Designer In Need

I don't know how many of you know Princess LaLa - but I do.
I'm a big fan of her work, even though I often can't afford to show it.
27 is a bit steep for my blood, but I was VERY happy to find a grabbag
that was created by another designer, Wetfish Designs, to also help out.
Her grab bag is 6 dollars - and that is really more in my price range. So yes,
I picked that up. I just wanted to take a minute and show you this, and maybe
you can afford to do this - to help give that family a Christmas, no matter how big
or how small. Happy Holidays everyone - Be Safe.

You can find this store HERE

he last 3 months have been EXTREMELY hard on my family, financially.
Between losing the job I had held for 3.5 years, welcoming Merrick to our family, finding out my husband's raise has been frozen indefinitely, finally seeing John enroll in HVAC school (so we have some hope of this situation getting better), numerous repairs to the family truck so John can get to and from work & school, and let's not forget DHS losing 3 applications for medicaid & food stamps (which means no insurance for the 2 older boys, and paying out of pocket for infant Dr. appointments)... We don't have enough money to pay our rent, let alone buy a few little presents for our boys to open on Christmas morning.

Pay a little... Get a lot... Help me give my kids a warm home and a few presents for Christmas.

This $27 purchase includes the following:
- immediate access (upon payment processing) to all 73 products in my boutique as of Dec 4th
- a custom coupon (sent within 48 hours) to be able to pick up any products before February 1, 2009

This is only for products by Laura White- Princess Lala Designs
Only products found at this link will be included...

All products are approved for Scrap 4 Hire and Professional Photographer use.
Products approved for Commercial Use and meant as a Designer's Tool are clearly labeled in the top right corner of the preview.

See images below for Terms of Use.
Please read before purchasing.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at

Customers on slow or limited connections:
I am willing to reset your links as needed to make sure you can download everything included with this purchase.
Just send an e-mail to as needed.

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To anyone who is able to help in my family's time of need, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!