Just Because - Mini Kit Freebie!

Not feeling so top notch today so I got fed up with what I was trying to do
and just decided rather then kill it, give it! The papers, as always, are my favorite parts.
Used a bundle of actions by Rose.Li, DD,Eriene & EDR. Couple "hand" made ellies though.
Don't you hate when you try to do something and you get that sudden " I just can't do this " feeling? Getting better at something isn't always easy...Enjoy anyway & hope you've had a better day then myself!

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My first Interview!!!! Welcome Dana Conditt!!! + Freebie!!!

Okay so if you can't tell, I am SYKED!!!!I asked Dana Conditt 8 questions & got some awesome answers!!!
First I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Dana for being my Interview Cherry Pop!
I got so tickled my toes curled lol Now..let's see what happened shall we?

1. What inspired you to become a digital scrap designer?
I have been working with digital files for about 12 years as a web designer, and after having kids the path took me on to photography and digital scrapbooking. I love the expression of
creativity along with having something that helps keep memories alive for my kids and hopefully their kids and so on.

2. Why did you start your store, DigitalScrapDesigns.com?
As a web designer, starting my own site for digital scrapbooking just came naturally. At first DSD was my personal site and then as I started to focus more on that area of business, I decided to make it a multi-designer store. It has been so much fun working with so many talented desi
gners, and I never regret that direction of growth and even look forward to more growth in the future. I also love interacting with customers, and try to really give a personal feel to any customer that contacts me and as often as possible make sure they leave with the best impressions of the store and service as a whole. 3. In your newest kit, Strength & Security, what was your main inspiration?
My amazingly fabulous wonderful -- I could go on and on -- husband. He is truly a rock in my life. We have been through so much together. Both our kids were born weighing just 1 lb and 3 oz at birth and spent many weeks in the NICU. It was a difficult time for us both but less s
o because we had each other as support. He is my champion as well, and always believes in me and anything I can dream up he backs me 110%.

4. When you get "stuck" making a kit, what do you to do get "unstuck"?I think its a combination of things - sometimes just stepping away and taking a break is all that is needed for a little recharge. Giving yourself permission to just put everything on pause for a day or so.
Not forgetting that like any job there has to come time to put all the "work" away, esp. when it starts to feel like "Work". :) I love to window shop in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens for fun color palettes I can put my own spin on. And sometimes I challenge myself to just
get out, take my camera and find things to photograph I know I would never normally use for anything. Just finding textures and colors like that can be really inspirational and spiral off into other ideas that turn into something you never would have originally thought of. The big thing for me is just pacing myself to begin with too, heading off the burn out before it happens when possible.
5. What is your goal in the scrapping world?
Making things I am proud of, and knowing that other people can find it useful as
well. Knowing that in some small way I am leaving a little mark not only in my own family's future but in other people's as well. They may never even know where a tool came from, but I know that it's being used somewhere out in the world and it gives me a lot of joy!

6. What is your favorite tool to use when creating?I jump all around, some weeks I use just PSP and some weeks PS, and most of the time a combination of all sorts of things. I like that with digital scrapbooking not even being locked down to anything. No mess, no fuss... just whatever mood and idea strikes me for the day. The one thing I am a total addict for is qp templates. I love a good template for just about anything. I find its just enough guiding to get me starte
d while still letting me put my own creative spin on it and coming out with something unique.

7. If you could team up with a new person to make a collab, who would you want to team up with?Wow, I couldn't even begin to pick. There are so many fantastic designers that I would be honored to team up with. I have been very fortunate to make a great friend
so far in the industry and just look forward to the chance to make more and team up with any as the opportunity presents itself.

8. Have you ever done a hybrid project?
I have done a few, but I generally lean towards easy finished pages I can put into printable albums, or even love to make animated DVDs with finished layouts. I'm hoping to learn more about hybrid projects and get better at them in the coming years. :)

Now how's that to a little insight into the world and digi love of Dana Conditt? Totally rockin, great answers!!!! Thank you Dana, your time, talent and patience [ omg I KNOW I must bug the crap outta you sometimes LOL ] has been outstanding. I love your work and well - can I say THANK YOU enough? Probably not!!! Well to top off a great interview - Dana is offering a wicked cool CU Freebie!!! So let's all say THANK YOU a couple times ;)

- We get the awesome samples as well!!!! -

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Would YOU like to be interviewed? Just leave me a little message and we'll see what happens!!!

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Coming Soon! An interview with Dana Conditt!

Be on the look out for a short & sweet interview with Dana Conditt!!!
She's graciously offering up a freebie as well - everything will be
happening in the next few days so don't forget to check back!!!

*pssst - I'm EXCITED!!!!!*

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New Products + A Sale + A FREEBIE!!!

My husband is home for some R n R FINALLY! So I've been enjoying
every possible second of it - 15 days is just not long enough, how ever - I will
happily take what ever I can get! In between wrestling with the 3 kids,
finally relaxing a tiny bit & trying to keep up with the house...[trying, keyword!]
I have 3 new packs out for designers! One of them is free!
I still have a bucket load more work to do - but I have learned to pace myself lol

Thank you for looking, enjoy my 35% off sale & go grab that freebie!!!

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