Got some layouts done!

It's been a long time since I sat down and did any layouts - I miss doing it a lot.
Course I need new pictures to work with...if only my laptop would work WITH me
instead of against me as it likes to do. Well anyway - I used freebie kits for all of these but one!
It amazes me sometimes, the kindness of some people - and even more amazing is that
SO MANY people don't even bother to say thank you.
I downloaded one kit that had over 1000 download...and 16 comments.
That's just pathetic. I know more people then that have manners -
guess they just forget how to use them?

Anyway - as usual I used pictures of my daughters - Zamera & Serenity.

I used a kit called La vie en Rose. The grungy photo frame
came from another free kit called My Garden Story. I need to get
some shots of my girls planting/weeding/lawn caring for that kit.

One of my all time favorite photos of Zamera - she's just so dang cute when she
finally sleeps. I've never met a more hyper child than her - she's been able to
wear out 4 adults in a row with out even breathing hard. Amazing really.
I got to use a very pretty kit called L'Amure Magique.

This kit I happily bought from Royanna at Divine Digitals.
I have many many plans for this kit which is called - Kitschychic.
Weird name, even weirder items - but man do they all fit just wonderfully.

This was made using a freebie add on called Natur'Ness &
well, I didn't use much of the kit for this layout - but I see more
layouts in this kits future lol

I like this kit - very earthy to me. It's Changes by Eyeinspire.
Zamera has become a monkey when it comes to trees now
that she's discovered how to get up them.

Last but not least - a cute little layout with Serenity =]
The kit I used is called Can Only Imagine.

Well, all of these are loaded up to the OSDS Gallery -
now I have to go through and delete all the crappy spam comments
in the gallery. I hate that - wouldn't it be nice if people could just
treat others with respect? What a frelling concept.

Thank you for looking!

Danielle S.

Waiting In Blue - ADD ON!

I couldn't help myself. It's just a little one but I liked
it enough to offer! Hope you all enjoy it as much I do,
I might even like this add on more then the kit!
CRAZY I know lol You can grab the add on HERE

Oh hey if you make something with the kit why not go over to the
OSDS Gallery and load it up? It's a free open gallery so no worries there.
While I have ya for a second you should swing over to the OSDS Blog
as well - the Pick A Kit game is happening and even I don't like
to miss out on chances to win a free kit! Go HERE for the info!

~* Danielle S. *~

Waiting In Blue - FREE KIT!

I created this brother kit to my Waiting In Pink kit! I decided it was
past time for a good filling freebie! It's in 2 parts so make sure you grab em both!
Enjoy & please leave some love if you download!!


~* Danielle S. *~

Freebie Quickpages!

I'm a sucker for freebies! These quickpages come from my newest up n coming
scrapkit called BOO-tiful! Halloween is a wonderful time of year and I can't
help but celebrate it! Traditional ways and the new ways! It's all so great to me.
These quickpages are both Full Size & Tagger Size so make sure you pick the right link
that you want! I'm already working on a new Halloween kit AND a Halloween Collab kit
for the OSDS store - IM EXCITED!!! Hehe.

Full Size HERE
Tagger Size HERE

~* Danielle S. *~

Taking some Freebies Down!

Well to make room for new ones it seems like a good idea!
I've removed the links for all my Free Alphas, Free Paper Items,
Free Blog/Photo Templates, Blog Trains & Free Grab Bags.
So if the links in the posts say not happenin, now you know why!

I have been extra busy working on new products & ideas.
Here's a peek at some of the new stuff in stores:

I've got a new kit ready for stores as well - it's called BOO-tiful.
I'm letting the CT play with it first though, they're such a sweet bunch of
ladies & I am very glad to know them!

Right now my products are 40% off at OSDS.
Course after the wacky sale at TS that just doesn't feel like much lol
I went a little bonkers....60 cents - 60% off....the ladies there are always crazy,
makes me feel right at home I tell ya!

I've got to do some blog updating but I'm just so not in the mood for it you know?
Just le blah. It's hot today with very nice breezes here and there - would be great
if they would stay in the on position so to speak. OH! With any luck I'll know if my
final baby is a girl or a boy on Sept 3rd! With two girls already everyone keeps
praying for a boy...all I can think is that a boy means buying new stuff lol
Still have to buy a crib, or a toddler bed. I haven't decided which
way to go with all yet. I think Serenity is just not ready for a toddler bed yet,
even though she will be two when this baby is born. My oldest, Zamera, was
in a toddler bed before she was two. Not a single problem. Cross your
fingers Serenity is the same way!

Don't forget to stop by the store and check out the new freebies!! - The Gift Box.

See you all later!

~* Danielle S. *~

Designer Call @ OSDS!

1 product upload every two months minimum required!
Partake in no less then 2 collabs in a year required!
80/20 pay twice a month!! NO Start up fees OR rent!
All products welcomed at OSDS - from Full Size Kits to
Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use!!

~* Danielle S. *~

Freebie Quickpages!!!

FINALLY! I got something done, even though my laptop hates me

even more now. Oi I can't wait to get my computer back up and running.

This comes with two TAGGER SIZE quickpages created using my

up and coming kit - Chance. Which is loaded with goodies =]

You can download this freebie HERE

I hope you enjoy & thanks for looking!!

~* Danielle S. *~

- Frustration -

Plain and simple, I'm frustrated. My buddy is looking at my comp and he's
already pretty sure it's the power supply. Let me tell you, those things are NOT cheap.
Basically between bills, computer, a 23 month old with growing pains, pregnancy & everything else, I'm ready to scream. Just seems to be more then the typical issues lately.
Course it doesn't help that I don't have my scrapbooking release ability.
I'm glad I have my laptop so I can still do the basics work wise,
but I can't create a single flippin thing. POS can't even handle Adobe CS4.
Okay so it's not ALL bad right now. I ws very lucky to be able to welcome
some new designers to OSDS lately! That makes me happy =] One of them
actually happens to be a very good friend of mine & I have NO idea how she finds the time
to even breath, let alone take on another store! She's just rather amazing all around.
Most know her as Honor Scraps, she owns TreasuredScraps - store of the wacky sales lol
They really do get WACKY - though I admit it's very rare I take part in them.
Usually to busy to of much help so I dont think it fair.
Ugh, welp, the laundry is done & it's one of the FEW things I can do right now.
I have to take it VERY easy this prenancy - apparently my body isn't to keen on
this baby idea, twice was about all it wanted lol
Be good peoples!
~* Danielle S. The Urban Fairy *~