Saving Pettie Sale!!!

We've got two dogs already so when they had a litter of 7 we decided we shouldn't
keep them because of costs and space...well Pettie was the last to go to a new home, to
make a new family. She was gone for no more then 2 weeks before they brought her
back saying the apartment they lived in jumped the pet deposit to 500$. Not even
a week later she's sick!!! I am TERRIFIED my baby isn't going to make it - but all
I can really do is keep my chin up, love on her & remind myself she's a tough cookie & she's
been fighting this so I won't give up either. It still SUCKS. She's the sweetest thing ever
and this should not be happening to her!!!!! WHATEVER it is - we WILL beat this but I know
it's going to be costly. I just don't care! What ever has to be done, consider it done. She's not even
8 months old yet - my poor sweet Pettie.

Anyway - you can get to my TS store HERE
If you pray, please pray for her - what ever God Goddess Lord or Lady you may believe in!
Thank you for reading & go love on YOUR pets!!!!!

The Urban Fairy
~* Danielle S. *~