Cu4Cu Pink Nature Papers - Freebie!

Well here they are! Nothing fancy but I like em anyway. Not a major pink person myself
but that doesn't mean they're not out there lol - Hope you all enjoy & thank you very much
for your comments! Feel free to let others know about my freebies - I do my best to offer
to others that which I want to receive myself. Which would be freebies lol

You can download these papers HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

New Free Mini Kit! DSO Challenge! [May!]

Time may not be my friend right now but I enjoy the DSO chall as often as I can
so I made the time to get this months in - its small, I know - but its free lol

You can download HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

News, New products & Sale!

Okay so news first! I have sold OSDS! THANKFULLY a friend of mine bought her ^__^
I will be sticking around for a bit, not sure if I want to stay or go - but I will not
be adding any new products to my OSDS store. HOWEVER - I am running a 55% sale
over there right now and there are some other heavy duty sales going on since
our store was down for so long! That REALLY sucked let me tell you!
Was a major surprise as well - but that's another store from left field.
You can go see what I've got going on at OSDS HERE

Now for the NEW stuff!!! I've been trying to get a lot done but between
Zamera's Karate classes 4 times a week, Zam's school, Serenity potty training [ yay! ],
Lil Ricky, husband deployed so on and so forth - holy crap does LIFE get in the way or WHAT?
Grrrrrrrr - I can't even focus on my Etsy store or my Zazzle!!!
& to top that off, I'm fixing a mistake I made 10 years ago.As of Tuesday I will get started on finishing up High School. Sad really - but
all well - after I get that knocked out, who knows what I'll do???

I'm having a 30% sale over at DSD - so you can get some saving on the new stuff to!
I'm thinking of joining one more store, but I'm not sure.

Now remember, all my tool boxes are full size, cu4cu - use as is safe.
They're yours to do what ever you so please - and THAT is a bang up designer tool
if you ask me. I've got a small bundle of pink premade papers coming -
going to be a gift you all -not sure what I think about premade papers
really, even though there are some STUNNING ones out there -
off I go - work to do and all that jazz. Maybe I'll get a new kit done
in the next oh say ...MONTH? heh.

~* Danielle S. *~

Dirt Styles Cu4Cu FREEBIE!

I made a small pack of styles - they should be rather useful!
Side note you all - if a style isn't fitting your project right -
edit the settings of the style - like these styles? Play with the size
of the pattern. I know it used to drive me nuts when I couldn't figure
things out - not fair to keep intell lol

You can download these FREE Cu4Cu Styles HERE
pssssst - thank you to those who so often leave me comments, they really do make a difference!
[ sorry for the HUGE files, but I went really big with em.

~* Danielle S. *~

My baby is going on sale!

Yup -I'm done. I simply can't do it all & my kids are more important!
Sucks though huh....

Sales + Freebies!

I hope everyone is enjoying the huge sales all over the scrappin nation - I would be
but I don't seem to be in the mood today lol Would rather go hide under my blanket
with a good book and my baby boy. My daughters are giving me a major headache today.
Poor darlin's are stuck inside due to crappy weather. Go figure. All well.
We've painted but they didn't have a real interest in it - I tried, sue me.

Well on to the real business eh? Bubble Gum Fairy is a set of FREE
mini kits at OSDS by select designers! Below is the preview for mine.
It's free till May 15th - then it goes away, so you best grab it while the grabbin is good!

This is a QP I made using "Gracie" by Joyfully Yours, Susannah!
You can get to her blog HERE

You can download the QP HERE

And I FINALLY got my Tulip Delight 2 , bout time!!
It's available at OSDS & DSD - 55% off! Like I said..sales!

Thanks for looking & everyone have a GREAT day!

~* Danielle S. *~