Better late then never!

Okay so I'm behind - as usual! I wanted to get this up yesterday but my little girl
got soooo sick! Thursday night we were at the ER till about I spent all
day yesterday trying to nap with her, keep her medicated & liquidated &
all that mommy stuff! Lordie was I tired!!! Well I'm back on my feet
and she is feeling TONS better! We just got home from T&T
and my girls had a blast!

So anyway - here's my Halloween Freebie for you all,
the examples aren't included, it's 3 different grayscale shades per
shape you see & YES! they're cu4cu safe!

You can download this HERE

~* Danielle S *~

I've got YAHOO groups!

I've started two new yahoo groups!

One is for tutorials / layouts / tags / showing off
- NO send limits! Just no EAC and ALL AC must be marked! -
You can find this group here:

Creatively All Yours

& a new advertisement group!
- Again NO send limits!
FREE advertisement group! You're welcome to advertise anything scrapbook related, digital or hybrid! Sale Ad's, New Products, Freebies, Fonts, Stamps, Brushes, Actions & MORE!!! - we want it all!

No daily send limits
You are allowed to advertise YOUR advertisement groups
so long as those groups are FREE TO JOIN!!!!

No sends of adult nature allowed!
As owner I have the right to remove/ban you without warning!

You can find this group here:

Scrap That With This

Come one come all let's have a ball! But I aint no Cinderella!

~* Danielle S *~

My 300th post!!!!

Yay!!! Tons of great things have been happening all over the place - not just for me -
and I can't help but be happy about it. Well to just continue to be tickled
pink I'm putting out a new freebie! Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use!!

We had a yuck freeze the other day but man did it make my roses look great!
I've learned that extracting ICED images....SUCKS. At least you get the reward!!
You can download my latest freebie HERE

Now how about this kit?? A group of designers, myself included,
created this kit to help out a very wonderful woman and her son. You'll find
me advertising this left and right - repeating myself and everything. Why?
Because bad things happen to good people, and this is the only way I can
help change that around for Sarah and her 11 year old son, Brendan.

You can get more intell on this HERE

Being a part of this kit might not change the world, but I hope it helps
to change one young life & make a difference for a mother.

~* Danielle S. *~

Tons to read!


Kit Information:
This kit was created in support of a wonderful woman and her son. Here's a little about WHY:

My son, Brendan, in January was life flighted to Tucson twice and diagnosed with the very rare condition Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP). Once they got that taken care of he has had tons of pain still and has been diagnosed now with Henoch Schonlein Purpura Nephritis (HSP Nephritis). His kidneys are having a lot of residual problems from the original HSP and he has been in and out of the hospital for 9 MOS. He will have to have kidney biopsies every few MOS and is needing still more treatment at the docs offices etc. He has still a lot of Protein and blood in his urine and they say that this condition can last for several years. His doctor here is a rare disease specialist and is doing everything she can to keep him comfortable and healthy. Brendan is 11 yrs old. He loves sports and the outdoors and would love to be out playing with other kids his age. He, however lacks the energy or strength to do much moving around at all and would rather just sit still or sleep. This is a huge change from a year ago when he was bouncing off the walls and I couldn't keep him inside! Thank you for any help at all!!! Brightest Blessings to all! Much lo ve! Sarah (LadyRaven Creations)

All proceeds of this kit will be put towards paying medical bills. Bad things often h
appen to good people - but we can help turn that around in some small way! Thank you to each designer to added their part & THANK YOU for just coming to see.

You can go HERE to grab this great kit for only $4.00!!
Every little bit counts, no matter how big or how small!

I LOVE making Layouts - I can't seem to help myself when I get in the mood. Okay
true, I am still learning how to take my time with them instead of fly through
them, but I figure I'll eventually slow down some!! Maybe =]

Well I can't be the only one out there who loves making layouts -
not a chance by far! SO I've decided to have a contest of sorts!

ALL new layouts loaded to the OSDS Gallery between
today and November 1st 2009 will be entered into a drawing!
EACH layout will be counted as one entry into the drawing for my latest
creation - Autumn Dreamer!!! There's no set theme, no set amount
no set anything - just create, load & you could win!!!!!!

There will be THREE [3] winners announced November 2nd 2009
Should you choose to accept this contest and take part -
LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST WITH A WAY TO CONTACT YOU! Yes - there is a link in those 3 words!!!
I don't care if it's an email or a blog link - just some way so that I can
get a hold of you should you be one of the three winners!
If you're having issues not a problem! Just email me directly @
and I'll take care of the evil blog work!!

Good luck, have fun & tell your friends!!!


It's HERE! Finally! WHEW!!!! This bad boy is a big-gun!
Okay so the basics for this fun filled kit?
9 designers - 67 papers - 187 Elements and 1 alpha!
How much you ask? What you want an answer????
Sheesh fine okay then! TWO ways - one, a flat out 6.50
deal on this big-gun kit! Yes, I really did say 6.50 - you're NOT losing it lol
You can go HERE for more info
TWO - FREE with a 10 dollar purchase! You can get details for that HERE
or at the store front! Trust me, this kit is wicked =]

FINALLY! The give aways are getting closer....right around the corner people!
Be sure to keep an eye on OSDS because you have no idea what we're up to!!!!
You should check the STORE for freebies, cu stuff and more - the GALLERY for inspiration & the BLOG for contests, new products, freebies, sales and so on!

WHEW - okay time for me to head off and get some other stuff done - my day is never
over! Which is probably why I cleaned my whole house in my dream huh? More like
nightmare if you ask me!!!

~* Danielle S *~

New Freebie! Glitter Alpha Blend

We've been under ice for two days now - so I've been a busy little me
making new stuff for the stores! Got most of it loaded to OSDS today - YAY!
Naturally I HAVE to make a freebie though - and here it is!!!!

Full alpha! Uppercase, lowercase, numbers & extras!!!
Yes, it IS also commercial use =] And YES! you CAN use it AS IS!
You can grab this feebie HERE

Enjoy & leave some luv if you download!!
~* Danielle S. *~


Pretty much everything is on sale! I'm not the only one
going Spook Wild though! Be sure to check out all the great TS Designers!!!

~* Danielle S. *~

FREEBIE - Autumn Dreamer QPs

I happily whip'd up 2 quickpages using my up coming kit - Autumn Dreamer!
You can find the sneak peek in the post before this one.
Below the QP Preview is a LO I did using the lighter colored QP!

I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them!
Download link below!

Download the Freebie HERE

~* Danielle S. *~


I've worked myself silly with this kit & I LOVE IT!!!
I've dished it out to my darling CT ladies but I wanted
to do a sneak peek for everyone, I'm excited about
the results for this kit!!!!

I'll tell you this:
16 Papers & 70 Elements!
I'm not sure if I have an alpha in me for this one right now but I'm thinking
about it none the less. This kit will be available soon - full size only!
Keep an eye out for Autumn Dreamer - she's a dOOzy!~* Danielle S *~