psst...there's a sale at TUD!

Yup! You read right - SALE TIME!

Hezalin, Classie, Loyal, TammyJo
are 40% off until Jan 5th!

CWD & Southern are 50% off until Jan 5th!

Take advantage of the sales!!! I know I do =]

Happy New Years
..:: Loyal ::..


...yeah I made an oops and broke it LOL - so the store will actually open on the 10th or 15th, I haven't made up my mind yet. FYI - Keep folders where they're SUPPOSED to be.

I hope you all are doing well this wicked crazy season!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Stuff

Yes....I've been busy...and lax at posting much. It IS the holiday season & I AM a mom lol
Have to bake Santa cookies tonight and he has to drop off the rest of the presents.
Zamera's teacher told her that she feeds the reindeer carrots every took me
a couple hours to convince her that she can't stay up for Santa & his reindeer.
It was really sweet though. Okay - on to the advertisements, yay!

Zamera picked every durn thing that went in this kit - colors included.
I'm still not sure how I survived. So basically this kit was made by a 6 year old.
You can check it out HERE
[ Full Size ]

Wooohoooo!!! My first real Masculine kit! Pretty neat huh =] I like it lol
You can check it out HERE
[ Tagger & Full Size ]

I see tons of Christmas clip art every where but I don't see much that
could be used for anything considering winter - so I did some!
You can go see this HERE
[ PNG Files ]

I admit it....I LOVE making and buying and using and selling and and and..
oh forget it...I LOVE Alphas...I don't know why...but I do. Maybe one day I'll get tired
of making them? Probably not lol
You can see this set HERE

Last but not least on my show off list! 10 Holiday Trees! Yup - HOLIDAY trees.
Course they don't have to be used for just holidays do they? Ahh well - I also
have a pack of templates that these came from - you can find them easily!
Go check out my Holiday Trees TEMPLATES HERE
& see the above package HERE

Welp - that's that for today. Time for me to go stand over a vent or something - it's not so warm in here right now....76 my backside. Be safe this holiday season people - it's crazy out there!

Best of my Wishes this Holiday Season -
..:: Loyal ::..

Designer Call - New Store

Mmhmm - that's right! I am opening my very own store.
I have some wonderful ladies at my store already but I am not done yet!
The more the merrier, what can I say? You don't have to be afraid to apply -
new designers, older designers - who ever!!! You will need to provide samples
of your most recent work [ both jpg & a few png pieces, not a lot ].
What's the worst that can happen? Seriously? Saying No.
Well - the choice is yours, if you want more information just say so
& you will get it. You can leave a comment here, in my chat box or you can email me
at the above address. Only takes a minute and can change everything.

Happy Holidays
..:: Loyal ::..

New Designers + Blowout Sale!

psst...I think we've gone a little cuuuu-cuuuuuuuu!
:: chuu ::

See you there!
..:: Loyal ::..

Commercial Use Freebie!

I FINALLY made styles =] My first batch ever and YOU guys get to have
em for nothing nada zilch & even use them for your own commercial needs.
I'm so excited! I LOVE styles and now I can make my own!!!
Made is CS4 - you can download them HERE

Let me know what you think!
..:: Loyal ::..

New + News!

News first! I joined a new store yesterday =]
Haven Designz. It's a great place, I haven't even been there 48 hours
but I already feel welcomed and encouraged! I really like it there.

Well okay New Now!Yup - 5 packs = 16 products. This one is a DESIGNER TOOL Bag -
yes I know I used this box on bag 5 but I ADORE this box. It's uber cute!

You can snatch this bag up for 4.00$

YaY! Holidays!!! Okay fine so it's more YaY! when it's OVER. Kids have NO idea
how easy they have it - seriously! I even called my mom and said thank you lol
To know now what she went through to give us all a Christmas? Sheesh -
she deserves MORE then a thank you. Well anyway - this comes with 3 layered templates, 3 png examples that ARE Commercial use & a bonus 3 stars =]

How much? 3.00$ - what can I say, I'm cheap!
You can discover this pack

Alright - time for me to get back to work around the house..maybe later I can have some more fun time in my PSP & make something new! I love creating...:: happy sigh ::

Happy Holidays!
..:: Loyal ::..

Win a 10$ GC to Haven!

They are having a contest at Haven Designz DigiScraps! Entry is simple....

For the next month - until January 14th 2009 - simply visit the store at and leave a review on your favorite products!

All entries (reviews left) will receive 10 reward points (worth 20 cents total) added to their store Reward Points the more reviews you leave the more chances you have to win PLUS you can tally up some points to redeem!

The ONLY rule is that all reviews must be honest suger-coating here please LOL honest critiques not only help the customer viewing decide if they want to purchase that item, but help US as designers make our products better for you!

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for?

Just visit the product page that you want to review and click on the Write a Review button.....all customer ID numbers will be entered into a random generator upon contest closure to determine the final winner :)

[ just thought you guys might not know and want a chance!]

..:: Loyal ::..

Designer In Need

I don't know how many of you know Princess LaLa - but I do.
I'm a big fan of her work, even though I often can't afford to show it.
27 is a bit steep for my blood, but I was VERY happy to find a grabbag
that was created by another designer, Wetfish Designs, to also help out.
Her grab bag is 6 dollars - and that is really more in my price range. So yes,
I picked that up. I just wanted to take a minute and show you this, and maybe
you can afford to do this - to help give that family a Christmas, no matter how big
or how small. Happy Holidays everyone - Be Safe.

You can find this store HERE

he last 3 months have been EXTREMELY hard on my family, financially.
Between losing the job I had held for 3.5 years, welcoming Merrick to our family, finding out my husband's raise has been frozen indefinitely, finally seeing John enroll in HVAC school (so we have some hope of this situation getting better), numerous repairs to the family truck so John can get to and from work & school, and let's not forget DHS losing 3 applications for medicaid & food stamps (which means no insurance for the 2 older boys, and paying out of pocket for infant Dr. appointments)... We don't have enough money to pay our rent, let alone buy a few little presents for our boys to open on Christmas morning.

Pay a little... Get a lot... Help me give my kids a warm home and a few presents for Christmas.

This $27 purchase includes the following:
- immediate access (upon payment processing) to all 73 products in my boutique as of Dec 4th
- a custom coupon (sent within 48 hours) to be able to pick up any products before February 1, 2009

This is only for products by Laura White- Princess Lala Designs
Only products found at this link will be included...

All products are approved for Scrap 4 Hire and Professional Photographer use.
Products approved for Commercial Use and meant as a Designer's Tool are clearly labeled in the top right corner of the preview.

See images below for Terms of Use.
Please read before purchasing.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at

Customers on slow or limited connections:
I am willing to reset your links as needed to make sure you can download everything included with this purchase.
Just send an e-mail to as needed.

To be notified of all new releases from Princess Lala Designs (Laura White), Studio Ra (Royanna Fritschmann), and our Digital Reality Bytes collaborations...
Please sign up for the new "Digital Reality Bytes eNews" under modify profile in the boutique.

To anyone who is able to help in my family's time of need, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!


I made time to get some layouts done! YAY!!!

This is my daughter Zamera & her friend Alex. I used a kit called Embrace Simplicity.

I can't remember what kit I used for this one, but I do remember I absolutely LOVE it.

My little Serenity =] Doesn't she look like Boo from Monsters Inc????

My wonderful girls. They grow up way to fast. Parts from many kits.

This is my amazing husband. I don't even know HOW to say how much I love him. He simply is the only man for me, the greatest man I've ever known. I love you my Ricky!

Thanks for looking,
..:: Loyal ::..


Hello!!! Yes, I am having a BLAH day for sure. It snowed alllll
night long and then it turns out the schools have a 2 hour delay
today. It was so bad outside, until just a lil while ago, I almost
didn't let my daughter go to school. I did have a friend come pick
her up though. My tires aren't good and I sure do not want to chance
my children on these roads right now. I have to get a new set. YUK!
We're talking 400 - 600 dollars. Grrrr...evil 17" tires. Great SUV though!

I've been hunting and pecking through freebies today, just to see
what is out there. I SHOULD be working on this new kit I'm doing.
Zamera, my oldest daughter, picked the color chart. Eesh...child
does nothing quietly, it's all out loud for sure! I don't mind though,
she's perfect just the way she is. To me she is anyway, and that's enough.

Hey, if you look in my chat box, you'll see a post from a woman named
Amber, click on her name and go check out her blog. She has a HUGE kit
that you can buy for 5.00$ - and I mean HUGE. Soon as payday comes
around for me, I'm all over it. There's a reason for this kit, a story behind why don't you go take a peek? Just for kicks =]

I need to get some new freebies out myself. Just don't seem to have time
anymore. Though apparently I have time to pester all of you!
You don't mind do you? Course not! Yeah that's what I thought LOL

OH! News! Jan 1st 2009 I will be opening a store. Yup, ME!
There will be Commercial Use & S4H/S4O products only. No Personal Use
stuff will be sold in the store. If you're interested & want to know more
then just scream at me, I'm sure I'll hear you! I'm scared to tell you
the truth, but I have two wonderful ladies with me on this. One is helping
me fix my mistakes [oops lol, thank you Lippy!] and the other is bound
to grab me by the shoulders and shake me into my sense [ I Heart You Moonie!]
...maybe I'll make it after all!

Okay, I'm off to go hunt down more freebies. Whew...tough job!

Be safe & stay warm!
..:: Loyal ::..

A Full Day!

Man oh Man oh Man!
When I say a FULL day I mean a FULL day. My oldest, Zamera [6] has
been nagging me to find a church since March. I finally did.
Now me, I'm not a church person - nothing against them, they're just
not for me ya know? Well, Zamera LOVES it. We were up & moving
by 7:30. Wooohoo, I got to sleep in a hour! YAY! .. Grabbed a quick shower,
think somethings up with my water heater :: cries ::,
I made them breakfest, the whole nice clothes thing [ even though
we didn't have to], did their hair all nice like and was ready 45 minutes
before we had to leave -.- Go figure.
Anyway, 8:45 rolls around and I am parked infront of my friends driveway
ready to pull my stearing wheel out of my SUV. NOT a church person. Or crowds..
I don't like crowds.
Right well, she and her family are ready to go so off we drive....naturally within about 2 or 3 miles I am so lost Im not sure which way is up and which way is down. I swear she does
that to me on purpose lol. We get there and her son, Alex, and my Zamera rush off to
Sunday school with dare I say? Glee!! I actually put Serenity [14mos] into the nursery.
The longest Serenity has been away from me is the time it takes me to go from home
to the 7/11 and back. [Lil gas station about 1 minute down the road driving ]. She did rather well
except the for the fact that she refused to be put down. Works for me!
After Sunday school I had to do my best not to fall asleep. The preaching is the worst
part for me. This guy though, wonderfully, did NOT say God this God that God here God there.
I'm sorry but that drives me NUTS!!!!! Okay - no religious talk on the net. :: zips lips ::
Well after that we head off to my friends house for lunch. Happy everyone! They have dogs & cats so Serenity was very happy...and very clean by the time we left. Zam & Alex played
education games, little did they know, till lunch..and then after. Now in the middle of all that,
my friends phone craps out. Her husband has to go to work, I need air in my tires
he watches the kid while we run on post [ onto a military base ], stop to check out their
prepay phone, they have NONE. Though the lady would not shut her mouth...and I did
NOT need to know the location of EVERY one of her piercings. TMI!!!!!
We rush to the gas station, I fill my tires, fly back to her place, pick up the kids,
and take off to wal-mart. Pick up things I do need...and don't need...she gets a new phone..
we take the kids to the park for a short bit..and then head home. Now WHY did you need
to know all of this? Well, honestly, you didn't. Nice to know that I can do more
then advertise though huh?
I'm outta here though, tons of mail to go through, kids to put to bed
and so on and so forth....I want my bed....
Have a great Day/Night!
..:: Loyal ::..

Terminally Unique Designs Designer Call!

Yup, we're open to new designers! Think you've got what it takes to be
a TUD Designer? Your own personal Scrap Style? Hybrids? Services?
What ever works for you, probably works for TUD.
All you can do is try, what's the worst that can happen?
Feel like giving it a go, then click HERE or just go to the
CONTACT US link at the bottom of

We all have to start some where =]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..


I was going to keep going with this but I was just having such a hard time
with the elements I decided to finish it as a mini kit. After that, I decided what the heck
I'm just going to give it away =] Random Acts of Kindness are a wonderful thing.

Welp, Belle comes in Full Size & Tagger Size.
I would go with the full size since the tagger size is a bit rough around the edges
due to resizing. I'm telling you, this kit hates me or something lol.
8 Papers & 17 Elements. 300 DPI of course!

Here's the preview [ made with the tagger size kit, you can see what I mean ]
[:: Full Size Download ::]
[:: Tagger Size Download :: ]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

psst: think you could send em to my blog this time? Instead of sharing through emails?

The Sick House

I have it! Yes I do, the whole durn sheeeebang.
My 6 year old is sick, isn't phased at all let me tell ya!
My 1 year old is sick, WHINEY! She has an appointment today at 11.
I'm sick, which is just irritating. I don't have TIME to be sick.
I don't think the eckiness is listening though.
Both my brothers are sick.

Hopefully soon, I will be able to smell again! Course
it will only really take an atomic diaper from Serenity to clear that right up.
You think I'm joking?! Omg .. Sick Kid = WHOW DIAPERS!!! Twice
I nearly got physically ill, three times I choked & EVERY time I stick
my face in my shirt. It's like I've been feeding that kid high voltage beans
and extra green broccoli or something.

Anyway, I might be down for a few days, hopefully not but maybe.
Going to work on my new kit "Belle" as well.

Keep Warm & Drive Safe!

..:: Loyal ::..

New in Stores + New CU FREEBIE!!!

[ Clip Art ]

[ Stickers ]

[ More String! ]

[ Paper Edges / Borders ]

[ Alpha - Matches with kit Carolyn ]

WHEW - okay so I got all that loaded up , YAY! You can find my new stuff in
any of the stores, Sweet N Sassy / Terminally Unique / Treasured Scraps

OH! TUD has started a new thing, Weekly Specials! I get to start this off!!
This week I put my Beary Christmas kit on sale for 99 cents &
my Chicken Soup Bits on sale for 99 cents! Now THAT'S a special lol
Go check out the specials HERE

Now how about that freebie? Yes, COMMERCIAL USE FREEBIE!!!
Don't you just LOVE it when those pop up?
You can download it HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Tagger Kit! Beary Christmas

Beary Christmas has 10 papers & 27 elements.
It's a cute kit for sure! ONLY in tagger size.
You can check it out HERE
Pssst: theres sales everywhere there!

..:: Loyal ::..

Commercial Use SUPRISE Freebie!!!!

That's right, SUPRISE FREEBIE!
I will, how ever, tell you that it IS an alpha.
The alpha is small, comes with uppercase, lowercase & numbers.

I hope you like surprises because you can get this one

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Products!!

Just click an image to be taken to the product.
All links will be for the store TUD as we're having a sale there!
Feel free to check out the other two stores, links are to the right.

Available in Full Size & Tagger Size [Overlays]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!!!
..:: Loyal ::..


This is a sale you do NOT want to miss out on!!!
Aren't Turkey Day Birthdays GREAT?!?!?!
Happy Birthday TUD Ladies!

Terminally Unique Designs

Best of my Wishes Ladies, I'm so glad I know you!!!

..:: Loyal ::..

Terminally Unique Designs Christmas Collab

*** The Preview is Animated, but Blogger Doesn't Agree,
Click Link Below to See Full Preview ***

The designers of Terminally Unique Designs have banded together to bring you this Christmas collab kit which contains 38 papers, 166 elements, 1 Christmas flood fill and 2 Alphas. This wonderful taggers kit is free with a $10 purchase! Simply add $10 worth of products as well as the Collab kit, which you can find here, into your shopping cart and then during checkout apply the discount code: TUDChristmas and you will receive the kit free! You must add the collab to your cart along with your products or the coupon will not work.

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

Treasured Scraps Blog Train!

Several of the designers at Treasured Scraps have banded together to bring you this fabulous winter themed blog train. You will need to visit all of the blogs listed below to collect everyone's individual portion! Now as I'm posting mine a bit early, not everyone may have their portions up yet! Please be patient, it's definitely worth the wait!
[Tagger Size]

You Are at Loyal KD's Blog &
You can pick up my portion HERE


Welcome back to ANOTHER Freebie Time! .... I'd make a good show host..seriously! lol
So far this month has just DRAINED me...Girl Scouts, Stress,
TEETHING [ the baby not me duh! ], Collabs, Thanksgiving, Christmas & even
Black Friday. I need new tires...come onnnnnn black friday!

Well anyway -here's what I have for you all this time!

10 Unique Papers - 30 Elements - Personal Use Only
300 DPI - Freebie - & yes, free to use with tutorials.

You can download the new Freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

We Have A Winner!!!!!

Wooohooo!!! Congratulations to Jeannie!!!!
Job well done sweety! I will be emailing you your download link
to my new Commercial Use Grab Bag!

Thank you for playing!!!

[ Wonderful job, LOVE the color blends! ]

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

NEw Product & Sale!

That's right! I got a new kit done & I actually had a hard time making the
preview for it! I couldn't even get all the papers in this time. It's never to early to
start messing with Christmas! BUT - I'm also doing a 25% sale at one of my stores!

This kit is available in Full Size & Tagger Size.
Other stores HERE & HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Products!!

Some new stuff in the stores - I've been in a funk so I haven't wanted to make any
new kits, but that doesn't stop me from making new elements!

This combo pack of gift tags is available HERE
[ Also available separately, you do not have to buy all 3]

3 Commercial Use Tree Templates! Layered for easy coloring & decorating!
You can find this HERE

GLITTER!!!!!! Gatta love glitter. Different Christmasy glitter fills ^__^
They can be found HERE

Psssst: I've also added some commercial use alphas! Go take a peek at any of my stores!


Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

Veterans Day Sale!

A Chance To Win!!!!

Do you want a chance to win my brand new Commercial Use Grab Bag that isn't even in stores yet???
This is so easy it would be a shame to pass up the chance!
What do you have to do?
Make a layout using kit/colors/scheme/theme of your choice.
The layout MUST have 3 flowers, 2 ribbons & 1 Wordart.
Post it here and leave the link as a comment along with your email or web address & name!

Saturday November 15th my oldest daughter will pick the winning layout & I will announce the winner.
It's THAT easy - so tell your friends & bring it on!

Good Luck!
..:: Loyal ::..


On this rather CHILLY Sunday I have a new paper pack for you!
I never really see any black papers so I figured what the heck.
You can grab this freebie HERE

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

New Product - Carolynn

Had some fun making this one - hopefully you will have some fun playing
with it for your layouts & projects! This kit is available in Full Size or Tagger size.
300 DPI - S4H-S4O Safe!


Full Size: 2.25
Tagger Size 1.50

Happy scrappin & taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

Just Showing Off - Blinkies

Just felt like showing off a bit - might not be a pro's work but I'm doing pretty
durn good for myself! I do offer a blinkie making service at Terminally Unique Designs only.
link is to the right if you're interested in looking into it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Happy Scrappin & Taggin!
..:: Loyal ::..

Halloween LO's

Yeah they're cute I know lol - The boy is a friend & when you catch him just right
it's a little freaky how much he does look like a young version of one of the batman characters.
We went to the school first to do some trick or treating & then I let my brothers take my girls to the :: shudders :: mall for some more candy collecting.

I used a kit by Kay Miller - Cute Spooks
Gatta say I like that kit!

Happy Scrappin & Taggin
..:: Loyal ::..