Got some layouts done!

It's been a long time since I sat down and did any layouts - I miss doing it a lot.
Course I need new pictures to work with...if only my laptop would work WITH me
instead of against me as it likes to do. Well anyway - I used freebie kits for all of these but one!
It amazes me sometimes, the kindness of some people - and even more amazing is that
SO MANY people don't even bother to say thank you.
I downloaded one kit that had over 1000 download...and 16 comments.
That's just pathetic. I know more people then that have manners -
guess they just forget how to use them?

Anyway - as usual I used pictures of my daughters - Zamera & Serenity.

I used a kit called La vie en Rose. The grungy photo frame
came from another free kit called My Garden Story. I need to get
some shots of my girls planting/weeding/lawn caring for that kit.

One of my all time favorite photos of Zamera - she's just so dang cute when she
finally sleeps. I've never met a more hyper child than her - she's been able to
wear out 4 adults in a row with out even breathing hard. Amazing really.
I got to use a very pretty kit called L'Amure Magique.

This kit I happily bought from Royanna at Divine Digitals.
I have many many plans for this kit which is called - Kitschychic.
Weird name, even weirder items - but man do they all fit just wonderfully.

This was made using a freebie add on called Natur'Ness &
well, I didn't use much of the kit for this layout - but I see more
layouts in this kits future lol

I like this kit - very earthy to me. It's Changes by Eyeinspire.
Zamera has become a monkey when it comes to trees now
that she's discovered how to get up them.

Last but not least - a cute little layout with Serenity =]
The kit I used is called Can Only Imagine.

Well, all of these are loaded up to the OSDS Gallery -
now I have to go through and delete all the crappy spam comments
in the gallery. I hate that - wouldn't it be nice if people could just
treat others with respect? What a frelling concept.

Thank you for looking!

Danielle S.