New AD - OSDS Mix Call

Mmm yup! I made a new one. The old one had some 'old' info on it.
Designers are more then welcome - bring it on! Especially if you Script or Action,
seems that is like BIG thing right now. I can't say much, I'm learning the script
stuff myself! No Personal Use Only products!

Creative Team - yes okay fine what store DOESN'T need one of these?
The designers will vote on each person who applies. Well yes you have to send
sample of course! Send them to
Majority vote wins so there is no yelling at me what so ever.

Quality Testers - References are a MUST, why didn't I say that for the CT?
Because they know lol - I'm a store owner, I'm extra protective of my designers.
What's the job? Check the product for quality, versatility so on and so forth.
It's actually pretty easy and you get to keep the stuff so what's there to complain about?
Heck now that I typed that someone WILL complain just to spite

Oh yeah - this is totally awesome - I have my very first Person CT Member!
Her name is Kay and her stuff totally ROCKS! I'll be adding her blink & link to my
blog here soon so you can check her out. Thank you Kay!!!!

Alright - I'm off to go cause trouble. Have a new pack or two to put up in the store..
then I think it's time to 'clean house'.

Have a great day everyone!
..:: Loyal ::..