Did you miss me?

Hey, even I miss me sometimes! Okay.. a lot of the time..I tend to step out of my mind often!
Anyway - so I took my daughters [5 years & 9.5 months] to the Aquarium in Denver! I even brought my two older brothers [Doc & Matt]. See how nice I am?

Well - we had a blast, and yes, I took pictures! I plan to put them to use as well. My GiL bought me a new printer, which should be here tomorrow!!!! I ask the man for advice, he sends me a printer. Odd exchange but do you think I'm going to complain? UH NO! Anyway - I plan that layouts with the Aquarium pictures will be the first things to be printed!!!

Course..Zamera, my oldest, got verra ill last night. I think it was from the terrible food we ate there. I mean..terrible. No flavor AT ALL. My SALAD sucked. It was over all bad. The manager actually removed two orders from the bill though, which I was very happy about. I still have the receipt, it says - I kid you not - DID NOT LIKE. Wo0t! That's going in the scrap book!

We had a really good time over all & I plan to do it again probably next year, when my husband will be home to enjoy it. Though the Denver zoo will be the first on that list. I've been to busy living to get a whole lot of stuff made for the store - but I did get a few things done! &.. here they are!

Color Me This! [ Thinking about making the sister - Color Me That!]
9 Papers & 41 elements - a teasing taste! [Full Size & Tagger Size]
Prices - Full: 2.00 / Tagger 1.25

Kit can be found HERE

Next up!

I keep seeing these little doll bodies all over the place..now okay fine I can't do the bodies [YET]
but I had fun with this face. Its all in layers, except the eyes and mouths. They're all attached to the face lol - 2 layers for the hair & 1 for the hair tie. Then you get all the other goodies to play with. I actually had fun doing this - go figure!
Price: 3.50


I hope you all have had a GREAT week & the weekend is even better for you! If you haven't, well, welcome to life lol - go kick it's butt! Happy Scrappin people!

..:: Loyal ::..


Mental Notez said...

I bet your trip was wonderful, except for the nasty food! Can't wait to see some pics and what you do with them!!