Well for now

this will just have to do. It's better to have a white background then a background
in which you can't see anything! I've been a busy busy woman lately.
My husband FINALLY got home on the 12th. 10 months is a long time to not
touch him....missed him more then I thought. The girls birthday's were this
week [ Zam is now 6 & Ser is now 1!] - doing a very small birthday party tomorrow.
Even got a pinata - filled it with 1lb of candy & toys! Okay...more then 1ib but what ever.
My dad in law got in yesterday as well - so I have a full house and then some!

In between this entire mess I managed to do a little creating.
Only at Sweet N Sassy right now - time is against me =]

Full size & Tagger size


Okay - and I'm off again!!!

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..