The Sick House

I have it! Yes I do, the whole durn sheeeebang.
My 6 year old is sick, isn't phased at all let me tell ya!
My 1 year old is sick, WHINEY! She has an appointment today at 11.
I'm sick, which is just irritating. I don't have TIME to be sick.
I don't think the eckiness is listening though.
Both my brothers are sick.

Hopefully soon, I will be able to smell again! Course
it will only really take an atomic diaper from Serenity to clear that right up.
You think I'm joking?! Omg .. Sick Kid = WHOW DIAPERS!!! Twice
I nearly got physically ill, three times I choked & EVERY time I stick
my face in my shirt. It's like I've been feeding that kid high voltage beans
and extra green broccoli or something.

Anyway, I might be down for a few days, hopefully not but maybe.
Going to work on my new kit "Belle" as well.

Keep Warm & Drive Safe!

..:: Loyal ::..