Finally Some New Stuff!!!

I've got GOODIES!!!!

This was created with a very good friend of mine in my thoughts - she's
just awesomeness. You can check into Della HERE
Tagger Size ONLY

Give me blue anyday! Though maybe I went TO blue?
NO SUCH THING! Fallyn can be found HERE
Tagger size ONLY

I'm working on adding to my CU4CU folder - I love CU4CU stuff
so why not be a part of it myself? You can check out Lucky Me Alpha HERE

Stock photos has to be the one thing I under use...I figure if I start doing
this, maybe I'll wise up and use it more often for myself!
Trash or Treasure is HERE

I think 42 is my stock number lol
You can look into Trash or Treasure 2 HERE

& You know I have a freebie - I hope YOU like it =] I know I do!

Evee comes in Full Size & Tagger Size!

Full Size HERE / Tagger Size HERE

Have a great day everyone!!!
~* The Urban Fairy *~


I know I'm really quiet right now but I wanted to let everyone know
that I have some new stuff coming! A little bit of Commercial Use,
Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use & you KNOW I've got a freebie for you!!!

Just keep an eye on me, I'm up to my alien eyeballs in stress =]

~* The Urban Fairy *~


Do you feel a change comin on?
I do!

~*~ The Urban Fairy ~*~

Terminally Unique Designs Blog Hop!

Okay so I am WAY behind on my blog hop - gatta love vacations with NO internet.

You can download my part HERE

Check out the other parts to!





Hope you enjoy our little gifts!

Happy Easter!
~* The Urban Fairy *~


Okay so ummm....I am so not home and I didn't set up my blog hop!!! Ugh, talk about lousy timing!!! Terminally Unique is doing a small easter blog hop & well...all of my stuff is AT HOME. Go figure right? I promise to get it up soon as I can! I'm in Arizona right now, just left California after a two week trip.
And I'm off again, time for a new prank on my mom hehehehehe

--- Danielle
The Urban Fairy