Hello!!! Yes, I am having a BLAH day for sure. It snowed alllll
night long and then it turns out the schools have a 2 hour delay
today. It was so bad outside, until just a lil while ago, I almost
didn't let my daughter go to school. I did have a friend come pick
her up though. My tires aren't good and I sure do not want to chance
my children on these roads right now. I have to get a new set. YUK!
We're talking 400 - 600 dollars. Grrrr...evil 17" tires. Great SUV though!

I've been hunting and pecking through freebies today, just to see
what is out there. I SHOULD be working on this new kit I'm doing.
Zamera, my oldest daughter, picked the color chart. Eesh...child
does nothing quietly, it's all out loud for sure! I don't mind though,
she's perfect just the way she is. To me she is anyway, and that's enough.

Hey, if you look in my chat box, you'll see a post from a woman named
Amber, click on her name and go check out her blog. She has a HUGE kit
that you can buy for 5.00$ - and I mean HUGE. Soon as payday comes
around for me, I'm all over it. There's a reason for this kit, a story behind why don't you go take a peek? Just for kicks =]

I need to get some new freebies out myself. Just don't seem to have time
anymore. Though apparently I have time to pester all of you!
You don't mind do you? Course not! Yeah that's what I thought LOL

OH! News! Jan 1st 2009 I will be opening a store. Yup, ME!
There will be Commercial Use & S4H/S4O products only. No Personal Use
stuff will be sold in the store. If you're interested & want to know more
then just scream at me, I'm sure I'll hear you! I'm scared to tell you
the truth, but I have two wonderful ladies with me on this. One is helping
me fix my mistakes [oops lol, thank you Lippy!] and the other is bound
to grab me by the shoulders and shake me into my sense [ I Heart You Moonie!]
...maybe I'll make it after all!

Okay, I'm off to go hunt down more freebies. Whew...tough job!

Be safe & stay warm!
..:: Loyal ::..