Hello Hello Hello!!!!!

It has been a long January already. I got bit my the new cat in the house. His name is Virgil, he's 7 years old and apparently terrified of big dogs. Now my idiot self didn't let him go...NOOOOOO...there's me holding on to the poor freaking out cat...instead of letting him run to hide under the bed. He bit my right wrist and let me tell you...I haven't seen that much blood at once in a long long time. Made me light headed and queezy. Lucky me I have two brothers that were EMTs for the better part of their lives...and they still live in the back rooms of my house.
Needless to say I survived the night and went to the ER the next day. They gave me heavy duty antibiotics and pain meds. Apparently - a cat bite can make you extremely sick.
SO - if you EVER get bitten by a cat - GO TO THE ER.

I'm going to make an appointment with my doc for tomorrow just for a check up,
I'm wondering if Virgil might have actually fractured a part of my wrist. Could just be really bruised which wouldn't surprise me.

Not only have I been learning to use my left hand for nearly everything, until today,
my store...that didn't open on time..is a DEMON STORE. I swear if there is a problem to be found in the set up of a store, this store HAS FOUND EVERY SINGLE ONE! That's okay though because I've been rescued and a very good friend of mine is attacking it back making things work right lol - she's a Zen Mistress.

In the mean time when I get very frustrated..I've started to make banners..
and here they are!

and a few blinks lol .... hmm...I'm minus a banner, wonder where I put that thing.
Okay....guess it's time to get back to work. Hope you all have a great day/night!
Feel free to snag the Sunshine Banner - it's a grabber =]

Stay Warm!
..:: Loyal ::..


Dea said...

Feel better soon, hun!

And your blinks kick ass! LOL

angelfaye said...

I hope you feel better soon! And the sunshine banner is definitely a grabber - in fact I've grabbed it!!! LOL! thank you! xxx