Zamera's Moon Party 2 & Freebie!

Zamera's Moon Party, Tea For Two!
I changed up the colors ever so slightly, some a little more dark,
others a tad lighter - but the two kits will work perfectly
together! And to prove that - I've provided you all with
a free sampler of both kits!
There are 4 papers, 2 from each kit & 6 elements, 3 from each kit.

You can find Zamera's Moon Party, Tea For Two
on sale [ $2.70! ] for the rest of March HERE HERE & HERE

Thar she blows! Okay so yes I've been wanting to say
that since I finished the above tea pot - btw, that tea pot
is a template by GS Creations - totally wicked!

Download HERE

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Zamera's Moon Party is here! + Freebie!

Zamera's Moon Party has been released!
It's flowing with 13 Papers, 109 Elements [ 85 Unique ], 3 bits of word art & 1 full alpha!
It's also been added into my birthday sale so for the rest of March it's 27% off!

You can find it HERE HERE or HERE

Two more LO's I did! [ Word art not included! ]

And ANOTHER freebie from this kit!
Sheesh - I keep dishin' em out LOL

Download HERE

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CT Call!

That's right! I'm looking for some new CT members!
My ladies just got to busy with real life & that is something
I can't help but understand - SO that results in me trying to hunt
down some new ladies who have the spare time! Now adays THAT is a chore
in it's self! Spare time? Heck, who has ANY time?
~ winks ~


2 LO's Per Kit
Up to 3 Galleries of YOUR choice
Promote on your blog &
2 years [ or more ] experience!

Of that sounds good - feel free to email me a
link to your blog & most updated gallery!

Thanks for looking & have an AWESOME day!

- -

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New Freebie + Sale!

Sale news first!
Yesterday was my 27th birthday. Yesterday at 2am, we packed up the children
and drove my husband to work. At 5am, my children and I said bye to him, for the
duration of this newest deployment. Yup yup - he was deployed on my freaking birthday.
Although, we had a good day. It was a LOVELY day yesterday and the kids
stayed outside most of the day. Even little Ricky got some sun! So to speak anyway.
While it just royally sucks, I'm not going loose out you know? PLUS I'm going
to share! The goods, not the sucky part lol

For the rest of the month my stores are on sale!
$5.99+ is 27% off & 2.75 - 5.00 products have a new price of $2.70!
Can we say, SAVINGS? CHA CHING! Now I just need Josy Carson
to go on sale so I can snatch up that latest template set she has - WOW I so want that!

Welp, that's my news & sale - and blow you will find a Duo QP pack for you
from my soon to be here kit - Zamera's Moon Party.
Plus one of the layouts I did using the kit! Getting a little better all the time!

You can download HERE
Thanks & enjoy!
Hey - btw - thank you to everyone who leaves me comments,
they make me smile & at times like this, they can really make the difference!

~* Danielle S. *~

Just sharing!

Okay so I found some really cool things via Craft Cave and I wanted to share!

This LINK will take you to a 3 Sunflower Card
I'm getting into the card making stuff - made a few and selling em at my
itty bitty Etsy shop - but once I save up the couple hundred for one
of them fan-dangly machines, oh man will I be one happy camper!

and I found this way cool looking blog design that you can see HERE
I love blog temps - but I'm still not ready to give up this design.

last but not least you have GOT to check out these
free CU Tags by Kim B - HERE & you bet your bottom dollar
I snagged em on up lol

okay - just wanted to share, enjoy!

~* Danielle S. *~

The Ultimate Grab Bag + Freebie!

Okay so here's the deal. Jase was born premature. He's still in the hospital
but he IS getting better - YAY!!!!!!!! - the distance from parents/siblings to Jase is roughly
a 5 hour haul [ total ]. So I got the bright idea to make the biggest, badest, most awesomest grab bag ever! I don't know about you but I am a SUCKER for grab bags. I've got 90% of it previewed down below - yes, you get to SEE what you buy lol - crazy eh?
Well, it's also 50% off for the month of March! You can go get it HERE

He was born at just over 3lbs, and it was your standard look but dont touch.
Freakin heart breaking if you ask me. She's going today to see him - her husband isnt
working today so she can do this - and HOPEFULLY we will get pictures! YAY!!!!
I received one picture of the lil man, and my heart cracked. I am so proud of him
and of her - they did such a great job getting him here and he's toughin it out to stick around!
Doesn't mean I don't want to just sit here and ball my eyes out for them.
It's one of those things, " It'll never happen to me or my friends! "
Yeah, what ever. Nice wake up call, guess I needed another.

OKAY OKAY I'll hush lol Have a look see and don't forget your
Gift down below! They're some samples from some of my tool boxes!

Whew, you made it! Survived my rambles lol
Well go you - now go get your gift! HERE

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News + Freebie!

Okay so news first -
My birthday is coming up and guess what the Army is giving me...
my husbands deployment! Oh yippie... happy birthday to me.....butt heads.
Of COURSE he's going to leave on my birthday, why ever would he NOT?
MER. Just mer. Not cool. Kinda really puts a damper on my good mood.
A bit back I made a post about my friend and her unborn child - how
things were not looking good and any and all prayers were welcomed...
WELL - Jase was born not to long ago - he was 3lbs 3oz. Born premature as you
probably guessed. He drop'd down muchly but is up to 2lbs 14oz now.
He's breathing on his own and everything is wonderfully going well.
Talk about your mixed emotions!
At any rate - I am trying [ TRYING ] to get a grab bag like nothing else
in one of the stores - for Jase. This grab bag has over 10 contributing designers,
over 30 products and is almost 450MB in size. YES - it's CU and some Cu4Cu.
So BADOW! Ugh, if I can just get the store to agree with me lol
Blasted thing hates me I swear.
and MORE good news!
I CT'd a kit by JessicasSweetNothings called Peacock.
COOL colors!!! Really eye catching I swear!
I've got result goodies from my CT work - and hope you all enjoy those goodies!
You get the QP I doodled up and the element cluster I growled at lol

Enjoy & thanks for reading my ramble!

You can get the Goodies HERE
You can get the Kit HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

My Sister Kit Winners!!!!

WHEW - I SURVIVED! Holy cow, this past couple of days
has been crazy! It's been a mixture of clean, spend time together,
create, clean some more, cook, watch movies as a family so on and so forth.
My husband is leaving again soon so every second counts right about now.

I have our three winners!
Congratulations to:

Christina, Debbie & As Sweet As Honey Scraps! [ hey hun! ]
Woohooo!!! Thank you for your comments & enjoy your new kit ladies!
Please email me so that I can send you your coupons!
Email me at:

~* Danielle S. *~

LOVE ME! - Freebie =]

Hey hey hey! Check this out! I got CT work done WHAT A CONCEPT!
MWAHHAHA hehehe - okay so I got this darling kit, Love Me -
from Jessicas Sweet Nothings - OSDS - &
me being me I couldn't resits doing MORE then a quickpage!
So not only do you get an adorable easy to edit QP, but
the cluster frame I used with it! HA! How's about that?
AND - she's set her entire store to 50% off for the rest of the month!
Must be that March Madness thing going around???

Well there's the kit ^^^^ and here's my goodies for you!!!!

You can download your new gifts HERE
I've got some more goodies I made with another of her kits coming soon!
Just kinda trying to get out of my sudden emotional funk.
Wonder WHY I'm in a funk...and I really do mean all of a sudden!
I was pretty happy this morning, just blah now. :: shrugs ::
Well enjoy & feel free to leave me a comment!

~* Danielle S. *~

New Kit + Freebies + Give away!!!

Yahoooo!! Don't ask me how, I don't know! LOL - ugh, time...I used to know
what that was. All well, it's totally worth it. Welp, I made this kit obviously
with my sister in mind. She's one of those girly go get em type of gals.
It's not been easy for us - we lost touch for a very long time and we don't
always get a long, but... one step closer ya know?
I feel GREAT about this kit and am uber excited about it!
You get 11 papers, 90 elements, 1 full alpha, 5 word bits AND I made
2 freebies. Yup. TWO!

Okay well scroll down and have a look see - awesomeness!

- you can get this kit [ 40% off ] HERE -

STOP!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe - couldn't help myself.
Okay so this is your first freebie - I'm a cluster nut - what can I say??
You can get this freebie HERE

This is your second freebie! I tried to keep the QP simple so it's easy to add stuff to,
though I still get jealous as all get out when looking around the net and
seeing all these amazing QPs - I shall prevail I tell you! Mwahaha!!! hehe.
You can grab this gift HERE

& now for the give away! It's simple, it REALLY is!
Leave me a comment and tell me what you like about this kit - well, the previews
anyway - and THREE [ 3 ] lucky winners will get this kit for FREE! Don't you just
LOVE that word? FREE FREE FREE FREE : sighs : wonderful word I tell ya!

The give away will end March 12th 2010
Make sure to leave me a blog addy or email! Can't give you your goodie
if I can't find you! Have a GREAT day/night!!!!!!!

~* Danielle S. *~

Lazy Days is a Freebie!

Lazy Days... AS IF right? I wish. Well, no time for me to be lazy!
The families have departed, the children have continued to drive me a bit
more batty every day & I FINALLY have my good computer back in
mostly working order. Took me 2 hours just to get it back online so
you can imagine the fun I'm having with the rest eh?

All that aside, I got the chance to work with this totally awesome kit, Lazy Days.
I LOVE this kit. The colors, the papers - just pretty much she did an outstanding
job. She's also one of my favorite designers so maybe I'm a TAD bias? Hmm...
Anyway - she's given me permission to give you guys not only the QP I made
but also the cluster frame I made! How awesome is that?

Below is a preview of the kit itself, you can easily see the stunning-ness of this kit.
Yes, that IS a's a ME word.

Tons of options available - if I manage to wiggle some more time
I might have another go at it! You can find this kit HERE

You can also find her blog HERE
She's great peoples & I really appreciate and adore her, so be nice =]

and here we are! Finally I know - your gift! Thank you for coming
by and enjoy your new goodies! You can download this gift

~* Danielle S. *~