Interview with Artmama Made + Freebie!!!


Are you all ready for my second interview for this month? I AM I AM! Course that's not unexpected now is it? LOL This is another really good read with a very pretty gift at the end!

1. If you could pick a place to retire, where would it be and why?

It's funny you should ask me this question now Dani, because I'm 66 days away from "livin' the dream". I live in Las Vegas which is most people's dream
of a good place to retire, but I've said since I was in my 20's that when I'm "old and gray" - of which I'm neither thank you very much - I wanted to retire to
a little beach community in New York called Pt. Lookout. I lived there with my first husband - long before it became a mulit-million dollar patch of sand on
the south shore of Long Island. My middle daughter has been able to acquire a gorgeous house there and has an extra room for lil ol' me. Not only will
I be exactly where I've dreamed of returning to my entire life, but I'll be there with my 3 precious grandchildren just 89 steps (per grandson #1) from the
beach. :)

2. What got you interested in scrapping?

I've been a crafter since I was a little kid, so I was around when paper scrapping first became popular and I dove in head first. My husband at the time was
a photographer, so I had thousands of beautiful photos of my 3 children to create layouts with. When computers became household items I discovered
psp, and the rest is history. Everyone in my family has both paper and digital albums - even the dogs! I've been at it now for 12 years and don't intend to stop
anytime soon. I love designing - it's such a thrill for me to see people use my work.

3. What is your [ current ] all time favorite kit of yours?

LOL....I'm glad you said current, because every time I create a new kit it becomes my new favorite! So according to that rule, my latest favorite is Siochan,
which you made beautiful layouts with and a freebie with. I'm very connected to my Irish Heritage, and Siochan means Peace in Gaelic, something I wish for
Ireland to find daily. I believe this kit reflects that feeling, it has a very soothing feel to it. At the same time, there are enough non-Irish-specific elements in it that it's
a kit for anytime really. I try to do that with holiday themed kits so my customers get more bang for their buck with their purchases. This kit I see as perfect for male
layouts as well, and we all know how hard those are to come by.

4. What's on your playlist right now?

Oh - an easy question. Any song from the TV show, Glee

which I adore. I've always loved musical theater (I'm a serious wanna-be STAR) and I get to
watch it every week on that show. I have Pandora, so I've made a Glee station on it. And I have a Glee playlist on my blog as well lol.

5. What is your favorite part of a kit?

Finishing it lol. It's always such a wonderful moment when I realize my ideas and creations came to fruitation and are ready to be shared. But yes, I know
you mean what do I like making the most lol. I think for the most part the papers, because they set the tone of the entire creative process for me.

6. When you get the evil 'block' what do you do to get out of it?
I take a complete week off and don't even look at anything to do with scrapping. I have plenty of other creative interests to keep me occupied in that time,
so I just use it to free my cluttered mind and recharge. Of course when I come back I feel so stressed because I've put myself a week behind, but it does
work like a charm. That's the time I usually have 2 - 3 kits going at once.

7. When creating, what is your favorite tool to use?

I'd love to answer this with a creatively lofty answer, believe me. But I'd have to answer commercial use items that I purchase from other designers. They
always spur me on to discovering my own designs, so it's a two-fold favorite I guess. I'm very happy that so many designers now offer CU items.

8. What is one goal you have for 2011?

Personally, I want to move across country on June 1st without becoming a crazy person before hand. Professionally, I feel I'm ready to become a more
prevalent Designer in the scrapping community at large. Right now I have two small stores, and both store owners have been after me to get myself
noticed more and even move into one of the larger stores if I"m accepted. Isn't that sweet of them?? So, I have a notebook that I'm jotting ideas down
in now on how to make that happen for me, and once I'm moved and settled - I'm moving forward with a vengence to make my goal become reality.

I do some minor CT work for this awesome lady and gatta say, she really is an amazing woman and I am so glad she hunted me down!! Here is a small freebie, a darling sample of her latest kit Spring Promises! I hope you all enjoyed the read, more interviews next month!!

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It's My Birthday! + Freebie

Well I don't actually have a lot going on today for my 28th birthday, sad I know.
I've just been so caught up in the glory of having my husband home again to even think about it, much less make plans for it lol - So hopefully I can do something later this week - why? Because I can! I am how ever running a 50% sale over at DSD, on most products.

How about a freebie though?Download/ICI

I am so tired and frazzled I even forgot to add the preview to the zip!
Can you believe that? Shoot I can.
The matching kit will be released next month!
Also there is one more interview coming this month so keep a sharp eye out!!
Thanks for coming over and I hope you enjoy your new alpha!

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CT Call for JumbbumbleDesigns!

She has 2 new CT Leads but is still looking for some new CT members!
She is wonderful to work with I adore her stuff!!
CT Girls: Requirements make 1 layout per product you download, make 2 - 3 layouts a month. Post in 3 galleries, pdp, dst and one of your choice. Be active in the CT Forum.
You get free access to my store
To apply:
send an email to with a short bio, a link to your gallery and blog, what CT teams you are on and why you want to join the team.

So what the heck, give it a shot! GOOD LUCK!

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Are you gonna get LUCKY??!?!

I love today =] almost as much as I love tomorrows!!

Check this out!
You have to hit the FORUM for more information

Sorry I didn't say something sooner, but I've been sooooooooooo busy!
My husband is FINALLY home from Iraq! Thankfully he only got blown up once..
which almost lead to a with THAT smack of reality I've been taking
even more time then expected, just to be with him. It's so scary when reality comes
crashing down ya know? Just glad he's home =]

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Interview with Creative Victorian! + Freebie!

So glad you made it! This is a great interview with Netta of Creative Victorian Designs!
Netta is such a sweetheart, very gentle and I'm pretty sure I N-E-V-E-R want to get on her bad side, it's the quiet ones you have to watch lol

1. How did you find your way into the digi scrappin world?

I was doing a web search for something one day when I stumbled upon a digital scrapbooking freebie. Since I had tried paper scrapping before and hated it, I thought that maybe digital was the answer to all my problems. I had always wanted to scrap all of our photos, but couldn't stand the amount of time that it takes to make a single paper page. But then I realized after purchasing my first software program that I could make a lot of the things that I needed and wanted the way that I wanted them to be. So I started making freebie kits, then moved on to selling, and I haven't looked back since!

2.How did you find YOUR style of design?

I have to say that my style is ever evolving. There is a lot of trial and error involved in that process. Trying new things and figuring out what you do and don't like. I know what I like now as far as themes, color palettes, lighting, and various other things that I used to be clueless about. I think I am far closer now to portraying "me" through my designs than I was three years ago and, as an artist, I couldn't ask for anything more.

3. What 3 tools are a MUST when you design?

When I design, the three tools that are a must for me are my graphics tablet, my pen tool in Photoshop for extracting, and both my camera and scanner since realistic elements are such a huge part of my designs.

4. Where do you want to be in 20 years?

Twenty years is such a long way down the road that it's hard to say where I want to be. In that time, I would say that I hope to still be happily married to the love of my life, be happy in my own right, and being a grandmother by then might not be a bad thing to throw on top of the cake there either! I have no aspirations as far as quality of living or money since the first three things on my list there are all the wealth I really need.

5. Inspiration! When you need it, what is the first place you think to go for it?

That would be a tie between books and movies! I think both give me the creative stimulation I need to start cooking up new ideas for new things. I can't tell you how many times I will be reading a book or watching one of my favorite movies when all of sudden I am in my own head hashing out ideas for new kits. It's then that I know "replenish me" time is over and it's time to get back to work before I lose all those great new concepts. On the other hand, sometimes just laying on the bed and picking out imaginary designs on the popcorn ceiling for hours on end works too.

6. If you could work with ANY designer, name one that you would choose.

Oh goodness! There are just way too many to pick many in fact that I don't think I could rightfully single any one of them out.
7. When it comes to colors, what is your all time favorite to work with?

I don't think I have a specific color over any others, but I do favor rich jewel or earthy tones that tend toward the darker moodier side. I can work with pastels easily too, but the color that is the bane of my existence is yellow. It's awful to try to keep that one clean!

8. Do you have any advice for those of us just getting started in this fast pace world?

Just keep plugging away! For most of us in the industry it's lots of invested time, a boat load of perserverance, sheer determination, and un-natural amounts of creativity that keep us designing non-stop.

Don't miss her lovely mini kit!

Hope you enjoyed yet another rockin interview! Stay tuned though, I have a SECOND one coming this month! TOLD YOU IT WAS GONNA BE BUSY!!! Lol YAY!!! I love this month!!

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Freebie! Alpha for upcoming kit!

Well I made an oopsie, but couldn't bring myself to just junk the alphas! My upcoming kit, Royal Reality, was going to have 3 alphas, but now it's down to 1 lol I made two extras [ just because I was inspired! ] and as it turns out I didn't get the seamless fill right!! Ugh can we say fuzztating? I can darn it. I had to hunt to find it, but Wilma has eagle eyes that rule!
Instead of just tossing them though I'm giving them away! Considering they would have been given away with he kit anyway, I just can't see the bad in this lol
Today I have the purple one for you! It's only letters so don't get too excited, the font
wasn't the easiest to work with, though I like it anyway! I have decided to make them personal use only since they didn't end up completely seamless! Don't want anyone to get 'fizzled' in the long run. Will get the other one set up later, month is still a busy one!
Don't forget to keep an eye out for this months interview!!! Maybe even more then one!

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NOW AT DRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO! + Freebie!

That's RIGHT! :: does the happy dance :: I am now a designer at the wicked cool [ and amazingly friendly n fun! ] Digiridoo Scraps!!! I have totally been blown away by the people here, they're so very warm and welcoming! Full of information as well and let me tell you...I pester them, often!

On top of this awesome news, I have been married to my hero for 6 years today!
He's still in Iraq, but that doesn't matter - we will have a night out just for us when he gets home, shortly before my birthday! ALSO this month LOL - busy busy month for me!
So to start off this YAY month, I'm putting all of my products at DRS to 45% off!
[discount will show in the cart! ]
I will also be giving away one $5 GC at the DRS Forum for TUF Stuff!
PLUS a second chance! I'm giving away a $3.00 coupon at the DST Forum!!

And EVEN MORE....I made a little gift for everyone!
Available for a limited time, after that it goes in the store!


Thanks for coming over and still YAY!!!

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