New Layouts! [Sisters & The Dusted Rose] + ?

This Layout was done by a wonderful woman who loves to spoil me lol - She used my kit The Dusted Rose. Thank you hun!

These two layouts were done using my newest kit - Sisters. Don't you just adore the way in the top layout in the bottom box, that she looks like shes INSIDE it? Okay so that was the point..but yeah right..hushing now.

Yup! We gone done did it again!

Oh check it! [why do I say that....] As it turns out - SNS is going to land itself a Forum and Gallery! Can you believe it!??? I think it's totally awesome - I really do. It's nice to see the store grow, myself and my fellow designers included.

One more thing before I run off of here...I still need to do another make over for sure! - er that's not it though...Does anyone know of a free service I can use for say..Subscribing? Some people ask to be notified about my posts...but..I don't know HOW to notify them ya know? Anyway - needs to be free because I'm cheap and don't have the money to spare anyway. With gas now adays, who does?!

Thanks for any help provided! -
Happy Scrappin & Taggin,

..:: Loyal ::..


Summer Loving Gal said...

Hey there Loyal! I think you can use blogspot and go to layout on your customize page and go to add a gadget....there is an option there for subscribe so that people who read your blog would be updated when you did it.
I hope that's what you are looking for.