The day after...

surgery....I can't decide if I'm to numb to feel like crap, or if I'm to weird numb
to not feel like crap. 26 teeth extracted... they did a good job - course now I have
to find a way to afford dentures. YaY! :: snorts :: owie..

Well I'm going to stay off my feet for a few days, while my husband is still home - he's
been such a help - even if he does think pop tarts are breakfast for our 6 year old. :: smh ::
He'll learn lol.

Welp - I have a new kit up in the stores ** Thank you so much Patty!**
TUD & TS - so peek =]

So ummm...anyone have any advertisement groups? Seriously here...gonna need to
find a way to rack in that money! I need TEETH! ... good thing I don't hate yogurt huh?

Happy Scrappin People!
..:: Loyal ::..