New CU4CU Gift!

I have been SO busy lately. Lil' Ricky is getting bigger every day - staying awake just
a little bit more - I love seeing his dark blue eyes. He's such a good boy - just a hungry one lol
Zamera has been acting up often lately - that whole new baby thing. She tries to be good
but every now and then she lets go in a manner that just ticks me right off.
Course lil Serenity is still hitting and throwing - but not as much! Thankfully.
Seriously considering some daycare time for both of my girls - I'm just not
to sure. I like them being home with me - but I know they need some
them time with kids their age! Interacting with other kids is a huge
thing in the social area of developement and I could probably
use some quiet time around here. Wonder how much
4 days a week for 3 hours would run me...for 2 kids?
Probably still a bucket load. I hate the cost of stuff now a days.
We FINALLY went and bought a new tv. Let's just say the original crapped out
big time and the one we we're using was about as old as your grand mother. Wasn't complaing
since it was free and it worked - but man is it nice to SEE what's on tv lol.
Well that cost us almost 700$. 0.0 wow... 42" HDTV - niiiice tv. Good deal.
Course that includes the three sets of cables we bought to go with it.
DOESN'T include the new entertainment center we had to buy.
YUP - of COURSE we buy a tv that doesn't fit in our perfectly good entertainment center.
Nooooo - so there's another 250. Holy snot balls - we're done spending money. ONLY reason
we got this anyway - TAXES!!! Blessed, wonderful taxes. So nice to have that
extra 'umph' once a year to get caught up and buy one nice new thing for the house.
Or in this case two lol All well - it works, it's wonderful and I can't WAIT to play
a game on it! Just have to find a way to amuse the young-lings first. Drat.

Okay well enough of my ramblings lol - today I'm giving you guys a great set of floral.
It comes with the natural shadow and without! If you download please leave me a comment -
it's so nice to feel appreciated and respected =]
With two kids running around, those feelings are an iffy!

~* Danielle S. *~

Noon On Sunday - Coming Soon!

My newest kit - Noon On Sunday - will be available next month!
Here's a sneak peek at it -
a BIGGIE for sure!

2 Layouts I did using this kit:

Thanks for looking!

~* Danielle S. *~

WACKY sale at TreasuredScraps!

Yes - I AM taking part in this insane sale. Probably a one time only thing!
Everything under 5.00 is .35 cents until Jan 31st! Everything else is 50% off!
Take advantage while you can - this will probably NEVER happen again!

~* Danielle S. *~

A new Freebie for you!

Yup yup! I got creative again =]
I'm trying really hard to get very good at layouts & QPs while still
managing to do everything else I do! Not easy I tell ya!

Well today you get a duo here - very pretty kits I worked with as well!
Make sure you check out the credit file - it's got all the good info in it!!!

Oh! I'm also running a Designer Call for
Can someone go push Digi_Licious, & Mimi Lou into the store?
Yeah me either lol - some seriously great designers though.

I'm starting to think about a CT call for the store as well.
And maybe some new CTs to add to my personal CT.
NOT 100% sure on this yet. Though if you're interested
in either CT idea or being a designer at OSDS - just look me up,
you never know what can happen =]

Download this freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

CagedBird Designs has a freebie for you!

I'm an alpha nut! I can't help it and I really like this one so
umm yeah - the link to her blog is down below the preview!

Her blog in HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

And the winners are.....

[ thank you - who ever came up with that was a genius! ]

The TWO winners of my new kit FUnk-Ta-Fied are......

Terilew and Elegantly Funky Designs!!!


If you ladies would please email me at :
I will get your kits to you!

This was uber fun - my first time doing something like this so YAY! what should I do next??

~* Danielle S. *~

How about a new CU4CU Freebie??

I don't know about all of you, but I am a HUGE overlay, texture fan.
I mean if I had 500 bucks to just BLOW - you better believe I would
blow it on these things lol - silly much? Maybe but I'm allowed my own personal
obsessions! Okay and maybe fabric flowers to...but only maybe lol

I've got some new stuff a coming, designer resource tools -
and I'm one day closer to picking TWO lucky winners of my new
kit - Funk Ta Fied!!! Yes, I'm ALREADY working on my NEXT

Well, thanks for coming by, leave some love if you download! Let's me know
what you guys REALLY want to see! Have a great Day/Night!

You can download this freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

NEW! FunkTaFied!!!+ Freebie & GiveAway!!!

Totally FUNKED! I had a BLAST making this - it's just off the wall enough
to put some FUN in FUNky! We're talking 15 papers, 57 elements & a bundle of word art!

Have a look-see!
[ psst - 40% off until Jan 25th! ]

Oh yeah - I had some serious FUN!!!!!!!!

Leave a comment on my post & TWO people will receive my new kit
FREE!!!! will lend me a hand in choosing the two!

Here's a LO I did with the kit - gatta love my kiddo - worked PERFECTLY!

& here's a QP freebie for you - thanks for looking!

You can download this freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

OSDS is 1 Year Old - TODAY! Happy Birthday!!!! + 2 Freebies!

You don't want to miss out on this!

You can grab this FREE kit - our birthday gift to you - HERE

& you can check out my Birthday Deal for you HERE

& it's been a while since I played around ME time ya know - and here is
the result of that! 3 new quickpages!
You can download them HERE

Time to get back to work!
~* Danielle S *~

New by me!

Okay so I had fun making these - can you tell?? This pack has 10 ribbons - 5 simple versions for you to decorate more if you want & 5 versions pretty darn well decorated and ready for use!
As always my new stuff is one sale! OH! AND I joined a new store - it's just starting to get it's feet wet - run by some great people - so YAY! A new store lol -
Right so you can find this at ANY of the store listed to the right.

Sorry I didn't get a freebie in this time - I just couldn't wait to show this off!
Be safe & thanks for looking!

~* Danielle S *~

New! My Baby Boy

YES! I Freely admit it - I'm on a boy kick thanks to my baby boy - Ricky.
It's a real change from my girls but still just as fun! And just as exhausting!
Well no matter - I am loving my baby boy & the kit I made inspired by him!

It has 12 papers & 52 elements - 4 word art & 2 alphas!
PLUS - it's 40% off! You can find this kit HERE

Naturally I made a freebie - did something just a touch different this time,
it's an 8x8 QP instead of a 12x12. Let me know what you think!

You can get this freebie HERE
it's a new size for me, so let me know your opinion on it!

~* Danielle S *~

New! Young Son

Young Son Scrap Kit

15 Unique Papers & 53 Elements! Not all shown of course.
And yes, all because I had a little boy! I plan on making one or two more
similiar to this - but maybe a bit more elegant? Oh it's just EXCITING!
Oh - have a better look at the papers!

Oh yeah - I had fun with this one lol
It's on sale - 40% off until the 2oth!!
You can find it HERE or HERE

Check out a LO I did! [ pssst - the freebie is down there to! ]

And here's your freebie! Enjoy & thank you for looking!
Download HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

New Freebie! Tulip Element

This is the preview of my FIRST product for 2010! It took me a while to get it done
with my new son keeping me on my toes - not to forget my daughters - oh man 3 sure is a handful but I wouldn't change it for the world! Well anyway - this NEW pack is nothing but Tulips! 13 different tulips included - and yes, this is CU, Cu4Cu & Use As Is Safe!
You can find it in any of my stores to the right!

NOW - how about a sampler from the pack?
Make sure you read the TOU though - again, CU, Cu4Cu & Use As Is Safe!
Feel free to share in groups or where ever!!

You can download this freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

75% Off Most Everything!

Yup! That's right - time to get that stuff out of the store [ sorta lol ] - I have tons of new ideas for new great products so out with the old and in with the new! I just have to find the time to get everything done - new babies are a lot of work! [ and sleep!!! ]
~* Danielle S. *~