LTS MegaKit Element - Flowers [10Pk]

I haven't had time to make anything new - been busy working on
a new kit ... might be my first sell one! I'm nervous...can't you tell?

While you're here take a moment and check out the poll please!
Feel free to leave a message in the chat box...I'm all thrilled and stuff that I got one!

300 DPI

[:: Download ::]

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Glass-Bubble Script [psp9]

I've been getting irritated trying to figure out actions today.
So I went into my psp instead. Course then I decided to fiddle with scripts
since I do some often and blah...I know it may seem boring but when you think about it
it takes time to make glass and bubbles and what the heck why not right?

Yes you can use it for CU. Working on a store and I'm still giving stuff away like crazy.
I think Moon might have to fire before we even get started!

oh yeah..anyone have any tips on how to even START a store?
:: shrugs :: Stumped.

[:: Download Scrip HERE ::]

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Wooohooo!! Go Moon!!! We have another new blogger on blog spot!
A very good friend of mine, Moon! She's been helping me learn many new
things & has also been helping me teach others many new things.

She says she's not a very good blogger but I don't care - I know she will be wonderful!
She's easy to find my Fellow Blogger spot to the right of the page...
Moonlight Scraps

Go ahead, give it a click - say hello.
She's an incredible person!

Welcome to Blog Spot Moon!!!!

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6 Large Glitter Fills

I know .. not a CU Freebie this time. I'm sorry...
trying to get a store up and going with a very good friend & you know
I kinda need to save SOME stuff don't I? LOL. Yeah - I may have high hopes for this
store, but I don't think it will have high hopes of me.

Anyway - Enjoy!

[:: Download ::]
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If it's not one thing it's another right? Seems to just be everything right now.
My stress level is through the roof, I have groups to take care,
life to deal with, scrap stuff to make, plans to put into action,
a 5 year old to tape to the wall and an 8 month old to chase after.
Course that's just the basics.

I miss my husband. I understand more and more why there should be two parents,
rather then just one. That way when one shows signs of needing a break,
the other can step in and save the young life of a child ... or my hair anyway.
Don't get me wrong, I love my girls. My 5 year old, Zammy, is amazingly smart,
well mannered when ever I'm not around...and very very active.
It's just lately she's been lying every time I turn around, hiding things from me,
trying to blame things on the DOG. Who by the way at the time happened to be ACROSS
the room. I just don't understand why she is going down hill so fast and all of a sudden.

Lying? Sure okay she's a kid, it's going to happen. Why though, would she lie to me
ALL the time? About EVERYTHING! She says she's afraid of making me mad - but all
durned the only thing that happens when I get mad is her eyes going cross eyed as she faces a corner! I can't make her do chores..she actually likes that.

Normally it probably wouldn't be this hard, I'd have my Ricky here & we'd handle it
as a team - but this war keeps him away a lot. I still don't think it's fair that his youngest daughter doesn't know who he is. To many fathers have to endure it - which just isn't fair.

Okay - NOT gonna turn this into a novel!

Time to get back to life.

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Sweet Morning

Got bored with it - so I just .. quit. LOL. The glory of doing it for fun I guess.

Anyway - Enjoy.

[:: Download ::]
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CU Freebie - Lace Ribbons + Template!

A sweet lady named Vanessa created a really cool tutorial on how to create Lacey Ribbon.
Well...I added my own little twist as I often do and came up with this as an end result.

I like em so much - I decided what the heck - let's be nice! So here they are for you,
PLUS a 2 layer template to colorize to fit YOUR needs. Yes, they're even find for CU!

They're 300 DPI.

[:: Download ::]
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Colored Bows!

Now who doesn't love bows hmmm? Evil as they may be to create!
I did not create these, I bought the CU template *__*
Never thought I'd spend money for this stuff...but all well! I'm happy I have em!

They ARE 300 DPI Digi Scrap bows.

Happy Mothers Day!

[:: Download ::]
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CU Freebie - Glitter Fills

I love these! Can have a lot of fun with them ^__^

[:: Download ::]

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Dark Vintage Suprise ADD ON

I'm not telling ha ha ha haaaa :: smiles ::

..okay fine.. I'm not SHOWING.
4 Bows - 1 Ribbon - 1 Alpha Set

There. Spoiled brats.
Ready for this?? Commercial use of all items in the ADD ON is
fine by me ^__^

Have fun!

[:: Download ::]

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Dark Vintage

Feel free to share the blog! Enjoy ^___^

[:: Download ::]

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