New Freebie! Cluster Frame

Ahhh alas, a new freebie to grace the net!
I think cluster frames are becoming a bit of an obsession of mine.
They make life easier sometimes and every now and then they are just
astonishingly perfect, that one thing that makes the layout just POP!

Well, be sure to check out the CREDITS file - it's got all the good info in it!
Enjoy =]

Download this freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

Psssst - I've got another Freebie!

I liked my SnowFlakes 1 enough to make a cute lil freebie for everyone =]
The freebie is also CU4CU - no way am I gonna jip you all!
PLUS - 2 styles used to create the snow flakes!

I hope everyone who celebrates had a good Turkey Day! I'm not a fan of turkey myself
but with this lil man a bakin in the oven holy snot balls! I keep eating it!
All well, at least I'm eating LOL

Thanks for coming by the blog!

You can download this freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~


New Freebie!

Woohooo! About time I get a new CU freebie out - I feel so behind and it's only been a few
days! Well this one is a little of everything! It includes the natural & the grayscale!
That way you can have what ever it is you need.
I had some trouble with the candy in a wrapper so feel free to growl at it with me!

Thanks for coming over, feel free to look around & grab some of the other freebies!
You can get this one HERE

Bye for now!

~* Danielle S. *~

There's A Designer Call @ OSDS!

That's right! Come one Come all!
OSDS looks for quality products @ realistic prices!
New Designers, Old Designers - DOESN'T Matter!
If you pass the quality check, then you're gold!
YES - there is a Quality check, BY ME!
So don't apply if you can't handle the check!

Want more....

FREEBIES? I DO I DO! Then again I want more then that but hey, I'll take what I can get!

Today has just been the worst day of the month so far...but the good news is, I got a new
cluster frame pack done today AND 2 new yes, that's the freebie LOL
I LOVE making quickpages...and I just might be addicted to making cluster frames,
I haven't decided yet.

OH! And I also got a NEW Winter Bag done - it's a special bag full of fun goodies
for any designer in the mood to whip up some winter designs! You can get it OSDS for 20% off right now as well - limited time deal though! AND it includes a goodie I'm not telling about mwahahahah

Okay well thank's for looking, I hope all of YOU are having a MUCH better day then I am!
[ Cluster frames 2 & 3 coming to OSDS soon as my net stops shutting down every 5 seconds! ]

Wooohooo!!! QuickPages can be found HERE
Enjoy using em!!!

~* Danielle S. *~

Freebie - Quickpages Pack 2!

That's right, a new pack of quickpages! I used 2 of my cluster frames
in this set - and ya know, I think I did pretty dang good.
If you want to know more about the quickpages then
feel free to check out the detailed CREDITS file in the information folder!

I hope you all enjoy this new freebie & I'd love to see what you do with them!

You can download this free pack of quickpages HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

Freebie! - Hearts for the Holiday V1

Just a fun little freebie for you all.
This freebie includes 16 PNG hearts, full size.
The drop shadow is only on the preview for a little umph!

It's safe to use these AS IS for commercial use but they must be altered
if using as commercial use for commercial use. There is a CU4CU TOU included incase you
need it! Or me for that matter lol Enjoy your new goodie & please be kind enough
to leave some love if you download, helps me know what's wanted!
Download HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

AH HA! I figured em out!

Okay so this maybe silly to you but for me YAY! I love
learning new stuff and ya know, I'd have learned this one a lot sooner
if I had just PAID ATTENTION. Something I growl at my oldest to do all the time.
I figured out how to use the labels LMAO
YES! Something that silly has made me VERY happy!! Go me go me go me!

Debbie, you are a sweetheart & you best watch that water level - high ground
is great ground!! Thank you for YOUR kindness & omg I am so jealous,
I want to be where you are :: sniffles :: One day I'll go, not
any time soon I know but ONE DAY! :: grins ::

Okay, weird happy moment over =]

~* Danielle S. *~

Quick Page Freebies!

Well I've been a busy me, trying to keep my thoughts on work and the girls
instead of loosing my poor sweet Pettie. I didn't think it would be
THIS hard to handle but it probably doesn't help that I'm 8 months
pregnant. I am still doing my 70% off sale at TS for the simple
fact that there's no reason not to. I spent a lot of money
in one weekend to apparently try to do the impossible &
am now home-bound for the coming holiday.
Was planning to spend the $250.00 is gas
to get to Grandma's but hey, ya win
some ya loose some.
here is a new pack of free quickpages for you all!
I have another one ready but you will have
to wait for it mwahaha!
If you're interested in any of the elements used to create the
quickpages there is a detailed CREDIT file in the information folder -
I try hard to give credit where credit is due - I just
don't always succeed. Enjoy & please leave some love if you download!

Download HERE & HERE
[ 2 zips ]

~* Danielle S. *~

~* Bye Bye Baby *~

Pettie passed away at 7:17am Nov. 16th 2009.
A mere 2 hours before I could have taken her to the clinic.
Not even 8 months of life. I still can't grasp it just yet - even though
I KNOW she's gone. My 7 year old was beside herself yestermorn' but has
progressed far better then I have already. My 2 year old thankfully is to
young to understand what's happened, she just knows the puppy isn't here
to play with. Course to her that's okay because we still
have 2 dogs for her to love on, the mother & father of Pettie.
They're doing okay, confused and rather sad
but so long as we keep them busy
and happy go lucky they
don't seem to

Even though my poor sweet Pettie didn't make it, I'm going to leave the 70% off sale
up and running until Nov. 25th. I was going to use the money I had saved up
to go to my grandmothers for this coming holiday, but obviously
it was better used else where. This is going
to take a while to accept and get over.

Anyway, thank you for reading and don't forget to check out
the good stuff at the stores, freebies and sales, who
could ask for more in the digi world?

~* Danielle S. *~
The Urban Fairy

Saving Pettie Sale!!!

We've got two dogs already so when they had a litter of 7 we decided we shouldn't
keep them because of costs and space...well Pettie was the last to go to a new home, to
make a new family. She was gone for no more then 2 weeks before they brought her
back saying the apartment they lived in jumped the pet deposit to 500$. Not even
a week later she's sick!!! I am TERRIFIED my baby isn't going to make it - but all
I can really do is keep my chin up, love on her & remind myself she's a tough cookie & she's
been fighting this so I won't give up either. It still SUCKS. She's the sweetest thing ever
and this should not be happening to her!!!!! WHATEVER it is - we WILL beat this but I know
it's going to be costly. I just don't care! What ever has to be done, consider it done. She's not even
8 months old yet - my poor sweet Pettie.

Anyway - you can get to my TS store HERE
If you pray, please pray for her - what ever God Goddess Lord or Lady you may believe in!
Thank you for reading & go love on YOUR pets!!!!!

The Urban Fairy
~* Danielle S. *~

Wintery Coziness Collab!!!!!

Haven't you heard?? Didn't someone tell you??? Well shame on them! They should have!
That's right, a great collab has been created!! Heather of Heza Scraps & I went a bit hog wild here, but I don't hear any complaints! 35 Papers, 107 Ellies & 3 Alphas!!!
We had a blast doing this & I think it turned out GREAT!

We even managed to get some QuickPages done & they're FREE!
You can find this collab in Heza's Store at TS HERE
at my store at OSDS HERE

Available in both Full Size AND Tagger Size!

Just a closer look at my portion of the collab.

Now don't forget to stop by Heza Scraps' blog or you will miss out on her
great free quickpages as well!!! You can get to her blog HERE
and you can download this freebie HERE
Please be kind & leave some love if you download!

Thank's for looking & enjoy your new goodies!
~* Danielle S. *~

The Urban Fairy.

New by me!

Yup! It's finally ready! Frosted Kiss - my first winter/Christmas kit is in my stores!
A HUGE kit just begging to be used! Course that's not all - Below are the FREE Elements & Alpha I created with this kit! I hope you enjoy them and feel free to come take a look at this kit at OSDS or TS!

You can download the Freebie Elements HERE

You can grab the Freebie Alpha for Frosted Kiss HERE

Enjoy & feel free to share your creations! There's a FREE gallery at OSDS as well!

Some of my newest creations!!!

You can find these products at either OSDS or TS - & remember to always check
the freebie areas, you never know what might be new!!!!

~* slinks off for a nap now....sooo close to having this baby, YAY! *~

~* Danielle S. The Urban Fairy *~

Coming Soon!

I went a little nuts with my next kit but I couldn't help it!
I really had fun while making it - tons and tons of stuff packed into this
scrapkit! Yes...120 elements and 20 papers lol
I told you - TONS! PLUS There will be a FREE Alpha to match
the kit AND another pack of elements FREE!

Everything will be available soon! Just wanted to show it off
as I'm all happy about it!

Thanks for looking!
~* Danielle S. *~