Scrapbird Designer Call!

I even applied - and with ANY luck, my email didn't hit the SPAM. Freaking spam.
Doesn't hurt to try and I've heard nothing but good things about the store! I also know the "Mamrotka" as I CT for her - me likies her =] So what the heck! Give it a go!!!
~* Danielle S. *~

CU Word Art Freebie!

Well, this could very well be the last time you see this preview..I have come up with a new one! I think I'm hitting a milestone in designing...starting to figure out my own style. Now if I could just DRAW! Ugh, I am sooooo jealous of all these amazing designers who know how to connect friggin lines! I suck at it. Terrible I say! I can doodle, I enjoy doodles...but oh to draw... :: sigh ::
Okay well, now you know - I've got a new "look" for next year...and I am indeed excited about it! I'll even have some new blinkies AND a new forum signature! WOOOHOOO!!
Well, I whipped this little word art up, there are two - same words, just one with a shadow and one without. Not the shadow in the preview though, but it's cute, so I'm sharing!

I hope everyone is staying warm, being respectful to others and has already finished the dreaded Christmas shopping...I had to go to Wal-Mart for something was SCARY! :: shudders :: Crazy, run and totally in their own worlds..right well, anyway -
DO have a wonderful and joyful season to all, STAY WARM!

~* Danielle S. *~

Winter Gift Commercial Use Freebie

It's been super busy [ still!] around here so I only wiggled out a simple gift for now!
The snowflake in the middle is my favorite! As if that wasn't obvious!
I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season, please stay safe!!!
No time for long windedness - yes, its now a word!

~* Danielle S.*~

New kit - Rosey Dream + Add on Freebie + Coupon!

Is anyone else pulling their hair out trying to get everything done for Christmas? I think I bit off a bit more then I can chew this time...I've got over 40 cards to send out to Soldiers over seas, plus the cards to finish making for my family and get those sent out...presents to finish painting and buying..packing and sending...omg it's CRAZY! I love it ^__^ I'm making a list next year though! Of course because of the hectic season I haven't been able to get any real work done :: cries :: So I haven't been able to even THINK about making a Christmas kit...and I really want to get one first! God bless layaway!!!! I have however managed to get a new kit completed - and I like it! I actually made two pages with photos of my son using this new kit! Have I "talked" your eyes off yet?

Whew! Hows about that! I really do like this kit, might make a few cards with it as well but time time time time!!!!! UGH!

Here is a coupon for $2.00 off this kit!!!!
Coupon Code: roseydreamblog_TUF2010
Store: Digital Scrap Designs
The coupon is good until Dec. 31st 2010 and will bring the price of the kit to $3.50!
On top of about a small add on?

Download Here / ICI

Enjoy & thanks for coming around!

~* Danielle S. *~