Shall I pull my hair out now or later?

Okay so a lot going on around here is an understatement!!!
My mother came at the end of May and things have yet to slow down!
Terrible, but fun. We've walked in the mountains, walked through some
small forest area out here, we've cleaned ...and cleaned....and freakin cleaned some more.
This woman has CLEAN in her blood - I swear she does. And my house?
STILL looks like a tornado went through here. Mom has kindly bought
me some storage cabinets though - and that has helped clear out a ton of
my craft clutter. Just need to figure out what to do with the rest.
She also bought me a china hutch...I still get a lil misty around the greens
when I walk past it. Can't express how much Ive wanted one and how
amazingly wonderful it feels to have it - I got to put the china my husband
bought us in Kuwait in there - showing it off proudly!

Doing potty training with the 2 year old - she's doing very well, a couple accidents here
and there [ such as NOW of course.. ] but for the most part - she's got it figured out.
Even braved the walmart! She did great! Oh, my oldest. Can we say attitude make over?
WOOOHOOO!! I guess it helps that mom is a... well - she's not overly nice LOL
I guess I'm just a lot nicer then she is. I'm learning though - and getting us into
a working routine is what's hard - other wise, the rest is easy I guess.
Wow - can't botch that up any more...

Lil Ricky is getting BIG and wants to move already - can we say NO?
I can I can!

Right okay so that's the BASICS - I haven't had time to do ANYTHING at all.
Seriously. I've left OSDS and am now only at DSD - which I'm having a sale at by the way!
30% off $2.00 - $12.00 for the rest of the month - well, the rest of the month is the plan,
but who knows? DSD has an awesome set of Monthly Grab Bags you should really check out.
More then 10 products EACH bag and only a COUPLE bucks a bag - seriously, you can not
loose with this deal!!!! The stuff in the bags is previews below the product
so you can see what you're getting - again, CHA CHING!

& I'm out of time - that sucks. I need some techno-baby time
here, sheesh. Much to do and no time! All well - hope all is well with everyone
and don't forget to stop by the store!!!!

Danielle S.