Charity Kit - Brighter Days Ahead

--- I am only copying & pasting this. I did buy the kit and it is beyond amazing. Best of my wishes, thank you for reading and may your days be better then this ---


After the recent devastating floods in Australia, we learned that one of our designers was a victim of the terrible disaster. Zoe Pearn shared her family's story of losing their house to the floods recently, and as a team of designers and a close-knit community, we've come together to create an amazing collaboration kit, Brighter Days Ahead. This special limited edition kit is one of the the largest we've ever created here at SSD and features over 250 pieces created by the Sweet Shoppe Designers along with some of the most talented designers in the community. 100% of the profits will be donated to Zoe and her family to help them financially as they try to recover from this tragic loss.

In addition to the Sweet Shoppe team of designers, the following amazing designers donated their time and effort to create amazing goodies for this incredible kit...

Amanda Heimann
Amy Wolff
Christy Lyle
Jady Day Studio
Jennifer Fox
Jacque Larsen
Lauren Reid
Lizzy Reiber
Kay Miller
Melita Blake
Nikki Epperson
Sara Gleason
Sir Scrap A Lot
Tracie Stroud
Valorie Wibbens

PLEASE NOTE: Not All Items Shown In Previews! Brighter Days Ahead will be available until February 15th ONLY, and all profits from the sale of this kit will be donated directly to Zoe Pearn. All of us here at SSD want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and generosity in this very special project.

WIN My new Mini Kit - Loving You

It's easy to win! Just leave a comment on THIS thread. Not into forums? Hey that's fine by me, you can also leave me a comment on my blog and I will choose one winner from my blog! I used to not be a big forum person...but honestly, I LOVE DST, I really really do.

Okay so the mini kit is 7 papers and 43 elements [ 48 total ] with some elements being one of a kind! I'm just not feeling very lovely dovey with my husband so far away...soon..soon he shall return! MWAHAHA! Wait..that shouldn't be an evil laugh...*hehe*

Good luck everyone!

~* Danielle S. *~

Layouts! + Cu4Cu Freebie!!

WOW! Okay so first lol - The Digi_Licious Freebie has expired. You guys attacked that like nothing I've ever seen lol - used up 85% of my monthly bandwidth in DAYS! So umm.. I think I might have to stick to 4shared - I am just blown away. Just shows you all have good taste though! Okay, my wow moment is out of the way.

So..I got my greedy little hands on this kit called So Simple by Mamrotka &
I have to admit...I LOVE this kit! I've got a few more ideas for it already, just have to find the time to get it all done! Check out my pages:

I LOVE the colors of this kit, it's not a huge kit or anything like that but it was sooooo easy to put things together and make them work - it was a ton of fun to work with!

I also won a RAK a couple days ago, this very nice kit Dashing Through
by Band Geek Designs & made a darling page with it, I really like the way this turned out!

That paper rocks by the way, and I'm not a pattern paper kinda gal!
But I'm sure you're ready for that brand new CU4Cu Freebie huh?

Now it's nothing spectacular, but I thought it was pretty darn cute!
3D words - I / We / Love / Kisses / Heart / Warm / Ing & 1 paper
Hope you can find these to be useful and a great tool!
Have a great week and stay warm!

~* Danielle S. *~

CT Call & Giveaway!

Day 8 into the new year! Yes, this makes me very happy, it's one more day closer to my husband being home!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! This year is starting in the right direction for me, and I am SO grateful for it! But now for the reasons you came here LOL

You could WIN this pack of Textures - just by posting HERE
They're easy to use, ready to go - and you can even desaturated them & use them as a different color! Personally, I love blue, thus the reason my first pack is blue! I think I'll do some blend colors next - those always look pretty! Usually when I'm not the one doing it though...

ALSO! I am running a CT call! You can find all the info for that HERE
I have 3 ladies already on my team but am looking to add a few more! Promise I only bite upon request! Most days anyway....

Okay, time for me to go clean up little Ricky...he's always a huge mess after eating noodles!
Have a GREAT and WONDERFUL Saturday!!!!!

~* Danielle S. *~

What's NEW for 2011?

Can you believe we're already 6 days into 2011? That happened pretty quick!
Well, news first! I am now selling at ScrapBird! I don't have a whole lot loaded there yet, but I do have some awesome new stuff & popular products! I'm running a 35% off sale there, not a huge opening I know I know, but I was just so happy to BE there you know? It's awesome, a good feeling and I need as much "good feeling" as I can get!
After I get settled into ScrapBird for a bit, I might consider one more store, I really don't want to overload myself like I did when I first started out. I have an idea of where I want to be in a couple years with my designing...and in a ton of stores isn't it! Unless this one store I just applied to thinks my style will work well with what they're doing....then I'll be set lol

Right okay, enough blah blah blah from the unstable mind of me - how about you guys check out what I've been up to? Eventually, I might even load Melody darn it!

All of my new texture sets can be found HERE


I've still got a ton of previews to redo for ScrapBird and more ideas bouncing around in my head...scary thought if you ask me...and I'm working on a new set of doodles! I so heart doodles!
Okay :: sighs :: I must go and clean :: cries :: ... but if it doesn't get done... :: shudders ::
yeah I think I will go clean now...and check out the LIKE to the left! Was at the right...didn't like it there....

~* Danielle S. *~

Blog Interview with Digi_Licious!!!!!! + Freebie!

Now this is the way to kick off the new year! Woohooo!!
Okay so I asked this awesomeness that is Digi_Licious a couple of questions and what I got back rawks! I swear these ladies I've interviewed are just totally awesome on whole new scale!

1. What got you started in the digi scrap world?
I have been a paper scrapper for years & years - seems like forever! A CD came free with an Australian Scrapbooking Mag that I subscribe to, and it was filled with Digital Scrapbooking papers & elements, and a couple of tutorials. I'd been using Photoshop at work for a while so I decided to try a couple of LO's. The rest is history! I try to continue doing both paper & digital scrapping, but the digi form gets much more attention - it's so addictive (and not quite so messy!).

2. What is your favorite product done by you? Why is it your favorite?
Gosh, this is a hard question! I loved working on all my recent kits - from selecting the colors to making the coordinating Add-ons. I'd have to say that "Make A Wish" is my most recent fav because I used the colors from my son's 4th Birthday party. I've only scrapped a couple of photo's so far, but I'm really happy with how the kit shows off the birthday pics!

3. What is the tool you prefer to use in your extractions?
I use the pen tool. It takes a little while master, but for me the result is far better than other techniques I have tried.

4. Who is your Scrappin Idol?
Well, I've been a fan of Flergs for along time. But there are also a couple of other designers like Natalie Designs and Lorie Davison, whose style is so far removed from my own but I really admire their talent!

5. If you could do a collab with someone, who would it be?
Probably Flergs.

6. What's the longest time you have spent on a kit?
I still have kits that sit unfinished from way back! It just depends on so many factors as to how long it takes me to do a kit! Time, motivation, inspiration, etc etc....

7. Do you prefer to make scrap kits, element packs or designer tools?
I love doing kits, but I also plan on doing a lot more CU in the new year. I have so many ideas bumping around in my head and I plan on dedicating a bit more time to bringing these to fruition!

8. What do you use for inspiration the most?
Everything! TV, magazines, junk mail catalogs, blogs, songs, my kids, the list goes on... I keep an art journal that is filled to the brim with ideas on color schemes, kit names, kit themes, CU products....


Hmmm now THERE'S an idea I should jump art journal...except I'd probably loose it as soon as I put it many little fingers to protect my goods from! Now hows that for a sweet and simple interview? Oh what, you're looking for something else? No I didn't forget lol - NEVER could I forget!
This is the fabu freebie by Digi_Licious!!!

See, I told you it rocks! You can get this wicked cool freebie link expired
This freebie is for a limited time, so grab it while you can!

~* Danielle S. *~

New Year - New Look - New interview - New Sale!!!

WOW! What a year that was...2010....good bye!!! I don't even want to recap that year, I am just to excited about 2011! Not only am I in this amazing store DSD [50% sale!], who IS by the way looking for some new designers, I also am preparing to slip my way into ScrapBird! I also have an upcoming interview with Digi_Licious! She's provided a HUGE freebie by the way - so keep an eye out for that! Even more? Yes..yes I have more! I also have a new preview! Which, I did all by my little self and am totally proud of! I also have a few new products to load to the store, which I shall be doing shortly! BUT to start with, this is Melody. My first kit for 2011! ALSO ALSO!! You can WIN this kit before it's available for sale! It's very simple to do this, just go to this DST POST and leave a comment! Yes, really it is that simple. Personally, I LOVE to do RAKs, I really do, so I will probably be doing a few more this month, crazy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.
Melody comes with 15 papers, 77 Elements & 1 alpha/3 colors! Check it out:

I even did a page with it, I was working on another page when, naturally
my CS5 SHUT DOWN ON ME! Ugh - buggar. I love the program...but some times I just want to strangle the chips and coding! All of any rate, I used pictures of my daughters, Zamera & Serenity, playing NICELY - that alone is shocking lol

Now I also have a CT Call going on, you can find that HERE
I currently have 3 CT members and would like to add a few more to my team -
so don't be skeeeeered, jump on in!

Now for the BEST news for the year 2011!!!!
My husband, my wonderful amazing perfectly imperfect darling husband, will FINALLY
be coming home in 8 - 10 weeks!!!!!! His 4th tour in Iraq is ALMOST, if you pray, keep praying, light a candle, just whisper a please and thank you - what ever it is you do...just do it.
Soon he will be home with us again and I simply CAN NOT wait!!!

Whew....well...that's it for today...or for now..hmmmm
Have a WONDERFUL new year everyone, good luck and stay safe!!!!!

~* Danielle S. *~