October Madness Sale!


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New Forum Challenge!!!

Hi everyone!!! Man can you believe it's MONDAY?!?!? Ugh where did that weekend go!
All well - guess that means it's time to start dragging through work and sneaking into
graphic programs while the boss isn't looking!

I'm hosting The Color Challenge at Sweet N Sassy this month!
Do you know what THAT means?

Oh hoh! Here's a hint..
winnings are kits! entries are layouts!

YUP! Not to bad of an offer if I do say so myself! Which I did so HA!

Come on over to the forum & check it out!! Contest will run from
Sept 29th Until October 30th!


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Been on a Creative Spree tonight...

Seriously... the papers sold me..big time.
I could play with this kit for hours on end and still have more ideas pouring out!
Kit info?
Designer: Urban Mermaid Designs
Kit Name: Fairy Dreams in the Woods
Store: www.sweetnsassydigiscrappers.com

Kate, you did an OUTSTANDING job with this one..seriously.

This layout was done using a very elegant and very realistic kit called Loved Notes.
Again, the papers sold me. There could have stood to be a slightly better mixture of elements, but the elements that are there? TOTALLY make up for it. I mean do you see that heart with two notes up in the corner? That is FABU!!!! I love the ribbons on this one as well, I already have a few more ideas turning in my head for this kit!
Kit info?
Designer: Designs by Brandi
Kit Name: Love Notes
Store: www.sweetnsassydigiscrappers.com

This red madness is really a cute kit. I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go with it
so I just played around a bit. This very simple layout turned out GREAT in my own opinion lol
The papers are really unique, no question there - there are two hearts in the element folders that I can't get enough of! Plus a cute lil devil dude in a few poses lol. I used the tagger size for this layout.
Kit info?
Designer: Scrappy Lippy
Kit Name: Devil Me Care
Store: www.sweetnsassydigiscrappers.com

I had a blast with this kit! So many elements to choose from I wasn't sure
what I wanted to use! So I broke out the pictures first lol. I think it blends in
rather well don't you? Those ducks tickle me for sure! Plenty of papers to work with
and yer bound to find something just perfect in that mix of elements!
Kit info?
Designer: Sassy Scraps Designs
Kit Name: Belle's In Bubbles
Store: www.sweetnsassydigiscrappers.com

WHEW... it's already 11 .. and I want to do more!!! Though I should probably
go lay down and get some much needed rest. All well, there's always tomorrow!

Happy Scrappin!
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2 New Loyal Services!

Hey, we all knew I was nuts before right? Why not add to it! Could stand to have
a few cashews in the mix!

Price for this service is $3.00. Return time is 48 hours or less. [ I HOPE!]
You can get more details about it HERE

Now THIS! is going to be my new baby...I hope.
I want to make cards sooooo bad it's just not funny lol. I plan to do it all!
Memories, Invites, Thank you's, Births...yup...I wanna do it all!!!

Anyway - this one above is my first one! Romantic Memories.
Price for this is $1.50. [ Not to bad eh? Especially since you can print as many as you want!]
Anyway - you can get more detail about this one, HERE

Time for me to go hunt down some of my meds!

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Read & Spread the word!

*** This is NOT about me personally, but I am partaking in this & wanted to share with anyone else who would like to join ***

Some of you are already aware of my niece's story. I helped raised her until I moved out to Washington to be with my husband. At that point her mom (my sister) moved her and my nephew to another state. Earlier this year the state took both kids away from sistermy nephew was placed in a home for anger issues and my niece was placed with a foster motherthat's when the true horror in her life began. Her foster mother left her with her boyfriend who is a convicted child molestor. This man was a former deputy and he placed a gun to her head and forced her to perform sexual acts on him and said he would kill her if she told anyone. Being the wonderfulstrong girl she is she told her case worker and now both the man & foster mom are in jail.
I'm sure all of you are as disgusted and angry as I have been since I found out. I am going to be putting a charity kit together75% of the profits will go into a fund for my niece and the other 25% will go to a charity I'm hoping to work with called RAINN. This note is to see if there are any designers that would like to participate in the kit. The kit will be sold exclusively in my store Treasured Scraps. If you would like to help please contact me at honoredscraps@gmail.com. Please feel free to share this info with any designers you think might be interested.

The day after...

surgery....I can't decide if I'm to numb to feel like crap, or if I'm to weird numb
to not feel like crap. 26 teeth extracted... they did a good job - course now I have
to find a way to afford dentures. YaY! :: snorts :: owie..

Well I'm going to stay off my feet for a few days, while my husband is still home - he's
been such a help - even if he does think pop tarts are breakfast for our 6 year old. :: smh ::
He'll learn lol.

Welp - I have a new kit up in the stores ** Thank you so much Patty!**
TUD & TS - so peek =]

So ummm...anyone have any advertisement groups? Seriously here...gonna need to
find a way to rack in that money! I need TEETH! ... good thing I don't hate yogurt huh?

Happy Scrappin People!
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Well for now

this will just have to do. It's better to have a white background then a background
in which you can't see anything! I've been a busy busy woman lately.
My husband FINALLY got home on the 12th. 10 months is a long time to not
touch him....missed him more then I thought. The girls birthday's were this
week [ Zam is now 6 & Ser is now 1!] - doing a very small birthday party tomorrow.
Even got a pinata - filled it with 1lb of candy & toys! Okay...more then 1ib but what ever.
My dad in law got in yesterday as well - so I have a full house and then some!

In between this entire mess I managed to do a little creating.
Only at Sweet N Sassy right now - time is against me =]

Full size & Tagger size


Okay - and I'm off again!!!

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:: bangs head on keyboard ::

I'm sorta there LOL - almost!!!! getting there....background is by Studio Lori & I used one her kits for the header as well. Isn't it kick arse??? Okay umm...anyone know how to change the boarder & maybe add the same background inside the bored but like..25% transparency so the text can be seen? Right - I do not expect a respons lol.

Blog Change

Well, I'm not exatcly bored but ... stressed.
So I'm going to finagle with fidius & play around with the blog.

No links should be broken.


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20% now

Well...nothing fancy happening here.
The FREE sale on SnS is over..has been for a bit now...
a ton of orders to fill. Might not seem like much .. but... when it's FREE.. it's much lol.
Probably gonna have tons of stuff pirated before long I'm sure.

Anyway...I uhhh... yeah, I'm going to put my stuff on 20% off for the rest of the day.
Store links are to the right - plus I have to add some new products to SNS that are already
on TUD & TS.

Wow...still just.. wow.

Happy Scrappin
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 20!

YaY!!! I made it through 20 days!!! Good lord...not sure I want to do this again anytime soon LOL
Well..I hope everyone enjoyed your new CU goodies. I actually had fun making most of them! Yes, only most. For todays final freebie you get a new alpha! Yes, I LIKE alpha's...and if you do scrapbooking .. I'm pretty sure you do as well.

Welp - here it is!
You can get it HERE
Enjoy everyone....Be strong today...

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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 19!

** okay so I got it done today! YAY!*

The brag book is your freebie today =]
Yes it comes all decked out - minus the LOVE word art & my photos =]
The template is by LB Creations - the rest that made the BB comes from my
newest kit - Loved.

You can pick it up HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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Sale for Sept 11th + Note

** I will get the last two days of CU Freebies out tomorrow - busy today **

From 7:30 am central time until 12:00 central time you can come and take what you want.


Happy Scrappin People

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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 17 & 18!

Hi everyone! No.. I did not forget lol....instead I was a BAD girl....I got sucked into my latest kit & couldn't seem to drag myself away for most of the day. The first freebie below I actually used one of my papers for! Okay - as much as I would love to vent my ballocks off - I don't have time. Never enough time....
Day 17 CU Freebie - Heart Frame - HERE
Day 18 CU Freebie - ILoveYou Word Art - HERE

Enjoy & have FUN!

Full Size - 300 DPI

Full Size - 300 DPI

Happy Scrappin!
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Scrap Kit ADs in NEW STORE

New Store!! Woohooo!! Run by a very sweet [yet not easy to push around lol] woman!
I am very happy to be joining her team!
Both of these are tagger size - full size kits can be found at
Terminally Unique Designs or Sweet N Sassy Digi Scrappers

Treasured Scraps

You can find Sweet Tart HERE

Pinks & Greens everywhere! Sweet Tart is bright & fun, perfect for those spastic, erratic, off the wall full times! Bright & full of sweets! This kit includes 10 papers & 35 elements. 300 DPI for quality. Scrap 4 Hire - Scrap 4 Offer Safe!

You can find Color Me That HERE

Color Me That! The sister kit to Color Me This. Contains 10 Papers & 60 Elements. 300 DPI. Bead Strings, Bugs & Butterflies, Flowers GALORE, Buttons a MANY!, Ribbons & Frames so on and so forth. Scrap-a-licious!

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 16!

Look Ma! I can COUNT! :: smh ::

I tried to relax today - settle down. Course that means I forgot lol
& then my husband FINALLY called me...2 1/2 weeks no info is kinda rough
even for me - but he's fine & ready to come home. I think this tour is really getting
to him since he had to leave us when our youngest was only 2 months old.
Doesn't help that our oldest started school this year & he had to miss it. Ugh - okay, nuff chatter.

You guys get a paper & overlay today! Be nice..Im learning the overlay thing..slowly.

You can pick it up HERE

Happy Scrapping Peoples!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 15!

What do I have for you today??? Well....we've been doing a lot of costume stuff lately so I figured I would whip up this itty bitty tiny mini kit for your commercial spook needs! Okay so it's not scary but you get the idea LOL

You can grab this freebie HERE
[Full Size]

Happy Scrappin!
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New Kit - Sweet Tart

Been a while since I had a good time messing with a new kit. I had .. a wonderful time
making this one - I didn't even stress lol. My oldest thinks it is " Way Cool ".
A BIG THANK YOU to Lippy who pointed me in the right direction for the candy lol

Info and all that jazz can be found below.

Pinks & Greens everywhere! Sweet Tart is bright & fun, perfect for those spastic, erratic, off the wall full times! Bright & full of sweets! This kit includes 10 papers & 35 elements. 300 DPI for quality. Scrap 4 Hire - Scrap 4 Offer Safe!

Full Size: 3.50 HERE
Tagger Size: 1.75 HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 14!

Wow....14 already? Sheesh...

Well, for today, you get two papers!
Summer really is gone here, it's a whole whopping 55 outside right now.
Course we're all running around in short sleeves/no sleeves and pants...can you tell
we're used to it? I used to FREEZE MY BUTT OFF if it was less then 74 outside.
I know, crazy. I've adjusted lol.
Right well, here you go!
Thank you for coming by & remember to check out that poll!

You can pick up the textured papers [ yes the word art on the papers is there to ] HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 13!

It's going to be a GOOD day today! I can just feel it! The sun is shinning, the breeze is cool
the heat will not get to high lol - maybe I can get something productive done today?

Here is today's freebie for you!
A GREYSCALE template that says I Love You. From what I 'hear'
these are all the 'rave' right now lol. I used a paper from my kit Color Me That.
The preview is NOT in the download folder. 300 DPI - 914x600

You can download todays freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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New Product - A Tree For You! - Commercial Use

A Tree For You! Allll yours! To do with as YOU please, texture? Color? Pictures? Ribbons?Buttons -WHAT EVER YOU WANT! 300 DPI. Size is 404x717. Color & Texture is only in preview - product itself is untouched!

Terminally Unique Designs
Sweet n Sassy DigiScrappers

Happy Scrappin!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 12!

Another Day - Another FREEBIE!!! Spoiled brats you all are!
Today you get a triple pack of Alpha's! I was going to use them in the up coming
Grab Bag in SnS - for October - but I decided I'll just hand em out lol
Still not sure what I want to do for it! That grab bag is going to be packed man...
:: shrugs :: Anyway - Here you go!

You can grab it HERE

& remember to peek in on Lippy & Silent!

Happy Scrappin!
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New Product - Fluff Flowers

My 10 Pack of Fluff Flowers are available in Full Size & Tagger Size.
All 300 DPI. Tagger size are 350x350. Full size are much larger.

S4H/S4O Safe!

Found ONLY at
Terminally Unique Designs

Happy Scrappin!
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New Kit + Comment Coupon

Alright - let me explain this part first:

Buy Color Me That & Get Color Me This FREE
How? When checking out - in the COMMENT BOX type the code CMTx2 FREE
I will send you links to the kit!

Case ya couldn't tell that is important lol. If you fail to tell me which I will send you the same size that you bought - and I won't hear any complaints on the matter. This Comment Coupon is only good for those who look here at my blog - I will not be advertising this - so tell your friends or anyone else - that will be the only way they will know!

Color Me That comes with 10 Papers & 60 Elements.
Full size OR Tagger Size - all 300 DPI.

I do not have the kit Color Me This up at TUD - but if you go through TUD the Comment Coupon is still valid!

I feel all a mess doing this...It's the first time I've tried this..so be nice to me =]

Sweet N Sassy Store
Terminally Unique Designs Store

Full Size Kit : 3.25
Tagger Size Kit 1.99

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!

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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 11!

Fluffy! Puffy! What ever you want to call them lol -
they're pretty, least I think so. I adore my fluff flowers.
And if you REALLY look at em, you will see that the possibilities
are endless. Seriously - think...buttons...ribbons...ties...knots..
you know - the standard stuff. Well - anyway -
300 DPI - CU - 2 Colored & 1 Re-colorable.

You can download today freebie HERE

Check out Lippy & Silent as well!!

Happy Scrappin!
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20 Days of Commercial Use Freebies! - Day 10!

We're half way through this madness ^__^ I hope the goodies have been as good for you
as they have been for me....:: grins :: Hey - check out the poll to the right, got another second to click an answer or two? or three? or four? lol - & I have a surprise coming up here soon to!

Anyway - Day 10 greets you with an Alpha! Full Size Alpha, Upper Case, 300 DPI,
On a 3600x3600 Sheet - Commercial Use - Not ALL the Extras are there - just a small
handful. I think I will do two more alpha's in this 20 Day's of CU Freebies, not sure though.

You can download the Alpha HERE
Don't forget to go check out
Scrappy Lippy & Silent Dreamer!
[psst: SD's lil one is sick, so keep the baby in your thoughts ^_^]

And I am outta here!!! Happy Scrappin!
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