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New Xclusive Bag @ OSDS!

I know I haven't been around much at all lately but things
have just become really busy around here, a bit more then normal.
It doesn't help that I just did a complete crash & re-up on windows.
Behind the power curve much? Why yes...yes I am.
At any rate - here a small lil bag available only at One Stop Digi Shop!

Be Good!! Or at least good AT IT!
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I was Challenged!

I've been challenged by a fun & kind scrapper, Jodi of Jodi's Scrapping These are the challenge instructions:

•Go to your photo folder in your computer.

•Go to the 6th folder of the photos.

•Go to the sixth picture.

•Put the picture on your blog and description of it.

•Invite six friends to join the challenge. --- Skipping this one =]

•Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

My Photo:

This is a picture of my two daughters, Zamera & Serenity Christmas day.
I get a kick out of this picture. I love the way Zam is hanging on my table with her feet off the ground and then Serenity standing in a toy store cart to copy & watch her big sister.
I got very lucky with these two lil girls, they get a long wonderful & Zamera LOVES being a big sister, even when her little sister is playing with her favorite toys.

Thank you for the challenge Jodi - it was fun =]

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~

New Kit in Stores! - Slumber - and MORE!

Here she is!!! My latest kit is FINALLY done & in stores!
Now this is a funny =]
Another designer ran across my blog and saw one of my posts about Slumber.
She couldn't help but get in touch with me to let me know she was doing
a kit with a close color scheme & the name was Slumbering!
We got so tickled with this that we decided to promote one another
by announcing both our kits at the same time lol

I think her kit is just adorable, LOVE those stars!
Thanks for getting in touch with me Jodi - it still makes me laugh!

You can grab this kit HERE HERE HERE HERE or HERE

You can find Jodi's blog and kit info HERE

Plus I got some new bits out - guess I got mushy =]

You can get these HERE HERE HERE HERE or HERE

Thanks for looking and have a GREAT day!!!!!

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~

New Tutorials! + New Tags for ME!!! YaY!!!

These tags we're made for me by Denise! Aren't they purrty??
Thank you very much Denise!!

I think this one is my favorite! I don't really love the city but I do love that tag! Thanks again Denise!!!

These pretties below we're made by Kajira!
You will be able to see all the tutorials for these HERE

Another great turn out by another wonderful woman!
I can truly say I am spoiled and blessed to have such amazing people to help me
out so much!!! Make sure you leave some love if you check out her stuff!!

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~

Scrap This Challenge!

How to:
Save the picture
Choose any scrap you want and make a layout with the picture
Send your entry to:

1st Place Winner: 6 Dollar GC to TUD!
2nd Place Winner: 20% off your total order of MY PRODUCTS ONLY at SNS!

Challenge Ends: Feb 13th 2009 [ Yes, Friday the 13th ]
Winners will be announced that weekend!

Here is your photo to scrap!!! GOOD LUCK!

He is a Colorado Bull Dog - He will be 2 in Nov!
If you have problems getting the photo just shoot me an email & I will send it!

Have fun with this!

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~

Let's Celebrate!!!!!

You can get your gift HERE
It's nothing fancy, very simple!
Check back soon for the upcoming challenge where you could win
a 6.00 dollar GC to my store at TUD!

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50 Cent Sale At TS!

Sorry gang but I am not part of the sale this time!
I've got ideas a churrnin ....

~*~ A very tired Urban Fairy ~*~

New Tutorial by TaraLea!

Hellllo pretty lady! Hehe - admit it that pink 'necklace' is pretty shuweet.
Think I might have to try and find one for myself! Thank you verra much TaraLea!
Great work =]

You can find her tutorial [ using the kit Touched by Love ] - HERE

If you try it leave her some love and feedback! That's ALWAYS appreciated!

~*~ Magic Urban Fairy Disappearing Act! ~*~

New Kit in Stores! - Touched By Love

WHEW! Wasn't sure I'd EVER get this one loaded!
This is my very last kit as LoyalKD. Real tear jerker huh?

I also did some detail shots - I think I will keep doing that!

Full Size Only!
detail images are elements / papers shown full size
These are two layouts done by Darlene! She's such a sweety!
Thank you Darlene!!

These tags were made by Sher - Thank you much Sher, I really appreciate it!
& that lolli pop sure looks yummy!

You can find this kit at any of my stores!
Okay fiiiine be that way - I'll direct you to two of them LOL


Enjoy & Thank YOU for looking!

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~

Who want's free stuff? I do I do!!!

It's been a while since I've done freebies :: smacks my hands :: bad me bad!
I made these just before my designer name change so I decided give away!
The last works of LoyalKD! Though I doubt I will ever stop being that huh?

At any rate - these are not 4shared - sorry but it's acting up on me for some reason
so I did them through the store. You can find them both HERE

Papers are S4H/S4O & the textures are Commercial!

I had a ton of fun making the papers and arguing with the textures so you might
be seeing more of them from me! Bye for now & enjoy!

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~


Don't worry - you are NOT losing your mind! I have changed my designer name!
I have been making scrap kits for a year now & when I started it was actually
all a fluke. I didn't think it would go this far and to tel you the truth, I'm very glad it did.
I have come to know some pretty amazing and very fun people. I can even do something
I like as a real job! Okay granted the pay sucks [lmao] but what ever right? I'm happy
with how I help make a living to this house. That's what matters.

A MAJOR thank you to Kate [Urban Mermaid Designs] for my new name - we
bounced it back and forth a while ago .. but it just kinda stuck.
So! What do you think? One heck of a change all of a sudden for sure!
A change I think I needed not only here. No worries on any of my stuff though -
the TOU is the same and I'm not going to redo the previews of every blasted thing
I have ever made - NOT happening. Also not happening since my computer
took a dump this past week. I've been quiet because I have to do the whole play catch up
and get back to where I was game. Meanie.

Well - that's my news for today...I plan to change the blog to! If you know anyone
who comes by here, please let them know about the change - my new URL is:

It's a little shorter LOL

Okay I'm off to cause havoc! Sorta..

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~