New Look - Again =]

I am TERRIBLE about changing things around. I must always do something new every couple of months - or I start to twitch. I tried to use a white background template...honest I did. I know it would look much more professional - much...cleaner I guess? - but it's just not ME! What would be the point in doing all this if I had to stop being me? Nah - I can't help it.
I adore the black or dark colored background with the light colored details - it just...jumps out more to me - so that's what I use. Well anyway - new layout made me happy!

It's been raining here all day....for the past two days...and it will rain again hopefully..maybe I'll be able to work on a new kit, make a few new tags .. handle some email and everything else I need to do. :: sighs :: Super Mom, yeah that's me. NOT! Just don't tell my kids that! :: winks ::

Have a great day/night!

..:: Loyal ::..