If it's not one thing it's another right? Seems to just be everything right now.
My stress level is through the roof, I have groups to take care,
life to deal with, scrap stuff to make, plans to put into action,
a 5 year old to tape to the wall and an 8 month old to chase after.
Course that's just the basics.

I miss my husband. I understand more and more why there should be two parents,
rather then just one. That way when one shows signs of needing a break,
the other can step in and save the young life of a child ... or my hair anyway.
Don't get me wrong, I love my girls. My 5 year old, Zammy, is amazingly smart,
well mannered when ever I'm not around...and very very active.
It's just lately she's been lying every time I turn around, hiding things from me,
trying to blame things on the DOG. Who by the way at the time happened to be ACROSS
the room. I just don't understand why she is going down hill so fast and all of a sudden.

Lying? Sure okay she's a kid, it's going to happen. Why though, would she lie to me
ALL the time? About EVERYTHING! She says she's afraid of making me mad - but all
durned the only thing that happens when I get mad is her eyes going cross eyed as she faces a corner! I can't make her do chores..she actually likes that.

Normally it probably wouldn't be this hard, I'd have my Ricky here & we'd handle it
as a team - but this war keeps him away a lot. I still don't think it's fair that his youngest daughter doesn't know who he is. To many fathers have to endure it - which just isn't fair.

Okay - NOT gonna turn this into a novel!

Time to get back to life.

..:: Loyal ::..