20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 9!

You guys didn't think I'd forget did you? Heck naw. I just haven't been HOME.
& I have almost NO time today so I did a quick whip up for you - I suppose
they're not all that, but I think they're kinda cute =]

Detail in the preview isn't exactly perfect, but it never is now is it?
2 Elements - Rose & Cat - CAT IS HALLOW!

Grrr - I have to jet already - so much to do today & tomorrow, so my freebie
might be late tomorrow as well! Enjoy!

You can get my CU Freebie HERE
Don't forget to check out Silent Dreamer & Scrappy Lippy!

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..

Labor Day Half Off Sale!

Yeah okay so maybe I'm a little nuts o.
Least you get to enjoy it right?

I'm talkin Personal Use, Commercial Use, Scrap 4 Hire, Scrap 4 Offer,
Element Packs, so on and so forth. Everything made by me in my two stores
is 50% off until Sept 1st! So umm...HURRY.


Happy Scrappin & Taggin People! HAVE A GREAT LABOR DAY!
& weekend as well =]

..:: Loyal::..

20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 8!

So, what do you think? Pretty yes?
I have an element pack in the stores for sale with about 5 of these.
Might do a PU element pack with 20 or so - gatta be fair ya know!

I hope you all are ready for this weekend & Labor Day. Lots of plan?
People to see - places to go - SALES TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF!
... sorry...got excited.

Speaking of sales - there will be lots of em at Sweey N Sassy Digi Scrappers
store...we're talking any where from 20% - I think I saw an 80% ...
One person is doing a Dollar Day! Kits, Elements, CU - just a buck.
People are nuts if you ask me lol - but I think it's contagious.

Okay - time to get this day started...:: sighs :: sleep...I miss it.

You can download my CU Freebie HERE
Don't forget to peek in on Scrappy Lippy & Silent Dreamer!

Happy Scrappin!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 7!

Mmmm - Smell that? It's the smell of a new day...new smiles...new laughter...
:: sighs happily :: the smell of one day closer to touching my husband again - to seeing
his sky blue eyes and feeling those cute little butterflies in my tummy every time he smiles...

okay - mush fest over.

Freebie anyone?!?!? Not that great - you'll have to forgive - but hey, its a FREEBIE! lol

12x12 Template CU FREEBIE.

She's going to be 1 next month...:: sighs :: so big...

You can download my freebie HERE
You can grab Scrappy Lippy's Freebie HERE
& You can snatch up Silent Dreamers Freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin!!!

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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 6!

What can I say - it is getting closer to that time! Though this preview
doesn't show the detail and I'm working my computer just a wee bit to hard to force it to
comply right now. In other words -SO not shown full size lol.
300 DPI - Full Size[ish, not OVERLY large] - CU Freebie!

Frame* & Graphic not included! I believe that image came from deviantart.com as well -
but I honestly don't know.

You can grab my Day 6 Freebie HERE
Don't forget to check out Silent Dreamer & Scrappy Lippy!

A BIG Thank you to you ladies for joining me on this =]

Happy Scrappin!

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Like you guys NEED anymore freebies right? Wait..WHAT am I saying???
Eesh - freebies are always a plus. Well .. what got me going on this one?
[ You know there is almost always a reason...] My 11 month old took her first step today =]
Actually she took 3 steps today..not at the same time THANKFULLY lol.
I'm just not ready for this!

Anyway - botched the preview ...but here it is anyway.
gonna go down about 3 gallons of water now...


Happy Scrappin!
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Showing off

Okay sure fine it's not all that - but it is to me!! I did the whole bleetin thing in Adobe CS3!
Er - the layout people - items used from one of my kits.
Anyway - I was TICKLED pink so I had to share.
I added drop shadows, deleted, selected, MOVED, added a glow, erased...RESIZED..
this is all big for me...so ya know...just be happy while you laugh at me lol

Right okay - ummm - that's my oldest a couple months ago - Zamera.
With our three dogs - Likor, Patches & Runt.

Anyway - I showed =] I preened - I'm good =]
[ Kit used was: Taste The Colors ]

Have a GOOD day!

..::Loyal ::..

20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 5!

Day 5!!! Is everyone enjoying the goodies so far? I sure hope so! You have 15 more days of em coming! What Commercial Use Freebie could I have for you today? How about two Hearts?!?!?
I sure would LOOOOOOOOVE for my hunny to get home already & I sure would LOVE to be 100% better now! Pssst - I am feeling MUCH better today though. FINALLY.

You can download my Day 5 goodie HERE
Don't forget to check out Lippy & Silent Dreamer!
[Pssst - be nice - life is real]

Happy Scrappin!
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New Kit - Sue

It's taken me DAYS to get this one done...all because of a cold on top of a flu on top of no sleep because the baby is teething and has a cold. :: frowns :: I finally had to cave and just finish it up so I could get it out there. I made this kit for a friend, obviously named Sue. She's awesomeness!

At any rate - you can check out said kit in Full Size & or Tagger Size @ these locations

Sweet N Sassy DigiScrapps | Terminally Unique Designs

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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Helga has a new tutorial! - Lilac Dreams

Pretty! Least..I think so. You can get the tutorial by clicking HERE

20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 4!

Yeah baby! Wooohooo! Four days strong! My brother took care of my daughters for me
for a good part of yesterday. I slept from 2pm to 6am this morning. I feel MUCH better - just not over this yet - but at least everything doesn't ache! Now...to get this ucky stuff out of my system..

LOL - Thank you to all of you who wish me, and even demand of me, to get better. I appreciate it =] What do I have for you today? [That I wisely made yesterday!]

Take a look!
Graphic is NOT included. Shared by a friend - found on deviant art.com
TheNightSheDied - I believe. Could be wrong! Any way - download
Day 4's CU Freebies - click HERE

To get to Silent Dreamers 4th Day CU Freebie - Click HERE
To get to Scrappy Lippy's 4th Day CU Freebie - Click HERE

Now that I can BREATH...and move about 10 paces without hurting -
I'm going to go get some laundry done =] Remember to be kind and thank my ladies
for giving of their time and talent for you!
Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 3! - New Designer Link!

Wooohooo! Lippy - who is awesome btw - is a bit behind in her section of the Cu Freebie Giveaway - but she's hangin with us anyway! She has a very nice CU freebie up - might have to snag that one myself! Anyway - you can go check out her blog and CU freebie


Thanks for jumping in on the 20 Days of CU Freebies Lippy!

Happy Scrappin!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 3!

Day 3! 3 days closer to my hunny being home! Isn't that just GREAT?
Today I have a ribbon for you - stitched on the sides and textured in two ways.
Full size naturally =]

Don't forget to check out Silent Dreamers Designs as well!
You can go see what she has to offer you on the third day of CU freebies HERE

Spoiled you all are! LOL -
You can download my CU Ribbon Freebie HERE
now....I think I'm going to go take some meds...sick as a frellin dog lemmie tell ya .. whew..

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 2!

Day TWO! Nothing to fancy - I'm not exactly feeling up to par. IE - I'm sick as a dog.
Thanks to my little one... :: glares :: how come shes only a little sick for less then 24 hours?!
Blah. Spoiled I swear it!

Remember, you can go to Silent Dreamers place and pick another CU freebie!
You can go there by clicking THIS

You can download this freebie by clicking HERE

Happy Scrappin!

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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies!

That's right! Your eyes do not deceive you! 20 days of Commercial use freebies!
Why? Well you see...I got word that my husband will be coming home for some R n R soon, and I got very very happy. Decided what the heck, why not share my joy?!?! So I will!

Also - a very nice lady is joining me in this & I think one more - I will update soon as
I know more on the other. The second lady helping me.. :: grins :: well, you can get to her through HERE

Be nice to the Silent Dreamer! :: winks ::

Day 1 - Element - Sun
To spread the warmth I feel!

You can download HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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Long Winded!

Ready? Let's blog! hehe

Two new layouts using my Fantasy Air kit - still amazes me when I see layouts
done with my kits - it's quiet a rush!

Thank you for these hun!

These two layouts were done using my newest kit - Old...but Still Strong.
How's about that eh?

Gatta loev the FEEL of it

And here is the preview of said kit:

with an Add On!

The kits is available in Full Size only. I can't help it - I lean more towards the scrapper then the tagger in my kits - but I try and resize for tagger kits as well =] Just not this time.
There are very few elements not shown - everything is 300 DPI. I actually had some fun with this kit - loved making it.It just...feels right to me.

Anyway - you can check out the kit what naught HERE
* will be uploading it to TUD shortly *

Right now - the Add On is only 75 cents. :: smh :: Not sure why I don't just give this stuff away. Oh right! Takes money to make it lol - eh.

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Product - Stock It Up! 1

That's right - stock photos. Nature...I love nature. I'm a pure nature child lol.
NOT flower child people...nature child. :: smh :: Welp, I slipped into the store and priced it at 1.50. Seriously, can you beat 25 cents for photos you can do ANYTHING with? I can't.
Wanna go look? Go HERE

Don't forget though - it's included in the 25% off sale - so it's really 1.13 huh? :: winks ::

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..

A Loyal Sale!

Yup that's right. I'm bored...so you get to enjoy it! Okay so I shouldn't be bored..I should be bustin my backside cleaning, changing, re-arranging so on and so on...but I'm not lol - yet.

Nope - no fancy AD - I'm not that big =]

Sweet Sassy Digi Scrappers - All Items In My Store Are 25% Off Until Sunday Night!
You can go peek HERE - some products as low as 56 CENTS!
Oh! I have stuff in CU area as well - if I did it - it's 25% off! There are others who are still
doing their 40% off sale! Hurry up before they remember they're not as crazy as they think!

WAIT!!! I'm also having a sale at TUD! Another 25% off! On all my products there!
SOME items are TUD Xclusives! Mmmhmmm - can't get any where else!
Wanna go look? Click HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

A Friday Freebie!

The link will even download the right thing this time! I'm only slightly out of it this morning.

Anyway - I made a 4x6 quickpage with my new kit - Old but Still Strong.
It will be in stores later today =]

I'm not very good at quickpages as I'm sure you can see - but I try and that's what's important!
Eesh....really suck. Anyway - graphic NOT included. It is only for the preview.
I have no idea who did this graphic/took this picture - but who ever you are - GREAT work!

You can download this 4x6 QP Freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

Son of a BEEHIVE!

I'm sure you get my meaning...

The REAL link for the ZIP FILE of the second freebie -

oi...what a week

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

..:: Loyal ::..

Wooohoooo!! Check THIS out!

Sweet N Sassy Digi Scrappers not only has the GALLERY
but now we have a FORUM! OMG what's wrong with us? We're moving up in the
digiworld that's what's wrong lol. Wait - isn't that supposed to be right???

Happy Scrappin People!
..:: Loyal ::..

News + another Sale!

We now have a Gallery where you can come visit and share your scrappy creations


Soon to have a forum as well so keep checking we are still improving the site

Oh No you missed the 50% off sale

well never fear they are still crazy in here

now a selected few have 40% off but only for a short time so hurry on in

Angel Dreamer Designs

Angelina's Designs

Babzy's Boutique

Designs by Brandi

Sassy's Imigination

Scrappy Lippy

hurry Before they regain their sanity


Yup! Another round! This time it's a pack of 6 elements!
PERSONAL USE ONLY! <-- don't forget that!You can download HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Kit - Taste The Colors

Yup yup - I did it again! And happily as well I might add.
I just...actually had a bit of fun with this kit. Not everything is shown - I just couldn't get it
all in there and make it looks nice lol. Looks pretty cramped as is I suppose.
Well anyway - info and all that jazz below!

Taste The Colors! This kit includes 12 papers & 55 Elements! There is a suprise pack of 5 elements as well - but I'm not giving away any hints! Kit comes with a
full alpha set & numeric set. Personal - S4H/S4O Safe!

Full Size:[3.99] HERE or HERE
Tagger Size:[2.50] HERE or HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

..:: Loyal ::..

Scrapp Lippy has LOST HER MIND!

Scrappy Lippy has gone Mad she is marking her entire store at 50% off until midnight tuesday
Come fill your carts before she regains her senses

Will the Madness continue?
Will other Designers catch it?
Come on over to Sweet n Sassy Digi Scrappers and find out

Tutorial! - Done with my Autumns Kiss

I just get tickled when this happens....:: grins :: Thank you Kel - I appreciate it!
You can find the tutorial HERE

Happy Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

August CU Collab Grab Bag!

Yup - we gone done did it again. It's a monthly thing :: winks ::

5 Designers with over 70 Items. Grab it now before the price goes back up The theme on this one is fall so everything in here can be used to make some fantastic fall kits!

Yup - it's on sale for 16 bucks! Actually - right now - all three collab grab bags are on sale! If you missed out on em before - now is the chance to grab them up - its VERY rare the old collabs go on sale! You've been warned!

You can check them out HERE

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Look - Again =]

I am TERRIBLE about changing things around. I must always do something new every couple of months - or I start to twitch. I tried to use a white background template...honest I did. I know it would look much more professional - much...cleaner I guess? - but it's just not ME! What would be the point in doing all this if I had to stop being me? Nah - I can't help it.
I adore the black or dark colored background with the light colored details - it just...jumps out more to me - so that's what I use. Well anyway - new layout made me happy!

It's been raining here all day....for the past two days...and it will rain again tomorow...so hopefully..maybe I'll be able to work on a new kit, make a few new tags .. handle some email and everything else I need to do. :: sighs :: Super Mom, yeah that's me. NOT! Just don't tell my kids that! :: winks ::

Have a great day/night!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Layouts! [Sisters & The Dusted Rose] + ?

This Layout was done by a wonderful woman who loves to spoil me lol - She used my kit The Dusted Rose. Thank you hun!

These two layouts were done using my newest kit - Sisters. Don't you just adore the way in the top layout in the bottom box, that she looks like shes INSIDE it? Okay so that was the point..but yeah right..hushing now.

Yup! We gone done did it again!

Oh check it! [why do I say that....] As it turns out - SNS is going to land itself a Forum and Gallery! Can you believe it!??? I think it's totally awesome - I really do. It's nice to see the store grow, myself and my fellow designers included.

One more thing before I run off of here...I still need to do another make over for sure! - er that's not it though...Does anyone know of a free service I can use for say..Subscribing? Some people ask to be notified about my posts...but..I don't know HOW to notify them ya know? Anyway - needs to be free because I'm cheap and don't have the money to spare anyway. With gas now adays, who does?!

Thanks for any help provided! -
Happy Scrappin & Taggin,

..:: Loyal ::..

New CU Element Packs - Bits 1 & 2

Yup! I'm happy with these. Have another pack coming! Will probably do even more!
I think I like them...they make sense to me lol - odd I know. Welcome to me. Info below!

Bits Pack 1 - SnS or TUD

Bits Pack 2 - SnS or TUD

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Kit - Sisters

Helllllllllo everyone! How's it going?? Good I hope! Better be, don't make me come
over there and kick some evil butt! Or something like that anyway.

Welp - I just got this into the two stores - me likie =]

9 Papers - 25 Elements - 2 Alphas
Scrap 4 Hire - Scrap 4 Offer Safe!

Full Size: 3.00 - SnS or TUD
Tagger Size: 1.50 - SnS or TUD

Time to go pick up my oldest from her FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL!!!!!

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Sale! New look!

Okay so Sweet N Sassy isn't back up 100% - we're still working on some adjustments.
Everything works fine of course - but it looks a little off kilter - so we're workin it!
Plus we all had to put ALL of our products BACK IN. Let me tell you - ANNOYING!

Anyway - like I said - we're back =]
& most Designers are doing a 30% off sale to celebrate! I know I am!
I don't have everything loaded up yet - but I'm in no real hurry - I have a tea party with
my oldest in about 30 minutes lol - course this is under the 'tent' she had me
construct in her room this morning. Can we say headache & back ache? Ah what the heck,
not gonna have many more chances for tea parties with her!

Next post will be an AD post - I don't like to Advertise because I feel like it's pressure -
but I haven't done any AD's in a while.

Store: HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

..:: Loyal ::..

New Tutorial - Garden Friends

This tutorial was done using the kit Garden Friends by Classie Creationz
It's a fun kit for sure! I adore this frame, and she even has a fence but I didn't want to over do it.
The tutorial can be found HERE

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..


Yup! It's FREEBIE TIME!!!! Who doesn't love freebie time?
It's something new I decided to start doing! There will never be a set date when
I will put a freebie kit up - just when ever I can. I know - big deal. It is to me though!
The kits will vary in size - you know...tagger size...full size...what ever Im in the mood for.
They could be small, full or even mega. Just depends!

Anyway - here is the first one!

Tagger Size

4 Papers & 9 Elements Total.
You can snag it: HERE

Happy Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

Latest Collab Kit - BCA - Previews!

There are more kits in the collab then what you see here - but I figured it would be a nice
glimpse. I even added to this one! & I don't do collabs very well =]

go check it out at : www.sweetnsassydigiscrappers.com
or you can just click THIS

Happy scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

Sono Pics of my newest Niece or Nephew!

First - If you're not a mom or dad, or you're not inlove with kids...you probably won't be able to see the lil one. You can try anyway. & Yes, for those of you who are in sheer shock of my brazen behavior - I ASKED before making this post. I'm so excited!!!! She's 13 weeks and 1 day along today! This is either Payslie Addesyn or Kannon Robert.

Okay - I showed off =] I feel better now!

Have a Good One!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Element Pack - Stars Pack 1

I like stars....the ones in the sky...not so much the ones on TV.
Had fun playing with these! 300 DPI & you can use em any way you want to!
Sticker em, paint em, rip em, butcher em & abuse em anyway you want!

Sweet N Sassy: $2.00 - SnS
TUD - 2.00 [on sale 1.20 till Monday] TUD

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Kit - Autumns Kiss

This preview SUCKS. No more like this! It's YUCK!

This kit was created by request - and I was more then happy to attack the idea.
Especially since I hit a dry spell. :: sighs :: Guess when I get stressed my creative kit juices
go out the window! Right - about the kit!
Not everything is shown - though I nearly got it all in there! Everything is 300 DPI for printing needs. It is only available in Full Size at this time. **pssst...it's not THAT hard to shrink em**

You can find this kit in two stores:
Sweet N Sassy : 2.99
Terminally Unique Designs : 2.99 [On sale Till Monday for 1.79]

Happy Scrappin!

..:: Loyal ::..

Terminally Unique Designs!

Well after a lot of work (not to mention hair pulling on my part) .... the designers of Terminally Unique Designs are opening their doors. Our grand opening is tomorrow with a 40% savings on all products. We have full size & taggers kits, commercial products and even a photography section (you don't want to miss out on these trust me!). I am quite proud of this store as we built it from the bottom up lol. We will continuously be adding new products so we'd love it if you bookmark the site. Please spread the word!!!

Yup - THIS is the big thing I was talking about a couple dozen posts ago lol.
This is it... :: big ol grin :: & I am SO proud of these ladies & even a bit proud of myself.
Go on and take a look - I don't have much stuff up myself right now - trying to make some things for JUST that store - but there's some stuff worth a peek! Even if it's not mine LOL!

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..