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*** This is NOT about me personally, but I am partaking in this & wanted to share with anyone else who would like to join ***

Some of you are already aware of my niece's story. I helped raised her until I moved out to Washington to be with my husband. At that point her mom (my sister) moved her and my nephew to another state. Earlier this year the state took both kids away from sistermy nephew was placed in a home for anger issues and my niece was placed with a foster motherthat's when the true horror in her life began. Her foster mother left her with her boyfriend who is a convicted child molestor. This man was a former deputy and he placed a gun to her head and forced her to perform sexual acts on him and said he would kill her if she told anyone. Being the wonderfulstrong girl she is she told her case worker and now both the man & foster mom are in jail.
I'm sure all of you are as disgusted and angry as I have been since I found out. I am going to be putting a charity kit together75% of the profits will go into a fund for my niece and the other 25% will go to a charity I'm hoping to work with called RAINN. This note is to see if there are any designers that would like to participate in the kit. The kit will be sold exclusively in my store Treasured Scraps. If you would like to help please contact me at Please feel free to share this info with any designers you think might be interested.