New Sale! New look!

Okay so Sweet N Sassy isn't back up 100% - we're still working on some adjustments.
Everything works fine of course - but it looks a little off kilter - so we're workin it!
Plus we all had to put ALL of our products BACK IN. Let me tell you - ANNOYING!

Anyway - like I said - we're back =]
& most Designers are doing a 30% off sale to celebrate! I know I am!
I don't have everything loaded up yet - but I'm in no real hurry - I have a tea party with
my oldest in about 30 minutes lol - course this is under the 'tent' she had me
construct in her room this morning. Can we say headache & back ache? Ah what the heck,
not gonna have many more chances for tea parties with her!

Next post will be an AD post - I don't like to Advertise because I feel like it's pressure -
but I haven't done any AD's in a while.

Store: HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

..:: Loyal ::..