3 New Products!

Hellllllloooo everyone! Back for another round? Hmmm - well hopefully I won't disappoint!
Here's what I've been up to as of late!

6 Unique Art Blocks for your Commercial Needs. Any number of things can be done with Art Blocks! Let your creativity go wild!

2.00 - Check em out HERE

12 Colors to better suit your needs! A soft sticker effect with a slight wild touch to it.
Personal Use Only Please!

1.00 - Can be checked out HERE

Just makes you twitch doesn't it....wondering what goodies are trapped inside. 40 brand new - never released - commercial use goodies! Mmm ...could it be...overlays? Flowers? Ribbons? Bows??!?!? WHO KNOWS! [Grab bag items will never be sold outside of grabbag. 300 DPI.]

3.50 - Can be checked out HERE

WHEW!!!! We'll...that's it for now...have a surprise coming up though..
well..I don't know how excited YOU will be...but I know I'm beside myself already!
:: beams :: Post again soon!

Happy scrappin,
..:: Loyal ::..