Don't worry - you are NOT losing your mind! I have changed my designer name!
I have been making scrap kits for a year now & when I started it was actually
all a fluke. I didn't think it would go this far and to tel you the truth, I'm very glad it did.
I have come to know some pretty amazing and very fun people. I can even do something
I like as a real job! Okay granted the pay sucks [lmao] but what ever right? I'm happy
with how I help make a living to this house. That's what matters.

A MAJOR thank you to Kate [Urban Mermaid Designs] for my new name - we
bounced it back and forth a while ago .. but it just kinda stuck.
So! What do you think? One heck of a change all of a sudden for sure!
A change I think I needed not only here. No worries on any of my stuff though -
the TOU is the same and I'm not going to redo the previews of every blasted thing
I have ever made - NOT happening. Also not happening since my computer
took a dump this past week. I've been quiet because I have to do the whole play catch up
and get back to where I was game. Meanie.

Well - that's my news for today...I plan to change the blog to! If you know anyone
who comes by here, please let them know about the change - my new URL is:

It's a little shorter LOL

Okay I'm off to cause havoc! Sorta..

~*~ Your Resident Urban Fairy ~*~