2 New Loyal Services!

Hey, we all knew I was nuts before right? Why not add to it! Could stand to have
a few cashews in the mix!

Price for this service is $3.00. Return time is 48 hours or less. [ I HOPE!]
You can get more details about it HERE

Now THIS! is going to be my new baby...I hope.
I want to make cards sooooo bad it's just not funny lol. I plan to do it all!
Memories, Invites, Thank you's, Births...yup...I wanna do it all!!!

Anyway - this one above is my first one! Romantic Memories.
Price for this is $1.50. [ Not to bad eh? Especially since you can print as many as you want!]
Anyway - you can get more detail about this one, HERE

Time for me to go hunt down some of my meds!

Happy Scrappin!
..:: Loyal ::..