What a DAY!

I got the sudden desire to go and help out at my oldest daughters elementry school today.
From 12 to 3 I laughed, scolded, supported, admired, helped and so much more 20 kids.
I had a blast! Not something I could do EVERYDAY.....but here and there for sure.
What tickles me the most is that these kids listen to me better then anyone else - the teach was thanking me quiet a lot today hehe.

Well after that we ran off to Girl Scouts. It's cookie selling time!!!!!
You know I'm buying up some boxes YUM YUM YUM!
Support your local Girl Scouts! Buy A Box!!!!!!
This is the first time for us so I'm a little nervous and all - but Zam is really excited so I won't let her see me stress about it. This is a big step in my eyes - a big step away from the 'nest' so to say.

Look what Kay created using my kit: Sue
I saw this and do believe my jaw dropped! Isn't it GREAT?!??!
Thank you Kay - for the new tag & upcoming tutorial.
Your first piece has really caught MY attention!

Okay - I have a ton of work to do - as usual,
especially with One Stop Digi Shop opening tomorrow!
I can't believe I'm actually doing this - it's going to be GREAT!

Stay Warm!
..:: Loyal ::..