- Frustration -

Plain and simple, I'm frustrated. My buddy is looking at my comp and he's
already pretty sure it's the power supply. Let me tell you, those things are NOT cheap.
Basically between bills, computer, a 23 month old with growing pains, pregnancy & everything else, I'm ready to scream. Just seems to be more then the typical issues lately.
Course it doesn't help that I don't have my scrapbooking release ability.
I'm glad I have my laptop so I can still do the basics work wise,
but I can't create a single flippin thing. POS can't even handle Adobe CS4.
Okay so it's not ALL bad right now. I ws very lucky to be able to welcome
some new designers to OSDS lately! That makes me happy =] One of them
actually happens to be a very good friend of mine & I have NO idea how she finds the time
to even breath, let alone take on another store! She's just rather amazing all around.
Most know her as Honor Scraps, she owns TreasuredScraps - store of the wacky sales lol
They really do get WACKY - though I admit it's very rare I take part in them.
Usually to busy to of much help so I dont think it fair.
Ugh, welp, the laundry is done & it's one of the FEW things I can do right now.
I have to take it VERY easy this prenancy - apparently my body isn't to keen on
this baby idea, twice was about all it wanted lol
Be good peoples!
~* Danielle S. The Urban Fairy *~