A Full Day!

Man oh Man oh Man!
When I say a FULL day I mean a FULL day. My oldest, Zamera [6] has
been nagging me to find a church since March. I finally did.
Now me, I'm not a church person - nothing against them, they're just
not for me ya know? Well, Zamera LOVES it. We were up & moving
by 7:30. Wooohoo, I got to sleep in a hour! YAY! .. Grabbed a quick shower,
think somethings up with my water heater :: cries ::,
I made them breakfest, the whole nice clothes thing [ even though
we didn't have to], did their hair all nice like and was ready 45 minutes
before we had to leave -.- Go figure.
Anyway, 8:45 rolls around and I am parked infront of my friends driveway
ready to pull my stearing wheel out of my SUV. NOT a church person. Or crowds..
I don't like crowds.
Right well, she and her family are ready to go so off we drive....naturally within about 2 or 3 miles I am so lost Im not sure which way is up and which way is down. I swear she does
that to me on purpose lol. We get there and her son, Alex, and my Zamera rush off to
Sunday school with dare I say? Glee!! I actually put Serenity [14mos] into the nursery.
The longest Serenity has been away from me is the time it takes me to go from home
to the 7/11 and back. [Lil gas station about 1 minute down the road driving ]. She did rather well
except the for the fact that she refused to be put down. Works for me!
After Sunday school I had to do my best not to fall asleep. The preaching is the worst
part for me. This guy though, wonderfully, did NOT say God this God that God here God there.
I'm sorry but that drives me NUTS!!!!! Okay - no religious talk on the net. :: zips lips ::
Well after that we head off to my friends house for lunch. Happy everyone! They have dogs & cats so Serenity was very happy...and very clean by the time we left. Zam & Alex played
education games, little did they know, till lunch..and then after. Now in the middle of all that,
my friends phone craps out. Her husband has to go to work, I need air in my tires ..so..
he watches the kid while we run on post [ onto a military base ], stop to check out their
prepay phone, they have NONE. Though the lady would not shut her mouth...and I did
NOT need to know the location of EVERY one of her piercings. TMI!!!!!
We rush to the gas station, I fill my tires, fly back to her place, pick up the kids,
and take off to wal-mart. Pick up things I do need...and don't need...she gets a new phone..
we take the kids to the park for a short bit..and then head home. Now WHY did you need
to know all of this? Well, honestly, you didn't. Nice to know that I can do more
then advertise though huh?
I'm outta here though, tons of mail to go through, kids to put to bed
and so on and so forth....I want my bed....
Have a great Day/Night!
..:: Loyal ::..