Layouts! [Not made by me]

I can be a sucker for layouts sometimes. The first two are done with a kit called:
Picnic In The Park - 2 parts to it - & it happens to be on sale right now!

Aren't these LO's just stunning? They we're done by a very talented woman named Mia.
I ADORE these layouts lol - so that's why I put them up! More? MORE!

These layouts were done using my most recent kit : Garden Pose
-30% off until July 9th-

These we're done by Darlene! :: huggles her :: She's awesomeness!

Well - that's what I have to post for now ^__^
Keep in mind I'm a very busy body & you never know when I'll post next!

:: skips off to work on another new kit ::

..:: Loyal ::..