~* Bye Bye Baby *~

Pettie passed away at 7:17am Nov. 16th 2009.
A mere 2 hours before I could have taken her to the clinic.
Not even 8 months of life. I still can't grasp it just yet - even though
I KNOW she's gone. My 7 year old was beside herself yestermorn' but has
progressed far better then I have already. My 2 year old thankfully is to
young to understand what's happened, she just knows the puppy isn't here
to play with. Course to her that's okay because we still
have 2 dogs for her to love on, the mother & father of Pettie.
They're doing okay, confused and rather sad
but so long as we keep them busy
and happy go lucky they
don't seem to

Even though my poor sweet Pettie didn't make it, I'm going to leave the 70% off sale
up and running until Nov. 25th. I was going to use the money I had saved up
to go to my grandmothers for this coming holiday, but obviously
it was better used else where. This is going
to take a while to accept and get over.

Anyway, thank you for reading and don't forget to check out
the good stuff at the stores, freebies and sales, who
could ask for more in the digi world?

~* Danielle S. *~
The Urban Fairy