I got RAK'd! Amor!!

I got RAK'd! I love when that happens! Usually comes when
I need it the most...really makes my crappy day a lot better!

This is such a great kit, I loved that I could scrap with my son and not just my daughters! She did a really good job and hopefully I can find some more time to play with this kit!
Thanks for looking, and have a GREAT day/night!

~* Danielle S. *~

Siochan Cluster Frame Freebie!

You have to check out this lovely kit by Artmama called Siochan!
I really like it, and not just because I'm Irish & love the color green lol

The word art has the english meaning faded out in the background of each tag! Yes, I REALLY like that she did that! Check out the page I made using her kit:

I thought about offering the clustered frame I made for the page..but stupidly closed the whole thing down before saving the frame lol - I NEVER said I was bright darn it!

Yes, I am indeed a cluster frame NUT - so expect them...use them...love them.. I DO! lol

Enjoy and THANK YOU for coming!
~* Danielle S. *~

Interview with Ocean Wide Designs + Freebie!!!!

Who's ready for a new interview?! I am I am!
Not only is it another great interview, but the freebie ROCKS!
Don't forget to swing by her blog HERE for updates, freebies and more!

1. What got you started in the digi scrap world?
I got started digiscrap when I was in college and doing some freelance website and graphic design work. A customer pointed me in the direction of a digiscrap freebies page to show me what type of style of banner she wanted. After poking around and getting to know more about what digiscrapping is... I got hooked!

2. Which kit, that you've done, is your current "Fabu"?
Hmmm, right now it has to be Thoughts of Spring. I just absolutely love those colors and all of the LOs my CT has been making with them!

3. What is the one thing you can always count on to inspire you to create?
Everything. I keep an inspiration folder for myself, where I put pictures I find online to go through when I'm in a funk and need something to get me started. I also have a great husband and friends who share ideas with me wether I want them or not!!
4. If you could be a color, what would it be and why?
Yellow - it's always bright and cheerful. Even yellows with low saturation and light still seem cheerful!
5. If you could do a collab with one person, who would you choose?
That's really hard to say. I totally would love to collab with Ashalee Wall, because she astonishes me with her ability to work with only two colors - and often only one saturation of a color. Her pattern work also boggles my mind!

6. Do you like to start with the elements, alphas or papers first?
I usually always start with the papers. I've been doing all of my own patterns lately, and the papers usually define the tone of the rest of my kit.

7. What is your goal in the digi world for 2011?
My goal is to gain a larger following and make enough sales to cover my student loan payments and have some more "fun money" for my husband and I to go on out of town trips more often. I've already been surprised that I'm able to cover my student loan payments... so I guess I need to add more to my goal??

8. Who is your scrappin Idol?
It has to be Flergs, aka Megs, at Scrapbook Graphics. Megs is one designer who's been around for a long time... but is still the sweetest person in the world. She also manages to continue putting out products that are fresh and inspired, and never "cookie cutter" like.

I've been looking forward to that read allllll month!! I hope you all enjoyed it and enjoy this awesome freebie she made for you! Swing by next month for another interview!!!


Cluster Frame Freebie!

Okay so I have been totally busy with sick kids [ OMG! ] but am still managing a little time for me! That's always important, especially when there's lots of crying and owies and laaaate nights. :: twitch :: Anyway - couple things!!!!

I'm running a sale at DSD right now - 45% off most of my stuff!
It ends on the 18th, don't think I'm going to have the time for any V-Day stuff this year though!

Shilo Designs has opened a store at SugarHillco! 20-30% off!

BUT - the real reason for this post...I made a freebie using this wonderful kit Kashmir Nights
by Siamese Studio! Yes, you will see I miss-spelled everything in my zip, and I'm sorry. I am only perfect on days that do NOT end in "y". Blame it on spending half the night in the ER with a bored, tired, sick kiddo.
Isn't that just lovely? I LOVE the colors personally. Well okay, here is your new freebie!!!
And be aware! I am seriously contemplating moving my "blog" to my site. I've been fiddling with it but not sure how well its going..you can check out my site HERE. Tons of work to do!


~* Danielle S. *~

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