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Took some ME time tonight

It was much needed let me tell you. Today was probably the most active day I have had to endure for a while. I'm not lazy - I'm just not used to being pulled in 5 directions at once. I give orders, they are followed. I say be here at this time, and it's done. I say I'll do this thing for you at this time & low n behold, it happens. Not today though. If it COULD be against me, it was. Enough about the UH! though, here's what I did tonight.

Kit: FUnky Monkey by L. Grier [ Sweet Shoppe Designs ]

Designer: Jofia Dvoe
I used some stuff from a couple of her products but they're all hers.

It's already 10pm & I'm sure my husband fell asleep on the couch.
It's wonderful to type that - I am SO GLAD he is FINALLY home.
Better go wake him up and get him to bed though.

You all have a great Night/Day!!!

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ACK! + Freebie

Okay so just BLAH. My system dumped. I'm just so upset
about it I don't even want to think about it! Lucky I am though, I did burn a lot
of my stuff to disc before it happened! WHEW! I even saved MOST of my pictures.
That's always the worst part of a system dump..think I might need to abuse some photo
places a lil more then normal. Anyway - I made you all a new freebie with my up n coming
kit called " Slumber ". I've never made a layout to give before ... barely make them at all.
Anyway - if you grab please let me know what you think & how it worked out for you! I'm really proud of this one - I think it turned out very nice.

You can grab this freebie HERE

Ready for the REALLY good news?

445 days of deployment - so umm...if you don't see much from me for a bit,
that's why! The girls are both very glad he's back though Serenity is having to adjust
to him since she has only 'seen' him for about 18 days. She didn't remember him before he came home on leave in September. He had to leave when she was 4 weeks old. It's been a very long 15 months. Okay! As if on cue, baby woke up from her nap! You all be good & stay SAFE!

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New Products!

Woohooo!!! My 7th grab bag! WOW ... okay fine so it's WOW to me lol
I've already had some nice comments about this bag -and you know what?
I'm only going to get better at them!
You can check out my latest grab bag that is CRAM PACKED with more then 25

I am FINALLY getting some where with my styles! This pack has 10 new
plastic [ rough! ] and I actually have had a blast using it!
You can check it out HERE HERE HERE

Time for me to get some of this cold cold cold snow out the way!
Be safe and STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New Layouts by me!

I used an awesome new kit by Urban Mermaid Designs!
I LOVE her kits...I think I snag every single on I can lol
There are tons of things you could do with this kit - I'm just short on time as always so I wanted to keep it short sweet simple & pretty! Thank you for letting me use this wonderful kit Kate!

You can go see her work & this kit HERE

I can't wait to see what she does next!

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New Kit - Cupid Caught!

Uh oh! Looks like someone got caught by that chubby pink cheeked cupid! Don't feel bad...you're not alone! Cupid Caught comes with 12 papers & 35 elements. I even managed a full alpha to go with it! 300 DPI - Tagger Size Only - S4H/S4O Safe!

You can check this kit out

This verra pretty tag was created by Ms.Diva - you can find
a link to the tutorial to match the tag down my blog. Thank you again

More goodies to come =]

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New Tutorial by Kay!

WOWZERS! I know Garv can make a pretty lady or two but hmmm..who
would have thought he could make such yummy looking men? Hey now -
I'm married NOT DEAD. I can look =] ESPECIALLY if he isn't real lol.

Thank you for another great tutorial Kay! I swear you get better every day!
You can check out her tutorial using my latest kit - Cupid Caught - HERE
Oh! She also has TONS of free templates for tags! So does Ms.Diva! You can
check out Ms.Diva's place HERE - be sure to leave love if you snag their goodies!

Have fun & be good!
or at least be good AT IT.

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-- Take 5 dollars and put it in an envelope - then take it to the nearest school as a donation --

New CU Freebie!!!!

Ah yup - that time again! Product also includes a how to file.
Patterns were applied to 12x12 papers
You can download HERE

Enjoy your new goodie!
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3 New Tutorials by Ms.Diva!!!!

Wowzers! Will you just LOOK at these?! What a great job Ms.Diva!!! Thank you
so much for all the hard work you put into using my kits! Great creations & I even get
new goodies!! That's a sure bonus to me =]

The middle tag is actually animated but PB is jerking me around as usual -.-
You can check out these great tutorials HERE

Have fun & leave love!
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Tutorial by Angels Designz

Angel is part of the Terminally Unique Designs CT - Brand spankin new CT team lol
Thank Angel for this tutorial - I really appreciate it!! She used my new kit -
Cupid Caught - soon to be in stores! You can find her tutorial

Have fun with the tutorial! Make sure to leave some love if you try it -
love is always nice =]

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New Tutorial - My Heart - by Kay Xclusive

Another stunner! Thank you Kay - you're amazing!
You can find her tutorial HERE

She used my new kit - My Heart - which you can find at any of the stores
to the right - Gatta love those linked blinks!

Thank's again Kay & everyone have a great day!!!

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New Tutorial by Ms.Diva

Isn't it LOVELY?!?!? I think she did a great job! Using tube in this position
for me has always been a PITA. I think she pulled it off GREAT!
She used my kit Carolynn which you can find HERE

You can find this awesome tutorial HERE

Thank you Aisha! Wonderful work!!!

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New Kit + Freebie

Hellllloooooo everyone! I have a new kit out YAY! And it's even
Valentines/Love Themed! I plan on at least one more.
What's in this pack? 30 elements - frames, ribbons, roses, letter, envelopes
acents and more! Plus 10 Papers & the color swatch so you can make your own
stuff to match! Also a alpha - full size alpha only.
S4H-S4O Safe!

You can check it out:
[ pssst - the last two are new stores! well..for me anyway ]

I was happy with this kit - for a change lol - so I did up a quickpage/template/layout
as a freebie for you!!! You can pick it up HERE

Enjoy you new goodie & thanks for stopping by!

Stay Warm!
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It's Official!

IS OPEN!!!!!

Come on by and LOOK!
why is THAT all blue.....

all well -
I'm OFF TO BED!!!!
:: hugs ::

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What a DAY!

I got the sudden desire to go and help out at my oldest daughters elementry school today.
From 12 to 3 I laughed, scolded, supported, admired, helped and so much more 20 kids.
I had a blast! Not something I could do EVERYDAY.....but here and there for sure.
What tickles me the most is that these kids listen to me better then anyone else - the teach was thanking me quiet a lot today hehe.

Well after that we ran off to Girl Scouts. It's cookie selling time!!!!!
You know I'm buying up some boxes YUM YUM YUM!
Support your local Girl Scouts! Buy A Box!!!!!!
This is the first time for us so I'm a little nervous and all - but Zam is really excited so I won't let her see me stress about it. This is a big step in my eyes - a big step away from the 'nest' so to say.

Look what Kay created using my kit: Sue
I saw this and do believe my jaw dropped! Isn't it GREAT?!??!
Thank you Kay - for the new tag & upcoming tutorial.
Your first piece has really caught MY attention!

Okay - I have a ton of work to do - as usual,
especially with One Stop Digi Shop opening tomorrow!
I can't believe I'm actually doing this - it's going to be GREAT!

Stay Warm!
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New AD - OSDS Mix Call

Mmm yup! I made a new one. The old one had some 'old' info on it.
Designers are more then welcome - bring it on! Especially if you Script or Action,
seems that is like BIG thing right now. I can't say much, I'm learning the script
stuff myself! No Personal Use Only products!

Creative Team - yes okay fine what store DOESN'T need one of these?
The designers will vote on each person who applies. Well yes you have to send
sample of course! Send them to ataxicemotions@aol.com
Majority vote wins so there is no yelling at me what so ever.

Quality Testers - References are a MUST, why didn't I say that for the CT?
Because they know lol - I'm a store owner, I'm extra protective of my designers.
What's the job? Check the product for quality, versatility so on and so forth.
It's actually pretty easy and you get to keep the stuff so what's there to complain about?
Heck now that I typed that someone WILL complain just to spite me...watch.

Oh yeah - this is totally awesome - I have my very first Person CT Member!
Her name is Kay and her stuff totally ROCKS! I'll be adding her blink & link to my
blog here soon so you can check her out. Thank you Kay!!!!

Alright - I'm off to go cause trouble. Have a new pack or two to put up in the store..
then I think it's time to 'clean house'.

Have a great day everyone!
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Okay...let's see here ... nope, not that ....hmmm...this? No no no that's not right either. Well durn it all WHAT am I doing?? Oh yes that's right! I am bring you a sneak preview of my portion
for the Terminally Unique Hearts Blog Train!!! It's never to early for

News...my husband will be home sooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!
Sooner then expected even! Isn't that GREAT?!?!?! 15 months is just to long - I don't care how much 'extra' they get - no more of that. My cat bite is getting better slowly - can use my hand more now with less pain! YEAH! Makes me happy. My 15 month old got her first stitches
last night. She decided to play bite with the coffee table and lost. She cried for a minute..
busted her lip at the top left just right..nice little chunk gone - after about a minute or two she started to PLAY WITH IT. Great, not crying - instead, toying with the injury. Was a 5 hour trip to the ER and they gave my baby some really good stuff. She's needing extra sleep today though, poor thing. Tough as nails but still so little...tires easily - TRUST ME. =]

Oh! This coming weekend - I will officially open One Stop Digi Shop!!!!!!!!
I am sooooooooooooo excited! I have some wonderful ladies with the store & they are just rolling in the products! This might be a scary adventure - but I know it will be a lot of fun also!

Hmmm...could still use some Creative Team & Quality Checker staff though!
Wanna apply? Email me - ataxicemotions@aol.com or just leave me a comment
in my chat box - I love that box - it's so uber cool.

Tons to do! Be safe & be WARM!
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Hello Hello Hello!!!!!

It has been a long January already. I got bit my the new cat in the house. His name is Virgil, he's 7 years old and apparently terrified of big dogs. Now my idiot self didn't let him go...NOOOOOO...there's me holding on to the poor freaking out cat...instead of letting him run to hide under the bed. He bit my right wrist and let me tell you...I haven't seen that much blood at once in a long long time. Made me light headed and queezy. Lucky me I have two brothers that were EMTs for the better part of their lives...and they still live in the back rooms of my house.
Needless to say I survived the night and went to the ER the next day. They gave me heavy duty antibiotics and pain meds. Apparently - a cat bite can make you extremely sick.
SO - if you EVER get bitten by a cat - GO TO THE ER.

I'm going to make an appointment with my doc for tomorrow just for a check up,
I'm wondering if Virgil might have actually fractured a part of my wrist. Could just be really bruised which wouldn't surprise me.

Not only have I been learning to use my left hand for nearly everything, until today,
my store...that didn't open on time..is a DEMON STORE. I swear if there is a problem to be found in the set up of a store, this store HAS FOUND EVERY SINGLE ONE! That's okay though because I've been rescued and a very good friend of mine is attacking it back making things work right lol - she's a Zen Mistress.

In the mean time when I get very frustrated..I've started to make banners..
and here they are!

and a few blinks lol .... hmm...I'm minus a banner, wonder where I put that thing.
Okay....guess it's time to get back to work. Hope you all have a great day/night!
Feel free to snag the Sunshine Banner - it's a grabber =]

Stay Warm!
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Treasured Love Blog Train

The designers of Treasured Scraps have been bitten by the LOVE BUG! Below you will find the blogs of all the inflicted designers. You will need to visit all of the blogs to see how each designer has been affected.

The designers of Treasured Scraps have been bitten by the LOVE BUG! Below you will find the blogs of all the inflicted designers. You will need to visit all of the blogs to see how each designer has been affected.

The parts of any kit that I most adore - are the papers & alphas!
[:: Download ::]

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Have fun collecting!
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