New Kit - Someplace

I promise I will try NOT to know...someplaceeeee over the rainnnnbowwwww...
Yeah that one lol - HAHAHA, gonna be stuck in YOUR head all day now to!!! FINALLY! I AM NOT ALONE! ... much.
Anyway - had some aggravating fun making this one. I guess I'm still trying to find my style in the grand scheme of scraps. Info down below!

Someplace...maybe here? Or how about there? Would you rather around the hill? Up the way? Across the road or beyond yonder hill? What ever the case maybe, this is a piece of someplace from me. 16 papers & 43 elements, S4H / S4O Safe

Full Size - 2.25 [on sale for 1.69 till 7.21] - HERE
Tagger Size - 1.50 [ on sale for 1.13 till 7.21] - HERE

Happy Scrappin!
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