Terminally Unique Designs!

Well after a lot of work (not to mention hair pulling on my part) .... the designers of Terminally Unique Designs are opening their doors. Our grand opening is tomorrow with a 40% savings on all products. We have full size & taggers kits, commercial products and even a photography section (you don't want to miss out on these trust me!). I am quite proud of this store as we built it from the bottom up lol. We will continuously be adding new products so we'd love it if you bookmark the site. Please spread the word!!!

Yup - THIS is the big thing I was talking about a couple dozen posts ago lol.
This is it... :: big ol grin :: & I am SO proud of these ladies & even a bit proud of myself.
Go on and take a look - I don't have much stuff up myself right now - trying to make some things for JUST that store - but there's some stuff worth a peek! Even if it's not mine LOL!

Happy Scrappin!
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