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Yes....I've been busy...and lax at posting much. It IS the holiday season & I AM a mom lol
Have to bake Santa cookies tonight and he has to drop off the rest of the presents.
Zamera's teacher told her that she feeds the reindeer carrots every took me
a couple hours to convince her that she can't stay up for Santa & his reindeer.
It was really sweet though. Okay - on to the advertisements, yay!

Zamera picked every durn thing that went in this kit - colors included.
I'm still not sure how I survived. So basically this kit was made by a 6 year old.
You can check it out HERE
[ Full Size ]

Wooohoooo!!! My first real Masculine kit! Pretty neat huh =] I like it lol
You can check it out HERE
[ Tagger & Full Size ]

I see tons of Christmas clip art every where but I don't see much that
could be used for anything considering winter - so I did some!
You can go see this HERE
[ PNG Files ]

I admit it....I LOVE making and buying and using and selling and and and..
oh forget it...I LOVE Alphas...I don't know why...but I do. Maybe one day I'll get tired
of making them? Probably not lol
You can see this set HERE

Last but not least on my show off list! 10 Holiday Trees! Yup - HOLIDAY trees.
Course they don't have to be used for just holidays do they? Ahh well - I also
have a pack of templates that these came from - you can find them easily!
Go check out my Holiday Trees TEMPLATES HERE
& see the above package HERE

Welp - that's that for today. Time for me to go stand over a vent or something - it's not so warm in here right now....76 my backside. Be safe this holiday season people - it's crazy out there!

Best of my Wishes this Holiday Season -
..:: Loyal ::..