New products + Sale!


30% Sale going on products $4.50 - $8.00!
Includes new products! Now if I could just find some 30% extra
time for REST....sheesh I'm tired all the time! Need some serioushealthy pick me ups, probably need to buy some more cucumbers then huh lol

~* Danielle S. *~

New Freebie!

Well, despite the snow on the mountains in my backyard - it's Spring lol
High winds and chilly snow air isn't going to stop this from happening, my tulips
prove that a lil more every day! I have a bunch of tulips - and you bet I have
already been taking pictures & am preparing a new Tulip Delight package!
Just moving very slowly.

On a much more important friends son, Jace - the premie that was
born in March...isn't doing so great. He has Chronic Lung Dieses <- EVIL WORD!
and a heart murmur. He's about a month n a half now - still fighting and still
here with us thankfully - but it's also still scary. So please, any prayers, wishes, candles and
what naught for baby Jace and his family are more then welcome.

but okay, time for that freebie lol hope you all enjoy!
& yes, it IS for personal use only - don't feel like
checking TOU's and hunting down this and finding that and blah blah blah.
I can see why so many designers are leaving the designing world.
It's becoming one giant TOU and I hate that.
SPEAKING OF! A new TOU can be found in this download.
Same as the one in Baby Fae - I think you guys should check it out
and you'll find it's a lot of breathing room. For now - I'm going to go laugh at my kids
who are trying to NOT paint themselves for a change...ain't that somethin' else...

You can download HERE
all comments are very much appreciated and help stroke my wanna be ego ^_^

~* Danielle S. *~

Freebie & News!

I know, it's been a while. I've been B-U-S-Y!
The store is getting a new look, a total over haul! I'm adding a forum
AND a [hopefully hack proof ] gallery! It's close....almost done..YAY!!
Can you tell I'm excited? Well you better believe that I am!

Well, as I've stated - I lost 90% of everything I need for my work stuff, in a external
crash. I'm hoping to salvage the external one of these days, but for now,
I have to much to focus on as it is. THUS - a start over. A new me!
How ever you want to look at it. I bought a pre-made preview template
by DIGI_Licious [ check Divine Digital! ] and made myself a new 'logo'.
Hopefully it suits. Still trying to adjust to it. That in the middle bar gets in the way -
so I might move that down, but I want to keep options open!

To show off my new preview thingy - I doodled up a little fairy.
It's my first REAL drawing in about 5 years...I was never much of
one for pen/pencil and paper - so it's rough as it is.
It's not perfect by any means, but it's an offering anyway lol

You can download this freebie HERE
Comments are very appreciated & I DO have a new TOU that
is included in this download. Thanks for coming by and enjoy your Baby Tea!

Danielle S.

New Free Mini Kit! DSO Challenge!

I did my first ever color challenge! And to top it off, I did it at DSO!
Tickle me pink why don't cha! Granted it's not one of my best works - duh -
but I'm working on a new comp and without 85% of my stuff so cut me some slack!
Hope you guys enjoy and you can download it

Comments MUCH appreciated, they help my self esteem ^__^

~* Danielle S. *~

ACK!!! & YAY!!! & Freebie!

Okay so a little bit of everything lol
First - my work external has died. I can't access it to save my life -
so I'm pretty much having to start from scratch on a lot of things.
Personally, I don't mind. It's time for a change anyway!
One Stop Digi Shop is getting a new look soon, with a Forum & REAL gallery
coming soon! Someone hacked the gallery I currently have for
the shop - so I think it's time for a reality check.My old computer is currently sitting on the floor
in my closet - next to the OTHER old computer lol
Yes - I now have the ultimate computer - an HP!
Can we say WOW? My Grandfather in law got tired of all the
problems I had with my other computer - so he decided a needed a new one.
One WAY out of my price range no less. 8GB Ram & 1T HD!
:: jumps up and down for joy ::
I can actually have my CS4 AND my X2 open at the SAME TIME!
Yes, that makes me a very happy person.
Course I still have a lot to do to get this baby up and running the way
I need her to - but I'm in no hurry. I also have to make myself a new preview for
my products AND a new logo. :: sighs :: I'm at a loss for those two.
So that explains my absence and I'm sorry!-ish.
Been spending a lot of time with my kids. We made cookies for Zamera's class on
Thursday, Serenity and I painted 11 sun catchers on Friday, we colored eggs yesterday
and did Easter hunting today! My 7 year old daughter has a laptop. Isn't that
somethin? I haven't given her wireless access yet - not 100% sure how I feel
about it, even though I know she's only interested in the kid places like sprout, nick and
ANY math site she can get her hands on - it's still a lil uhhh..wha? to me.

Okay well here I go with a freebie!
My scrap kit - Noon on Sunday will be FREE until April 8th!
So go get er & and ENJOY!
Feel free to show me your work - I like to see the goods mwahaha!


~* Danielle S. *~