Taking some Freebies Down!

Well to make room for new ones it seems like a good idea!
I've removed the links for all my Free Alphas, Free Paper Items,
Free Blog/Photo Templates, Blog Trains & Free Grab Bags.
So if the links in the posts say not happenin, now you know why!

I have been extra busy working on new products & ideas.
Here's a peek at some of the new stuff in stores:

I've got a new kit ready for stores as well - it's called BOO-tiful.
I'm letting the CT play with it first though, they're such a sweet bunch of
ladies & I am very glad to know them!

Right now my products are 40% off at OSDS.
Course after the wacky sale at TS that just doesn't feel like much lol
I went a little bonkers....60 cents - 60% off....the ladies there are always crazy,
makes me feel right at home I tell ya!

I've got to do some blog updating but I'm just so not in the mood for it you know?
Just le blah. It's hot today with very nice breezes here and there - would be great
if they would stay in the on position so to speak. OH! With any luck I'll know if my
final baby is a girl or a boy on Sept 3rd! With two girls already everyone keeps
praying for a boy...all I can think is that a boy means buying new stuff lol
Still have to buy a crib, or a toddler bed. I haven't decided which
way to go with all yet. I think Serenity is just not ready for a toddler bed yet,
even though she will be two when this baby is born. My oldest, Zamera, was
in a toddler bed before she was two. Not a single problem. Cross your
fingers Serenity is the same way!

Don't forget to stop by the store and check out the new freebies!!
www.onestopdigishop.com - The Gift Box.

See you all later!

~* Danielle S. *~