kit

Welp - here she is. All nice and perty.
I especially love the oval frame - but that's just me.

38 papers & 52 elements..might be a few more elements..
my oldest got to stealing my papers & I was awful tired when getting
it all loaded for the store & what naught.

Welp - she's in the stores now, on sale for 3.00.
Enjoy peoples - STORE

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Commercial Use GB 03

I'm busting to tell! But I won't! Designer products! I won't lie...each item is a NEW thing for me - took me a while to get even some what happy - but I finally did & couldn't resist slamming them all in here! Grab it while it's hot!

Price: 3.50
50% off TODAY ONLY! - 1.75


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The Dusted Rose Blog Freebie

Full Kit soon to be in stores.
Figured I would give you all a small taste though! 3 Papers & 5 Elements


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HOLY COW!!!! Can you believe this?!?!?!?
Almost all the designers are doing this TODAY ONLY - go go go!!!


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New Layouts!

SO WHAT! Eesh - don't look at me like that people. I can show what ever I want, and I want to show layouts right now ^__^ Connie - avert thines gaze lol - These LO's were made using my kit Zenful - and done by a wonderful woman, Darlene. Thank you sweets - for such WONDERFUL
work done! I especially adore - Hangin Around.

Kit can be found HERE
& the ADD ON can be found HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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July Collab!

WOW! Bet you didn't see THIS coming did you?
11 Sweet n Sassy Designers decided to slam a collab for July.
Over 150 MB in goodies!!!

Now look - here's the deal..
If you spend 15.00 or more at the store - you will be sent the kit FREE -
if you don't - then you will have to buy it normally. So if you slip into the store
& spend say.... 13.00 , you will still have to buy the kit by adding it to your cart.
Slip in and buy say....15.00 even, or 15.25 or 16.13 what ever, you get the kit FREE.

Not bad eh?
Oh right linkage! You can check this deal out HERE

Layouts! [Not made by me]

I can be a sucker for layouts sometimes. The first two are done with a kit called:
Picnic In The Park - 2 parts to it - & it happens to be on sale right now!

Aren't these LO's just stunning? They we're done by a very talented woman named Mia.
I ADORE these layouts lol - so that's why I put them up! More? MORE!

These layouts were done using my most recent kit : Garden Pose
-30% off until July 9th-

These we're done by Darlene! :: huggles her :: She's awesomeness!

Well - that's what I have to post for now ^__^
Keep in mind I'm a very busy body & you never know when I'll post next!

:: skips off to work on another new kit ::

..:: Loyal ::..